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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Monday May 2 - Tuesday May 3, 2016

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: Anne Gwynne in a publicity photo with Bela Lugosi from BLACK FRIDAY (1940). Get many of your Universal monster favorites in DVD or Blu-Ray here at Creepy Classics in our Complete DVD Catalog.

Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

New on Blu! Drive-In Monsterama 3 1/2 Hours of Trailers in HD

This one is gonna be big. High Definition re-masters of classic 1960s-1970s horror and science fiction trailers. In fact, well over three hours of trailers. Commentary by DVD Drive-In guru George Reis.

Three and a half hours of horror and science fiction trailers mastered in HD! Plus, drive-in extras. Many of these trailers here have never been seen before on home video. Relive those great days of 1960s-1970s drive-in monster movies. Drive-in nostalgia; a must have!


Get your Blu-Ray right now in our New Blu-Ray Department at Creepy Classics.



New! People That Time Forgot on Blu

Now in shock stock from the quality producer Kino-Lorber, THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT (1977) for the first time on High Definition Blu-Ray.

Stars Patrick Wayne, Sarah Douglas, Thorley Walters and Doug McClure. A group of people search for a lost expedition in the Arctic. They find a weird tropical world (Pellucidar). It's a place where dinosaurs and ape-men live and life isn't worth a half-eaten hamburger.

Extras include:

Audio commentary with the director, on camera interviews with the stars and the trailer!

Get your Blu-Ray right now in our New Blu-Ray Department at Creepy Classics.



New DVD! Remembering Playland and Your Childhood Amusement Park

For me, it will always be Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania (near Meadville, PA). They had the Laughing Sal creepy, moving lady near the funhouse....and all those arcade lights and boardwalk. I can still feel the cool breeze calming the hot summer days with my family there. The arcade noises, the barkers, the screams, the clacking of the roller coaster in the distance....a dog off in the distance. The memories just well for me on this.

Here's a DVD commemorating exactly that:

REMEMBERING PLAYLAND (Documentary and features)

If you have childhood memories of a real arcade/amusement park - remember the magic with this DVD. The cool summer nights, the flashing lights, the fun house....Go back in time to see Laffing Sal, the Fun House, the Carousel, the Big Dipper, the Diving Bell, Dark Mystery and much more.

Relive your amusement park memories with REMEMBERING PLAYLAND on DVD right now in our New Blu-Ray Department at Creepy Classics.



B-Movie Cast Mastermind Vince Rotolo Passes

I was stunned this morning as I received a text from Monster Bash staffer Barb Heiss saying that Vince Rotolo had passed away.

Vince ran the B-Movie Cast Blog site. Vince, and his wife Mary, had been coming to Monster Bash for years. Frequently his car would be dressed up with huge signs and paint saying "BASH OR BUST" and "B-MOVIE CAST."

He frequently contacted me to get Monster Bash guest star contact info and we had a great relationship. He was a great, great guy. He also was born in western, PA, but moved to South Carolina where he resided with his wife, Mary.

The Monster World and Monster Bash will long mourn his passing and will never forget the fun he brought us all with the B-Movie Cast.

I will truly miss seeing you Vince,

Ron Adams at Monster Bash/Creepy Classics

Hi Ron,

Eileen and I have been holding each other and crying at the news of Vince's passing. Like the rest of this vast community that loves movies/TV shows/music, everything Vince was so knowledgeable and passionate about, we can't believe he's gone. First and foremost, our hearts go out to his wife Mary. You can't find a more beautiful, loving, giving couple on the face of God's green earth. Our hearts are breaking for you, Mary. We send our love and sympathy out to Juan Ortiz, Nick and Fiona Brown, and all who knew Vince Rotolo so well. Vince, rest in peace--we lost you way too early.

Tom and Eileen

Services for Vince

I'd like to thank mutual friend Juan Ortiz for sending me this link for services, for Vince. Vince was originally from Charleroi, PA (not too far from me). I plan to attend the afternoon visitation on Tuesday, May 3rd. If you wish to support Vince's wife, Mary, family and friends, here's the service information:




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The next issue of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE is scheduled for publication in June 2015....just in time for the July MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. Distributed in magazine shops, comic shops, horror conventions across the nation, all around the United States and Europe.

Articles by Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, Debbie Painter, Ted Bohus, Ron Adams and more! Cover painting by Lorraine Bush.

Advertise in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #27...get an ad in now, CLICK HERE! Or, call (724) 238-4317. Rates for double page spreads, full page ads, half page ads or quarter page ads.



Drive-In Super Rama This Weekend!

We were at the Drive-In Super Monster Rama in Vandergrift, PA THIS PAST WEEKEND at The Riverside Drive-In.

Photos from this year's show, coming soon.

Photos from past Drive-In shows:

Before the show.....Frankie is waiting.....for you!



Making Monsters for a Monster Bash!

The above photo of Monster Bash make-up master Ron Chamberlain. He's working on Wolf Man hands for our summer MONSTER BASH 2016!

Charlie Arrigo's sculpt for he Ursus, Planet of the Apes creation that will also appear at MONSTER BASH 2016!

From the make-up magic of Ron's Charlie Arrigo as the undead count! You can COUNT on seeing him at MONSTER there or be scared.



Wanted! More Frank's Reading Monster Bash

This great photo comes to us from our dear friend Ted Bohus! Writer, director, producer, and Hawaiian-shirted lunatic.

We love it!

Thanks Ted!



Famous Monster on Jeopardy

Hi Ron,

Being sort of the unofficial roving Jeopardy reporter for Creepy Classics--our family rarely misses an episode--I'm always on the lookout for when something monstrous sneaks into prime time. A few years ago, I proudly reported when an answer was "Who is Ray Harryhausen?" There have been some occasional minor events since then, but, as far as I know, never a famous monster of filmland breakthrough into Final Jeopardy--until Monday night.

The category: Literary Quotes. The answer: This 1897 novel used the following from Deuteronomy--"The blood is the life." Only one contestant missed "What is Dracula?" My wife, son, and I immediately got it, but we didn't know that the quote was biblical--did you, Ron? Before revealing the correct response, Alex Trebek quipped "I suppose I would've made it easier for the three of you if I read the quote like this…" Of course, out came the classic line done Bela-style--minus "Mr. Renfield."

Anyway, I thought that you and Monster Kid gang would enjoy another Jeopardy news flash--we all need an occasional break from the endless election theatrics… And here's a photo of my old Aurora model of the Count--the second and last monster assembled and painted by my dad…I took over the reins for the rest. (Pictured above!)

Hope that brought a smile,
Mike Z.



Belated Birthday Thoughts For Rondo Hatton

This in from our monstrous friend and amazing actor, Zach Zito:

Hi Ron!

How fitting to celebrate Rondo Hatton’s birthday today (born April 22, 1894), by joining in on the celebrations of Monster Bash receiving a Rondo Award this year! Wishing you and all the wonderful Bash Family my Tell-Tale Heartfelt Kong-Draculations!!

Like Rondo himself, whose work lives on to bring joy the world over, the happiness that is Monster Bash creates a multitude of lifetimes’ worth of treasured memories to cherish always.

Thank you, dear friends!

The Creature from the “Zach” Lagoon



Photos From This Month's Chiller Expo

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash had a great time at Kevin Clement's Chiller Expo in Parsipany, NJ! The above two photos....left is Ted Lewczyck working the Creepy Classics tables, keeping monster fans from parts unknown happy with classic monster product. Above right, it's our friend Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster from THE MUNSTERS) doing some house shopping (photo by Ted Lewczyck).

Above is the Saturday night dinner at a close by Italian restaurant. Pictured from left to right: Scott (from Eclipse), Bob Pellegrino, Ted Lewczyck, Ron Adams and Steve Unger (Eclipse). Too much food was tackled....we think the food won.

A super thank you to the Creepy Team: Bob, Ted and Mike. -Ron



Man From Planet X Lands!

This just submitted by our foreign correspondent friend and artist Robert Townshend:

Hi Ron,

sending you an eerie, Man From Planet X  landing his spaceship on the misty Scottish moors while managing to snare his first, hapless onlooker. 

As with Invaders From Mars, always pondered at how the ship landing at night might have looked?  The set pieces in The Man From Planet X have always impressed and inspired as too, the simple yet effect miniature work especially with the Planet X fly-by. 

Small piece at only 6 x 6 inches painted in acrylics on art board. This film has always been a big favourite along with Invaders From Mars, Flight To Mars. Always warmed to the low-budget sci-fi films of the 1950's.

Trust this finds you well in the realms of Monster Bash!





New! Donovan's Brain on Blu-Brain Ray

Now in stock and ready to ship right to you, it's the 1953 DONOVAN'S BRAIN on Blu-Ray and HD DVD from Kino-Lorber.

Lew Ayers mind is taken control by a power mad dead man. Really great 1950's version of Curt Siodamak's novel. Nancy Davis-Reagan is the slightly concerned female lead. Extras: Original trailer, "Trailers From Hell" with Jow Dante and audio commentary. Widescreen, HD.

Select Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics and gets yours shipped right out.



New! Haunted Honeymoon from 1940 on DVD

Now it's time to turn down the lights and get ready for a ghoulish murder mystery!

Stars Robert Montgomery, Constance Cummings and Leslie Banks. Mystery detective Lord Peter Wimsey and his newlywed purchase a remote country house only to find that the previous owner's corpse is residing in the cellar. The small nearby village is full of weird characters...and suspects in murder. Fun 1940s mystery thriller from Warner Studios.

Get it on factory sealed DVD here at Creepy Classics in our New DVD Department.



New! Another Weird "Kiddie Matinee" Film on DVD

Filmed in 1955, but not released in the USA until 1965 as part of a "Kiddie Matinee" package. A West German production that was quite scary and unlike the Disney films of the time. At times beautiful, with the countryside and otherworldly feel. At times a Grimm fairy tale to strike fear in the hearts of young children. A witch's curse and childhood magic.

Get it on All Region DVD-R here at Creepy Classics and be a scared little kid....once more!



Appearing in-person, meet: Greg Moffett (ROBOT MONSTER), Sharyn Moffett (THE BODY SNATCHER), Conrad Brooks (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE), Richard Eyer (THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD), JO MORROW (13 GHOSTS), Claudia Barrett (ROBOT MONSTER), Jimmy Hunt (INVADERS FROM MARS), plus Jeremy Ambler (THE WALKING DEAD), Tom Savini (CREEPSHOW), Wes Shank (FORBIDDEN PLANET props), Cortlandt Hull (nephew of Henry Hull - WEREWOLF OF LONDON), Tom Sullivan (EVIL DEAD, ARMY OF DARKNESS) and many, many more. Plus 200 vendor tables of classic monster merchandise.

Join us for MONSTER BASH again in July 2016! Admission available right now at a $5 discount for a limited time: CLICK HERE.

Rooms at the host hotel are booking now, call right now: (724) 776-6900. Many other Hotels VERY Close, CLICK HERE.

A sneak peek at the upcoming MONSTER BASH JULY 2016:

Get connected with the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE ...the details are here - CREEPY CLICK!



New! Vintage Black & White Comic Magazines From Marvel and More

Here they come.....Marvel magazines from the 1970s! Chck out all the vintage magazines that are now stocked at Creepy Classics....we have thousands now. More added almost every day. Just go to our Creepy Magazine Newsstand here on-line and start perusing all the great titles we had as a kid....and new monster mags too!


CLICK HERE and see lots and lots of great magazines being offered!



Above: Shoppers at pop culture heaven....Amaziicon. Creepy Classics staffer Leonard Hayhurst behind the Creepy tables!

Photos From This Year's Amazicon

Here are a few more....

Hard to tell from this photo, but these Toho monsters were VERY big! Cool.
Felix Silla (Cousin Itt on THE ADDAMS FAMIL) reads Monster Bash Magazine!
Looking far too serious....the goons from Creepy Classics: Ron & Leonard!
A little touch of Dr. Who was present at Amazicon.

We'll be back next year at Mike & Connie's Amazicon too. A great time with good people. We were surrounded by super vendors...Heidi (who's coming to Monster Bash this summer) and veteren Monster Basher's Martin and Michelle Grams were right behind us.

Above: The Creepy Classics set-up before the show began.



Monstrous Sketches Shared

The above art pieces were shared by artist Alfredo Padilla. Hey, I grew up with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko comics....and, of course, monsters too. So Alfredo is plugged into the Monster Boom Generation with us! Here's what Alfredo had to say:

Hi Ron, just wanted to share some of my doodling from stills and recreation of an old Kirby cover.  Can't stop reminiscing about my childhood growing up in the 60's and in NY with my mom who shared my passion for Chiller Theater and Fright Night on TV and all the other great stuff back then. Looking forward to sharing some pics of my collection keep up the good work. -Alfredo Padilla



Mexican Monster Party

April 2016

By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter author of The Mexican Masked Wrestler & Monster Filmography

Hola amigos, and welcome to the April Mexican Monster Party! We'll get to the feature movie in a minute, but first I'd like to share that my book on Women Horror Movie Hosts is DONE and in the post! Not sure whether it'll be out in time for Monster Bash or not; we'll just have to wait and see what happens... (which I was saying a long time before Kurt Russell...)

This month's feature film is the fantastic SANTO EN LA VENGANZA DE LA MOMIA ("Santo in the Mummy's Revenge"). Not to be confused with the Spanish Paul Naschy film La Venganza de la Momia, this is actually a well-done Santo entry, and prophetic in regards to his next screen adversaries (The Mummies of Guanajuato). The supporting cast features genre veterans Eric del Castillo and Cesar del Campo, as well as the very pretty Mary Monteil; it was directed with a sure hand by the 'father' of the Wrestling Women, Rene Cardona Sr.

In The Mummy's Revenge, El Santo joins a mummy-hunting expedition (attired in a way-cool safari outfit), and of course, no sooner is the Mummy discovered than he strats polishing off those who dared defile his tomb. And this ain't your daddy's Mummy (or even your mommy's mummy or even your Mummy's mummy... OK, I'll stop...) - no bum arm and leg for him; no sir, this a MOBILE Mummy, not only riding a horse, but slinging arrows with a bow to boot! Margarita Ortega's Mummy makeup is on of the best ever done for a Mexican Mummy Movie, different from both the aforementioned Guanajuato guys or the Aztec Mummy, so it's doubly disappointing that the monster turns out to be a fake. In this sense, it's sorta like Mark of the Vampire, which contained some of the most effective horror scenes of any 30's film, but likewise revealed its monsters to be mere mortals - or, like Scooby Doo: "I would have snagged that tomb treasure if it hadn't been for that darned wrestler and his friends!"

Jorge Guzman, the real-life Son of Santo, who would of course be later known by that name professionally, is in the movie, only he's not Santo's son, he's the son of the expedition's Indian guide. And if you'd like to see what Jorge looks like without his mask (at least as a child), he's featured very prominently on one of the Azteca lobby cards for the film, his face contorted in a scream of horror, and it's no wonder - the Mummy's head is laying right in his lap!! As far as the "Santo in a Safari Outfit" subgenre goes, SANTO EN LA VENGANZA DE LA MOMIA is infinitely superior to SANTO VS. THE HEADHUNTERS.

And speaking of lobby cards, those who collect such things should try and score some from this movie, as the Azteca cards (the ones with the real photos attached) are among the most attractive of all the Santo movies.

Okay, that's it for this month, amigos; as always, please remember to click at the Animal Rescue Site to give free bowls of food and care to rescued animals, or better yet, adopt one. You won't be sorry! Adios and Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky and Cher

Get the SANTO IN THE MUMMY'S REVENGE (VENGEANCE) on DVD here at Creepy Classics!



New! Vintage PHOTON Magazine

One of the most literate and well-researched monster magazines ever! Edited by Mark Frank and Ron Borst. HORROR OF DRACULA in depth and more. Heavy gloss stock mag from 1977. Includes a glossy Dracula movie still that this magazine included in each issue. Only slight cover wear. Like new!

This (below) glossy 8X10 photo included with the PHOTON magazine. PHOTON always had a glossy photo for fans that was loose inside the center of the mag. What a cool bonus!

Get the mag with the original glossy photo now in our Magazine Newsstand here at Creepy Classics!



New! This Month's CREEPY CRATE: VAMPIRE Stuff!

This month's Creepy Crate is packed with merchandise involving VAMPIRE items. Get your crate of stuff now, a big box of mystery VAMPIRE items (t-shirt and more):





Table space at MONSTER BASH is selling briskly now....if you want to be a vendor at BASH, e-mail us right away: and include your snail mail address. We'll send you a dealer packet right away. You can reserve your space with credit card right now too: CLICK HERE!

You can call too: (724) 238-4317.

This Year's MONSTER BASH is July 8-10, 2016

Tables are $250 each and include 2 VIP passes per table (so you can enjoy the whole show even when the vendor rooms aren't open). Plus, free electric, 6 foot table and two chairs per table complimentary, parking is free.

Dealer room hours:

Friday July 8: 3PM - 9PM / Saturday July 9: 10AM - 6PM / Sunday July 10: 10AM - 5PM

Know a vendor you'd like to see at MONSTER BASH? e-mail them the web site URL:

Hurry though, the dealer room is almost sold out. We're down to less than 25 tables out of 200!



Monster Bash Is Coming Quick...

July 8-10, 2016....Mars, PA

The World's Greatest ALL CLASSIC Horror & Sci-Fi Fest - MONSTER BASH!

Details About MONSTER BASH - CLICK HERE, if you dare!

July will be here before you know it! Get your hotel room right now....these hotels all filling with MONSTER BASH attendees:

Host Hotel:

Doubletree (724) 776-6900

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Super 8 (724) 776-9700

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Within A Mile:

Candlewood Suites (724) 591-8666

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Hampton Inn (724) 776-1000

Fairfield Inn (724) 772-0600

Marriott (724) 772-3700



Above right: My cousin Doug and me on the right holding my beloved FAMOUS MONSTERS #56 in 1969. Dreaming of monster magazines and some place where I could meet other people that loved this stuff as much as I do.

Monster Bash Wins Rondo Award For Best Convention

I got a barrage of messages from friends over the weekend that we had won the best convention category in the Rondo Awards, starting with our dear friend Barb Heiss. I never try to win anything as I'm not in for competitions....I just try to always make MONSTER BASH super fun for classic monster fans like me. A celebration. I always design it to be the perfect show I'd like to attend. The irony is that I'm so busy running the show, I never get to sit long and enjoy it.

It's a celebration of the movies we love with a film fest, a giant vendor room with the stuff that we just love, celebrities from the golden age of horror and sci-fi films and wrapped in a family reunion styled get together with the neighborhood monster kids from across the globe.

A gracious and loving thank you to all that took the time and effort to vote for us.

A special smile to fellow Monster Bashers that appeared in the Rondo Awards too, like Malcolm Gittins and John Sargent!

Best Best Wishes Ever!,

Ron Adams

Above: Ron, Forry and Kevin Slick at MONSTER BASH.

Next year will be 20 years and around 25 MONSTER BASHES! Monster Bash through the years, just a small, snipet of the fun-filled years:

Congratulations Ron this is really cool and so well deserved for you and Ursula (Paisley too!)
And how about Bill Cardille, Malcolm and (myself) getting named, ironically we both grew up watching Bill on Chiller Theater, and now are still growing up with you at the Monster Bash! -John Sargent

Thanks John....I grew up watching Chilly when I visited my grandparents in Grove City back in the 1960s-1980. Chilly's just great! -Ron

Congratulations for winning Rondo for best convention! Finally! The true greatest wins. I went to a recent winner out west once and it was a bore! Only about 5 hours of events a day, and low attendance at them. Impressive displays and dealers room, but cannot compare to the all day and night pleasures of the Bash!!! -Ken Blose

Hi Ken, thanks for the nice words. I think we won a handful a few years back, but not for a while. Nice that folks liked us! -Ron

Hi Ron:

Congratulations on winning for best convention.
In my book, the Monster Bash has always been the best convention around.

Take care,

Bruce Tinkel

Thank you, Bruce.....always a pleasure seeing you at the numerous shows over the year!

Congratulations Ron on the Rondo award. Much deserved. Can't wait to Bash again this summer!
Rich Shegogue
Basher from Germantown, MD

Thanks Rich....the monsters are coming back to Mars, PA!

Above: Tom Jackson's wife Eileen gets to meet a mummy at Bash!

Congratulations, Ron, (We all knew it years ago)

And a big congratulations to Chilly Billy Cardille for those saturday nights in the 1960s watching movies with that cool host.

And to John Sargent, a fellow artist. Congratulations my friend.

Tom Jackson

Thanks Tom! You and Eileen are Monster Bash family....



Get Ready To BASH in July!

All the fun of the classic monster movie conference is gearing up to happen again in July 2016, it's MONSTER BASH! Entertainment, shopping, guest movie and TV stars...!

Get your membership admission - CLICK HERE.

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Note: The programming schedule is now posted! It's at:


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!
P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658
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Questions? e-mail:

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!