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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Monday October 5 - Tuesday October 6, 2015

TODAY'S PHAN FOTO: Dishwater hands, oh, no! A Mexican-horror, it's THE WITCH'S MIRROR (1962). It's on DVD here at Creepy Classics. Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

Just Added to MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015! The King of the Drive-In Movies:

Director/Writer/SPFX Master - Bert I. Gordon

Mr. B.I.G.

We are proud to have the king of the most fun sci-fi movies of all-time back at MONSTER BASH. The one and only Bert I. Gordon. He's a director, writer and special effects master of some of the most memorable monster classics ever made. His credits include: KING DINOSAUR, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, BEGINNING OF THE END, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE CYCLOPS, THE BOY AND THE PIRATES, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, FOOD OF THE GODS, NECROMANCY, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE, TORMENTED and his new movie SECRETS OF A PSYCHOPATH.

Find out all about MONSTER BASH: CLICK HERE!



Just Added to MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015! Jeremy Ambler

Young actor Jeremy is best known as a classic "Walker" on THE WALKING DEAD TV series. He has also appeared in KILLING LINCOLN, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (remake), THE THREE STOOGES movie, PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES, THE CRAZIES, JOHN ADAMS (TV mini-series), THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (2005) and more. His is currently in the film that's still in production NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: GENESIS. Meet him at MONSTER BASH!

Find out all about MONSTER BASH: CLICK HERE!



Monster Bash Octoberfest Coming Soon!!!

MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST is coming soon! In person, the King of Drive-In Movies -- Bert I. Gordon at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015.

It's a celebration of growing up and watching great horror and science fiction on TV. Those late night movies by Bert I. Gordon....Rod Serling's THE TWILIGHT ZONE is arguable the greatest TV show of all time and his daughter, Anne Serling will be at BASH to give a super special presentation on her dad. THE MUNSTERS was a part of our lives, our monster family and the wonderful Pat Priest (Marilyn on THE MUNSTERS) will be at BASH. Lisa Marie who starred as Vampira in the movie ED WOOD and wasa the creepy alien in MARS ATTACKS. Felix Silla who was Cousin It on THE ADDAMS FAMILY and appeared in BUCK ROGERS, DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and so much, much more will be BASHIN'. And, Mexican Wrestler - in person - Blue Demon, Jr.!, Pittsburgh's TV Horror Host icon and actor in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Bill Cardille (Chilly Billy Cardille) will be with us. Ohio's TV Horror Host icon - SON OF GHOUL is in!

Plus, from TV's THE WALKING DEAD - Jeremy Ambler shambles into MONSTER BASH too!

Remember THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TV SHOW? Well, the greatest impersonators on the planet THE ULTIMATE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE SHOW (Joe Ziegler and Bill Riley) will also appear and perform.

Membership admission is available now for a $10 discount. The hotel is almost sold out...get your room now!

Call for a reservation now: Call (724) 776-6900

Dealer tables are selling too!

A sneak peek at the upcoming MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015:

Get connected with the MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST...the details are here - CREEPY CLICK!



Due To Severe Illness Barbara Steele Will Not Be Able To Attend MONSTER BASH Octoberfest

Actress Lisa Marie, a good friend of Barbara Steele has informed us that Barbara was hospitalized with an undisclosed illness and has undergone a blood transfusion. Do to her health condition, she will not be able to attend. Get well cards are being accepted by Monster Bash and will all be forwarded directly to her. You can mail get well cards to: Monster Bash, P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658.



Ted McKosky's Countdown To Halloween

Here's what reader Ted McKosky is watching as he counts down to Halloween....Day 31: THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE.




Bud Abbott's Birthday!

October, our fun Halloween month is off to a good start, and October 2nd marks the birthday of one half of one of the greatest comedy teams of all time...BUD ABBOTT.  Bud was born William Alexander Abbott on 10/02/1895, and passed away at age 78 on April 24th, 1974.


A big Monster Bash Happy Birthday to Bud Abbott!


(Editor's note): - Don't miss the best Abbott & Costello impersonators on the planet at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST in less than 2 weeks!

Above: The Ultimate Abbott & Costello Tribute Team appearing at MONSTER BASH, October 16-18!



Monster Bash Visitor -- now THAT's Scary!

Over this past weekend, CREEPY CLASSICS/MONSTER BASH was set-up at the CINEMA WASTELAND CONVENTION in Stroingsville, Ohio. We were paid a visit by the youngster pictured above. She loves monsters and plans to be a vampire with "real fangs" this Halloween!



This Past Weekend at Wasteland!

Above: Ted Lewczyk and the Bash crew behind the Creepy Classics/Monster Bash tables.

Above: Our friends Trevor and Bobby of the North East Ohio Ghostbusters visit Creepy Classics!



A Couple October Birthdays of Note!

This just hot of the presses from Monster Bash birthday beat reporter, Scott Goettel:

Hi Ron,

As the beautiful month of October rolls along, here are a couple of birthdays to mention...born October 5th:

LARRY FINE (real name Louis Fineberg) of The Three Stooges was born on 10/05/1902, and passed away on January 24th, 1975 at age 72.  Larry was part of the greatest comedy trio, and their films are still fan favorites to this very day, and always will be!

The next birthdate of October 5th is that of actor JOHN HOYT (real name John McArthur Hoysradt):

 John Hoyt was born on 10/05 1905, and passed way on September 15th, 1991 at age 85. 

We Monster Bashers will of course remember his roles in such films as MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE (1947 - starring Bob Hope, Peter Lorre and Lon Chaney Jr.), THE BRIBE (1949 - starring Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner and Vincent Price), WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951), ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE (1958), CURSE OF THE UNDEAD (1959), ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE TIME TRAVELERS (1964), THE OUTER LIMITS, THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, TWO ON A GUILLOTINE (1965), THE MUNSTERS, THE TIME TUNNEL, PLANET OF THE APES (TV series), KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, and X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES (1963).

John Hoyt's career also included so much more too, like westerns, comedies, dramas, crime thrillers, film noirs, and so much more.

A big Monster Bash HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




New! Invisible Ghost Lobby Card Reproductions

Make your home movie room look like a vintage theater with classic lobby card reproductions. We have thousands in stock to choose from. Just added, these great lobby card repros from 1941's INVISIBLE GHOST starring Bela Lugosi. You can get these lobby cards individually, or if you want these seven as a set you can get a real deal as a "Bashin' Bundle Pack." They each come in protective, sturdy clear acrylic slip sleeves. They are 11 X 14 inches in size.

See these right now in our Poster and Lobby Card Reproductions Department here at Creepy Classics!



The Tomb!

This creepy cool spot located and reported on by Monster Basher Karl Spisak and family:

Two weeks ago, Cathy and I were driving through Pigeon Forge, Tenn. We saw an Egyptian looking place called "The Tomb".

I just happened to be wearing my Monster Bash mummy shirt, so we went in. It was fun, a group of us had to solve a mystery to get out alive. I advertise the Bash whenever I can.

See you soon at Monster Bash,

Karl & family



Saturday Night Viewing

After a lot of work for the upcoming MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST CONFERENCE, the crew took a break Saturday night to watch SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939). We heard Svengoolie was screening it, but I don;t have cable, so we pulled out the DVD and threw it on the screen. What a great fun movie. Lugosi and Rathbone chewing the scenery and Karloff as the monster is so imposing.

A great break with candy corn and good company.

Hi Ron. I recently viewed both Quatermass movies with Brain Donleavy. They have a film noir quality to them and the acting is splendid. Highly recommended.

-Bob Fitzsimmons

Hi Ron,

I chose to get a bit of an early start on my movie viewing for the
Halloween season, prior to "The 31 Days of Halloween", where each night
in October I watch a movie, or a classic TV episode of Thriller, or The
Twilight Zone, or perhaps the Charlie Brown Halloween classic as
Halloween gets closer.

As September is drawing to a close, this past weekend, I watched "Abbott
& Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde". What a fun movie, and Boris
Karloff delivers a superb performance. I also watched "Abbott &
Costello Meet The Killer Boris Karloff"...a fun movie, and it's great to
see Boris, but his screen time is very limited, and many scenes just
kind of place him in the background. Still, it's a fun A&C flick.

Just prior to that, I recently watched a movie I hadn't seen for many
years..."Creature With The Atom Brain". That's a fun Saturday afternoon
or Saturday night movie. Have a big bowl of popcorn nearby, and a cold
soda, and enjoy the show!

On Friday October 9th, I'll go to the Historic State Theater to see a
7pm showing of the original "House on Haunted Hill". The next night,
Saturday October 10th, I'll catch a 7pm showing of the 1931 "Dracula".
Vincent Price on Friday, and Bela Lugosi on's that for
two nights of frightful fun!

The following Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 17th, the State
Theater will show "The Ghost & Mr. Chicken", with the great Don Knotts.

Good stuff!


Hello! Longtime Monster news lurker and first time emailer. Just wanted to share that yesterday I watched The Day The Earth Stood Still, to celebrate the 64th anniversary of it's theatrical release.

Thanks for all that you and the Classics crew do, and we'll see you in October for the BASH!!

A Monster Kid,


I have been watching Ed Wood films all weekend Glen or Glenda?, Bride of The Monster, and Plan 9 from Outer Space.  It's hard to believe it has been over 20 years since the Tim Burton movie "Ed Wood" came out which ignited the interest in his life and films.  Time flies.

-Eric Graff

What have you been watching lately? Let us know! e-mail and we'll post it here. -Ron




Yeeech! What's This? Don't Show Mom!'s 1974 and I'm in a local drugstore perusing through the comic books and monster magazines. My first look behind the professional wrestling and auto magazines is for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. Rats, nothing new issue yet. Any CREEPY or EERIE But, wait what's this horror title hiding behind some teen magazine? TALES FROM THE TOMB? Oh, my gosh, look at all the blood and vampires! Wait, doesn't that look kinda look like Boris Karloff on the cover? It's a black and white horror comic (like CREEPY)...but, much bloodier. Well, no FM, CREEPY or EEERIE...this will have to do. Art doesn't look as good, but it's full of monsters totally letting loose!

Mom didn't like me buying CREEPY, she better not see this gruesome bloody mag.

Today, these low-budget publications from the 1960s and 1970s are a real slice of the times. And bring back really cool, young teenage memories of finding these "substitutes" to hold us Monster Kids over till one of the Warren magazines was available.

I just added the above mag to our Creepy Magazine Newsstand here at Creepy Classics. Check it out, but don't let "Mom" see. She's confiscate it in a hurry!



New! Hot Rod Monsters Back In Shock Stock

Out of production models are back in stock! These classic Aurora models that were originally released back in the 1960s were re-issued by Polar Lights and now, even those, are out of print. But we've aquired a few of each one and they're available, while they last, right now in our Models, Toys and Action Figures Department here at Creepy Classics.



Autumn is Here

Well, it's fall now.  I annually write of my feelings that come crashing in at this time. 

As I type this morning, on September 25th I see the leaves on the trees out my office window, still mostly green, but some orange, some yellow.  It's happening, as  it always does.

A crispness in the air, the sound of a dog barking in the distance, somehow louder now, somehow lonely. Friday night, that football feel as the local hometown team plays at the high school stadium.  A smell of apples, all fallen from the trees...that hint, aroma so tied with fall.  The town sidewalks have leaves turning crunchy on the sidewalks.  Sidewalks still slate in some areas of town.

The masks and silky costumes will soon be roaming the streets on Halloween, the trick-or-treaters...already drifting through the avenues and alley ways in my mind.

Time to read The October People by Ray Bradbury. Time to watch ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (1944) and my favorite spooky movies.

Autumn is awesome.

-Ron Adams, 2015



New! Autographed Photos Direct From Caroline Munro

Now in stock at Creepy Classic, some new photos of actress Caroline Munro, autographed by Caroline. Caroline is a frequent guest of the MONSTER BASH CLASSIC MOVIE CONFERENCE and she graciously autographed these for us! Now's your chance to have your own 8X10 photo held and autographed by Caroline herself.

You'll find these and more in our Creepy Autograph Department here at Creepy Classics!



Dealer Room Vendors At MONSTER BASH Octoberfest Announced

The great MONSTER BASH vendors for the October show are listed. Many old favorites and some new surprises too! Most of these vendors have multiple tables and we're getting close to filling up the ballroom.

Here's the vendors that are confirmed, CLICK HERE!



If you want to get in on MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015 as a dealer, hurry. The $50 off per table special ends at midnight on October 1, 2015.

Go to: and get your space for MONSTER BASH now!




Above: Bert I. Gordon with various monsters at....the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE.

Happy Birthday Bert I. Gordon - Mr. B.I.G.

One of our favorite people, monster movie director/spfx man/writer - Bert I. Gordon is celebrating a birthday. Here's more from MONSTER BASH reporter, Scott Goettel:

It's a "BIG" birthday!  Literally!  One of our favorite and frequent Monster Bash guests is now 93...Bert I. Gordon.

Born September 24th, 1922, "Mister B.I.G." has brought us countless hours of film fun and entertainment.  Just a few titles under his direction include THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, TORMENTED, THE FOOD OF THE GODS, KING DINOSAUR, EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE MAGIC SWORD, THE BOY & THE PIRATES, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, PICTURE MOMMY DEAD, and THE MAD BOMBER (with Chuck Connors as a really nasty and crazed bad guy).

That's just a sampling of his work, and what a great guy he is...always so nice to his fans.

Happy Birthday Bert!


(Also, thank you to Malcolm Gittins for calling in about Bert's birthday too! -Ron)



Last Chance At Discount Monster Bash Hotel Rates

Bash Hotel Rates Go Up on Saturday (9/26)

Monster Bash hotel room prices go up on Saturday (9/26). Get your room quick for October BASH: Call (724) 776-6900 or direct to reservations at (888) 627-8175.



New! The Christopher Lee Bat Bundle - Four Magazines, One LOW Price

In honor of the late, great Christopher Lee, a Christopher Lee Bat Bundle Pack of four great magazines at one low, low price! Get the MONSTER BASH CHRISTOPHER LEE TRIBUTE SPECIAL, SCARY MONSTERS #99, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #252 and SCARY MONSTERS #79.

Get all four for just 24.99 for a limited time....great for reading, collecting, saving or maybe framing on the wall - great covers one and all!

Don't miss out...find this bundle pack in our Bashin' Bundle Packs Department here at Creepy Classics.



Doctor Morbius Birthday

From across the weird wire, it's Creepy Classics/Monster Bash birthday reporter, Scott Goettel:

Just a few days ago marked the birthdays of Anne Francis and Jack Kelly of FORBIDDEN PLANET.  Well, September 23rd is the birthday of another cast member of that classic film...Walter Pidgeon (Doctor Morbius).

Walter Davis Pidgeon was born on 9/23/1897, and passed away at age 87 on 9/25/1984, just two days away from his 88th birthday.

His film career started in 1926 in a film titled MANNEQUIN.  Roles that followed include THE GORILLA (1927 version), THE GATEWAY OF THE MOON (1928), THE GORILLA (this is not a repeat or's a 1930 version of basically the same storyline as the 1927 version, but Walter Pidgeon's character goes by a different name), NICK CARTER-MASTER DETECTIVE, PHANTOM RAIDERS (another Nick Carter story), VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (1961 film version), and THE NEPTUNE FACTOR, just to name a sampling of his long acting career.

Light the candles...Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday!





Get Ready To Rumble, Mexican Monster Style at MONSTER BASH'S OCTOBERFEST!



Blue Demon, Jr. In Person All Three Days

BASH! This October!

The son of on of the greatest Mexican Wrestlers is one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of today! He will make a very special appearance at MONSTER BASH October 16-18. Get ready! Autographs and special Mexi-Luchador merchandise.

A celebration of Blue Demon with Blue Demon, Jr.

Blue Demon was one the most popular Mexican wrestlers ever and made scores of movies where he met and fought monsters...classic monsters, aliens, blobs, werewolves, vampires....he never failed to save the human race. His son has carried on the legacy and is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and is in the movies too....meeting monsters!

We are proud and honored to have Blue Demon, Jr. at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015, October 16-18.

Get your VIP membership admission right now and meet all the movie and TV stars....and now one of the greatest legends in Mexican heroes - Blue Demon, Jr. in person. CLICK HERE!

Blue Demon, Jr. appears with Mil Mascaras in MIL MASCARAS VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY:

A match with Blue Demon, Jr.:



Dealer Tables For October 2015 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE Now Available - $50 Off

If you're a vendor and want to set up at MONSTER BASH, now's your chance to get on board for the October MONSTER BASH at the Doubletree Pittsburgh North,October 16-18, 2015. Don't be left out. Get your BASH dealer space now. For a limited time the tables are discounted $50 each for the October show right now.

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....and get ready to MONSTER BASH with classic monster movie fans from across the nation!



Quick, Don't Miss Out On Getting An On-Site Room For This October's MONSTER BASH

Monster Bash Conference reservations for this October show are now being taken (while they last) -- October 16-18, 2015. You can get the special discounted BASH rate now.

The Doubletree Pittsburgh North, Mars, PA.

Call at (724) 776-6900 or direct reservations (888) 370-0998.

Visit Monster Bash In October When The Leaves are Brilliant and The Moon Is Full and Bright...


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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