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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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24 Creepy Years

Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Saturday March 25 - Monday March 27, 2017!

Get this DVD-R free today! CASTLE OF EVIL (1966) A terrible night, if your staying in the castle! A will is read, then the deceased man begins popping up in the shadows, scaring and killing. The decomposed corpse shambles from ark corner, to corner....LOOK OUT! Stars Scott Brady, Hugh Marlowe and Virginia Mayo.

Get this DVD-R in a snapcase FREE with any purchase at But, you must ask for it at the time of your order. Just put CASTLE OF EVIL (1966) in the "Special Instructions" field in your on-line check-out. And you'll get it free in your order of any size. Or, call in your order at (724) 238-4317 and ask for it - (724) 238-4317.

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: While the American 1931 DRACULA (with Bela Lugosi) had eerie vampire brides, the 1931 had all-out horrifying vampire brides. This Spanish version is available as a bonus feature film on both the DRACULA (1931) DVD and Blu-Ray. Have you never taken the time to watch it? It's recommended...a lot of differences in style and feel. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and classic science fiction.

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Song by Jeff Schmich, Video by Kevin Slick.


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Want more videos from the past Monster Bash's, why you got it! Here they are compliments of Kevin Slick:




Pictured above: Dee Denning (Evelyn Ankers and Richard Dennings daughter), Paisley Adams, Tod Spidle as The Monster and William Smith at MONSTER BASH.

Happy Birthday William Smith

Hi Ron,

A super nice Monster Bash guest in 2004 was William Smith.  His first film appearance was in GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1942).

  Born March 24th, 1933, he is now 84 years old.  We all send our warmest wishes for a Big Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday William Smith!




Welcome to The Mummy & The Monkey

One of the most entertaining vendors that are new to MONSTER BASH is "The Mummy and the Monkey." They are TV horror hosts with a great, nutty sensibility and have cool retro monster merchandise too! See them at Bash this June.

See thier website. And they'll see YOU at MONSTER BASH, June 23-25, 2017.



Birthday Remembered...Ken Tobey, Monster Fighter

This in from Scott Goettel, Monster Bash Celebrity Birthday Reporter:

It's the birthday of one of our favorite actors, Kenneth Tobey...born March 23rd, 1917, and passed away on December 22nd, 2002.

His acting career was so versatile and covered such a wide variety of more than just monster movies, but we Monster Bashers are especially thrilled with his films like THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, THE VAMPIRE, and various TV series such as SCIENCE FICTION THEATER, ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, NIGHT GALLERY, a 1986 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and so much more.

March 23rd would have been his 100th birthday, so, a Big Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday to Kenneth Tobey!


Ken Tobey did a phone Q&A Session with us at MONSTER BASH 2002, as he had just suffered a stroke and couldn't make it in person. A real trooper. -Ron



Hammer Starlet Suzanna Leigh Needs Your Help

Thanks to Dan Weber for letting me know about this....regarding Monster Bash Guest alumni Suzanna Leigh:

News release:

Hollywood Actress and British film star Suzanna Leigh is fighting for her life!

Suzanna was diagnosed with 'stage-four' liver cancer in September, 2016. This news has been devastating to her only daughter Natalia Leigh and to close friends and loved ones. Suzanna has been under the medical care of Dr. Elda Baigabatov at Celebrity Medical Center in Winter Garden, FL where she lives. She has been receiving a non-toxic form of chemo - a strict regime, weekly to FIGHT her cancer. We are now five months into her treatment and it's been highly recommended for her to go too 'Oasis of Hope' medical facitlity in Mexico where she would take her treatment to the next level. She would be admitted and get 3-6 weeks of around the clock, 24 hour cancer treatment care. THIS IS URGENT that we take this next step in her fight to overcome this disease. She is such a fighter! But without your help and generosity, we financially would not be able to pursue this option and continue this form of healing and treatment. It's recommended no later than April/May for her to be admitted based on her recent MRI contrast scan (2-10th-17).

Funding page:



Two Noteworthy Genre Artists Pass

This note in from Monster Basher Michael Lederman (thank you for the information, Michael):

Hi Ron,

The Internet is reporting that director Robert Day passed away March 17, in U.K. He was the director of "Corridors Of Blood", produced by Richard Gordon , which starred Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee, as well as the 1965 Hammer version of "She", which starred Ursula Andress, Lee, and Peter Cushing. He also directed other feature films as well as many TV commercials. He was 94.

Valerie Gaunt  also has left us on last Nov 27th. She played "Justine", the maid in "Curse Of Frankenstein", who was having an affair with Victor Frankenstein ( Cushing), and threatened to blackmail him after she became pregnant. However, she was locked into a room with Chris Lee, who played the "creature/monster," who killed her off screen, much to Victor's relief (he was engaged to marry Elizabeth (Hazel Court). Perhaps she is better remembered as the defiant vampire woman who dared asserted herself against Chris Lee's Count in the library scene in "Horror Of Dracula." Later she was staked thru the heart by Jonathan Harker (John Van Eyssen). Moments later, we see she had reverted to her true age and an unknown elderly woman  double was used for this effect. During the fight scene in the library, viewers should notice that she is wearing high heeled red shoes, which was not worn  by women during the year 1885! Amazing that she did not break her ankles or legs, as she was pretty roughed up, and flung to the floor. She made one or two more films and TV appearances  and did a play on stage , directed by Martin Landau, of all people, according to the Internet. She was 84.

A gentle reminder--please post birthday greetings for Zach Zito, last year's Forry award winner.

All the best,

Michael Lederman

---Hi Michael, I believe we did have a few photos up and Zach's birthday mentioned a few weeks back. But he is not to be missed! One of the nicest guys in our Monster World. What a talent too! Don't miss him perform classic ghost stories in some live theater at MONSTER BASH, along with Yvonne Monlaur (from BRIDES OF DRACULA!).



Eerie Painting By Artist, Robert Townshend

Check this out. What a great capture of an eerie atmosphere as the Martians devastate from the film THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953). Rob, this is truly a great painting! Thanks for sharing with all the Monster Kids from around the world.




Look! New! Beautiful Poster & Lobby Card Reproductions

Just added here in the crypt at Creepy Classics, new Poster and theatrical Lobby Card Reproductions. New and in shock stock: THE PENALTY (1920) starring Lon Chaney, THE SOUL OF A MONSTER (1944), THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (1959), THE LOST WORLD (1925) and more! Check out all the new poster reproductions that are on card stock and inserted in crystal clear acrylic slip sleeves for protection.

You can see them all in our Posters & Lobby Card Reproductions Department here at Creepy Classics. They're the perfect "art" compliment to your office, cubical, movie room or "monster collection" room.



The Latest MONSTER BASH Magazine: The Monster Bash Zacherley Special!

The TV horror host that was know nationwide, Zacherley is gone, but not forgotten.

His legacy, his humor, the Monster Kid merchandising will live on. It's all here in a loving tribute....MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE Special #3. Contributions from Tom Weaver, George Chastain, Rich Scrivani and fans just like you! An amazing packed issue with behind-the-scenes photos of Zacherley and your favorite movie monsters. A trip to Zacherley's memorial service with Tom Weaver. Plus, the latest blu-ray and DVD reviews, your letters, the Gruesome Gallery, Famous Falling Stars and so much more in this packed special edition of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

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Don't Get Choked Up...MONSTER BASH June 2017 is Coming

We'd like to thank artist David Hardy for sending this photo as he got choked up thinking about the wait till this summer's MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. Don't worry, David, it's happening again. The great classic monster fest will get a grip on you again June 23-25, 2017 in Mars, PA. The details are written in "Mummy Mold" at -Ron



All The Cool Monsters Have a MONSTER BASH Hat

Re-stocked and re-shocked with MONSTER BASH ball caps here.

It's a ball cap style, soft, comfortable, black with embroidered "Frankenstein" and Monster Bash logo. The image ad logo are embroidered. Adjustable. Quality hat.
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Photo by Malcom Gittins.

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John Sargent....Super Art

Hi Ron,
A couple of new ones I've cranked out with this nasty weather we have had. WEREWOLF OF LONDON, and my version of the TV Land Justice League, featuring classic actors Adam West, George Reeves, Yvonne Craig, Linda Carter and new comers Grant Agustin and Melissa Benoist.

Also wanted to mention I also am a write in candidate for the Linda Miller Fan Artist Rondo Award (category 26) if anyone is interested in supporting a weary art teacher. Thanks-John

Thanks for sharing, John!



Producer Jack Harris Passes Away

Thanks to Eileen Wolfberg for letting us know, sad news as it is. Jack Harris passed away at age 98. He brought to screens around the world: THE BLOB, DINOSAURUS, THE 4-D MAN, EQUINOX, THE LEGEND OF HILLBILLY JOHN, BEWARE - THE BLOB and many more. He kept the Monster Boom Generation happy for decades.

Here's the link that Eileen supplied that has more details:




Where's Ron Been For A Couple of Days

Well, I may not have been posting much over the past few days, but it doesn't mean I haven't been pounding away at monster stuff for 14 hours a day. As you can see, my desk is a perpetual array of papers, photos, articles, and diet sodas. I've been scanning, Photoshopping, editing and arranging layout instruction for my buddy Ted Bohus. Ted's dropping the mag into In-Design as I keep feeding him splash pages and notes. What will all this result in.....? Why, MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #29, of course! Coming soon:

Here's a peek at just one of the splash pages that will be in this issue:

...and another:

...just the tip of the iceberg of MONSTER BASH #29 that will thaw out for this spring!



MONSTER BASH Movie Conference 20th Year Anniversary

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The Greatest Classic Monster Movie Festival on the Planet

June 23-25, 2017....Mars, PA

Details About MONSTER BASH - CLICK HERE, if you dare!

Get your hotel room right now....these hotels all filling with MONSTER BASH attendees:

Host Hotel:

Double Tree (724) 776-6900

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Walking Distance:

Super 8 (724) 776-9700

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Within A Mile:

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Fairfield Inn (724) 772-0600

Marriott (724) 772-3700

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New! Restored LOST WORLD & More DVDs

Now in shock stock at Creepy Classics, a load of new DVDs of interest to all of us Monster Generation Kids! Here are the details on the new additions here that you'll find in our New DVD Department at Creepy Classics.

THE LOST WORLD (1925/Flicker Alley Special Edition) - DVD
The silent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story of Professor Challenger heading an expedition into darkest Africa to bag dinosaurs. Great effects (INCREDIBLE for the time) by Willis O'Brien, who did the stop motion for KING KONG. 93 minute version! PLUS BONUS: 13 minutes of animation outtakes. Newly restored.

FREAK FEST (5 Movie Set) - DVD
Giant monster marathon! Unplug your brain and get set for an afternoon of solid monster movie fun: KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954), MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET (1967), DESTROY ALL PLANETS (1968), ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS (1969), THE SOUND OF HORROR (1964).

THE LONE RANGER (1949-1950s) - DVD Collection
Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels ride the west again! The iconic TV show is here - 17 classic episodes. In addition, there is the complete 1939 Lone Ranger theatrical serial. An amazing collection for all of us who grew up with The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Packed DVD set! DVDs + digital.

Over 15 hours of Sherlock Holmes films. 8 movies that include a couple of rare Christopher Lee appearances. Movies: A STUDY IN TERROR, THE LEADING LADY, INCIDENT AT VICTORIA FALLS, STUDY IN SCARLET, SIGN OF FOUR, MURDER AT THE BASKERVILLES, DRESSED TO KILL, TERROR BY NIGHT. Plus 5 TV shows.

Arthur Wontner stars as Holmes in this rare 1931 mystery thriller. There's smuggling, murder and the evil Professor Moriarty! Plus a bonus, the very rare silent Sherlock Holmes short film THE COPPER BEECHES (1912) overseen by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

Five short films from the 1938 through 1955 that used puppets rather than real actors in fairy tales, instruction films and just plain weird stories. There is something mighty creepy about some of these puppet films. Bizarre oddities that haven fallen through the cracks. Strangeness not to be missed.

A nostalgic look back at the greatest toy commercial from the 1950s and 1960s. You'll see young actors like Billy Mumy (LOST IN SPACE), Kurt Russell, Shari Lewis and others. Plus, all those great toys we grew up with. Scores of TV commercials that will take you back to yesterday.

Vintage films, primarily from the 1950s Cold War era. Public service films depicting nuclear holocaust and the way to survive it...or at least try! Some very dated, some maybe bordering on more reality than we'd like to think! Crazy, bizarre and sometimes scary stuff. Over 70 minutes of short films.

Get these now in our New DVD Department at Creepy Classics. They're in stock and ready to ship!



Jo Morrow Returns To MONSTER BASH in June

The wonderful Jo Morrow is back at MONSTER BASH! Starlet of 13 GHOSTS (1960), THE THREE WORLDS OF GULLIVER, DOCTOR DEATH, GIDGET and on TV's LARAMIE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, PERRY MASON, 77 SUNSET STRIP, SURFSIDE 6 and more! See here at this June's MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE where classic monster fans and professionals meet!



Welcome Back, TV's Mr. Lobo

He's back, it's Mr. Lobo and Dixie! The horror host and his assistant that has taken the Internet and broadcast TV by the throat. Super fun and knowledegable, meet Mr, Lobo at MONSTER BASH this June.



Fan Art From the Black Lagoon

Thanks to artist Audrey Funk for sharing this nice piece above. True love in the Lagoon!



Details On The MONSTER BASH Octoberfest Show Are Here....

MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST MOVIE MARATHON - The Canton Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio. October 13-14, 2017. Our October show at one of the most AMAZING, glamorous movie palaces in this country - The Historic Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio.

Get advance tickets now: CLICK HERE.

The entire Universal FRANKENSTEIN Film Series on the BIG SCREEN in a real MOVIE PALACE!

Vendors and shopping on breaks and intermissions. Special guest TV's Son of Ghoul horror movie host.



The Classic Monster Experience of a Lifetime.

We will be screening a marathon of classic horror on one of the biggest screens in the state of Ohio. The massive theatre seats about 1600 with a beautiful balcony. A big mezzanine area will feature the best of Monster Bash vendors. Creepy Classics (Monster Bash Headquarters) will fill the lobby with props and thousands of classic monster DVDs, Blu-Rays, Collectibles, T-Shirts, Monster Magazines and more.

Make your plans now! Here's a list of the Canton Hotels:

Call with any question: (724) 238-4317

Limited Vendors, call for your space now.



New and In Stock! Hitchcock's LIFEBOAT on Blu-Ray

It's here and ready to ship...LIFEBOAT (1944) on Blu-Ray with commentary by Tim Lucas.

Alfred Hitchcock directed this classic. Stars Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, John Hodiak, Heather Angel, Hume Cronyn, Henry Hull and Canada Lee. A ship is sunk by a Nazi sub and survivors end up on a lifeboat together...and the Nazi Captain that torpedoed their ship. Intense suspense. Extras!

Get it right now for immediate shipping in our New Blu-Ray Department here at Creepy Classics!



It's Coming THIS next June 23-25, 2017!


The biggest gathering of Classic Monster Movie fans on the planet. It's the 20th year anniversary festival - MONSTER BASH!

Admission memberships at a discount now only for brief time, CLICK HERE.

Guests of honor include the last living classic Universal Monster, Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Gary Conway (I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN), Gary Clarke (Teenage Werewolf in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER) Larry Storch (F-TROOP, GHOST BUSTERS), Terry Moore (MIGHTY JOE YOUNG), CORTLANDT HULL (Nephew of the WEREWOLF OF LONDON), Bert I. Gordon (director of THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE CYCLOPS, FANTASTIC PUPPET PEOPLE), Yvonne Monlaur (Hammer's THE BRIDES OF DRACULA), Conrad Brooks (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE), Tom Savini (CREEPSHOW), and John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) and many, many more.

.....All those guests, and....keep scrolling....

An almost non-stop film festival, rare movies, talks with the guests, special documentaries, crazy fun monster events, the Tom Weaver hosted Brain Twister Movie Quiz live, prizes and so much more.

Shopping? We've got shopping that will make your eyes pop out of your head (like a "Big Daddy" Roth drawing). 200 vendor's like looking at an indoor football field full of the classic horror and science fiction collectibles, Blu-Rays, magazines, t-shirts, vintage toys, monster models that you've been looking for!

Don't scare miss it! Get your admission now!

You'll meet monsters...

All the details are here -- CLICK AND SEE!



Scaring Kids During A Viewing of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL

Friend of Creepy Classics and Monster Bash, the creative and nutty Brian Nichols shared this video with me, that I thought needed to be appreciated by other Monster Kids (like you and me). Here's what Brian said:

...Created back in 2012. It's only 90 seconds. My youngest daughter used to like showing House on Haunted Hill to her friends whenever she had a sleepover. She'd give me the nod, letting me know to pop in during "the scene". The poor girl who was spending the night ended up falling off the bed when I barged in! She got a good laugh out of it, though. Turn your sound up!

Brian Nichols...a true Monster Kid from the Monster Boom Generation.



Monster Bash Octoberfest Location

The above photo was submitted by Jay Spencer of THE PALACE THEATRE in Canton, Ohio.....the home for MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST. We will be screening the entire restored FRANKENSTEIN series from Universal Studios there this October.

You can pre-register now, CLICK HERE!



Here They Come...Chiller Thriller

Thanks to Paul Speidel who submitted this link for us. It's the latest episide of CHILLER THRILLER THEATRE out of Canada, It's a spotlight on PHANTOM FROM SPACE! Authir Frank Dello Stritto recorded his background info for this show at MONSTER BASH last July. Check it folks doing some really fun things:



New! In Stock NOW....

Re-mastered in HD both INVISIBLE GHOST (1941) and CHAMBER OF HORRORS (1940) from Kino-Lorber on Blu-Ray and DVD. They are both here, in shock stock, and ready to be turned loose to you. Monsters delivered to your doorstep! Get them in our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department right now at Creepy Classics.

INVISIBLE GHOST (1941/Kino) - Blu-Ray or DVD
Lugosi in a great poverty row flick. He is obsessed with his "dead" wife and develops a split personality. From kindly doctor, to insane murderer, Lugosi's hystronics and intensity are a sight to behold. Some cool under lighting adds a bit more class to this low budget entry. Re-mastered in HD. Commentary by Tom Weaver, Gary Don Rhodes and Dr, Robert Kiss.

CHAMBER OF HORRORS (1940/Kino) - Blu-Ray or DVD
Leslie Banks (from MOST DANGEROUS GAME) is a diabolical man obsessed with devices of torture. A really great opening -- stormy night and crypt! Includes trailers and commentary. Re-mastered in HD!

BAT CLICK HERE and get them on Blu-Ray or DVD!



Strider Raven Art

Above is a collage of monster fun from artist Strider Ravewn in North Carolina. He's hoping folks will write him in for the Rondo Awards.

Enjoy all the faces! Thanks for sharing Strider.



Don't Miss Out! Get Your Subscription To MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE Now!

Spooky Spring Issue with writers Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, Greg Mank and maybe YOU, coming soon...

Above is the cover for our very next issue of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE (#29!). It features Vincent Price (as The Invisible Man) and Nan Grey...the stunning painting by Daniel Horne.

Get your subscription now that will start with the Spring issue #29.....CLICK HERE.




By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter author of "The Mexican Masked Wrestler and Monster Filmography"

Hola amigos, and welcome to the latest exciting chapter of the Mexican Monster Party! A big Thank You to all the folks that have purchased my new book, Vampira and her Daughters (it's doing great right out of the gate)... and a big apology to those hostesses whom I've not yet sent copies! Soon come, mon, soon come.

Back to the movies: yes, movies, because it's double-feature time again. If they're packaged that way, I review 'em that way! First up is SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS (the translation is pretty obvious). This one's a real sentimental favorite, because a photo from it was used to lead off the article in the late, great Monsters of the Movies from Marvel, titled "Monsters in Foreign Lands," most of which concerned the Mexican films. I'd seen one or two Mexican films on Chiller Theater, but I had no idea that it was part of a much wilder and wonderful sub-genre. Fast forward 40 years; the inspiration that I received from that article turned into a life-long love of Mexican horror films and my first book, THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY.

SANTO & BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS is an all-star Monster Rally of the first order. Not only does it feature four of the "classic" monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, a Wolf Man, and a Mummy), but the Cyclops from Ship of Monsters, assorted vampire women, sinister midgets, and, as a cherry on top, an "evil" Blue Demon. There's some unforgettable scenes; some of the outré variety (the Frankenstein Monster, sporting a moustache and goatee, driving a sports car!) to some genuinely shocking parts, like when the Wolf Man murders an entire family in cold (and copious) blood. The film is briskly paced, never boring, and Manuel Leal, who plays the Frankenstein Monster, later became Tinieblas, the wrestling star.

The bottom half of the bill (or the flip side of the DVD), SANTO CONTRA BLUE DEMON EN ATLANTIDA ("Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis) is a completely whack sci-fi opus. The Commission on World Safety, it seems, is deeply worried about some old geezer named Aquiles who wants to take over the world; literally old, he and his missus are over 100! The CWS calls in Secret Agent X21 and Santo, and they are put through various hoops, including an "evil" Blue Demon (AGAIN with the evil Blue Demon!), death traps and seductions. Santo then meets a female secret agent who leads him to a submerged city called Atlantis (It's never made clear whether this is supposed to be THE Atlantis). Many underwater hi-jinks ensue, there are ferocious battles, and everything ends in a big explosion. Well, except for Santo and Blue and the few survivors, naturally. The End.

And that's the end of this month's column. As always, please remember to give a free click at the Animal Rescue Site to help provide food and care for shelter animals; better yet, adopt one!

Until we meet again, Adios and Vaya con Dios, mi compadres. Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher.

Get this double, montrous feature on DVD right now, SANTO & BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS and SANTO & BLUE DEMON IN ATLANTIS at Creepy Classics. Check out the Mexican Monsters on DVD Department.


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!
P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658
Call (724) 238-4317

Questions? e-mail:

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!