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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Monday March 25 - Tuesday March 26, 2019

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: A rare scene of a dinosaur and giant eagle from Willis O'Brien's unfinished film WAR EAGLES (1939). While the fim was never completed, the script and background for this amazing project is documented with photos in the book WAR EAGLES available here at Creepy Classics.

Get all your favorite monster movies on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and classic science fiction.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

New! On Blu!

Now actually here, in stock now, Hammer's THE LEGEND OF THE 7 GOLDEN VAMPIRES (1974) and Edgar Ulmer's DETOUR (1945):

Fangs and flying fists in this vampire/martial arts movie. Drive-in heaven with Peter Cushing too! New scan of original film elements. Audio commentary. Alternate US version as well as the original. TV spot, still gallery, theatrical trailer -- packed!

DETOUR (1945) - Blu-Ray
Director Ulmer (THE BLACK CAT, MAN FROM PLANET X) lends his expressionistic dark touch and makes this film a classic. A man involved with a femme-fatale is detoured into a netherworld nightmare. Documentary, interviews with actress Ann Savage, Roger Corman, trailer, 4K restoration.

Ge these, and many more new offering in our New Blu-Ray Department, here at your cob-webbed home for horror and Film Noir, Creepy Classics.



New! THE CREEPS #18 with Frazetta Cover

Look what just slithered in the door at Creepy Classics:

THE CREEPS #18 - Magazine
Just like the old CREEPY and EERIE magazines...a great, retro black and white horror comic magazine. Cover by Frank Frazetta! Includes The Mummy Walks, Zombies of the Mardi Gras, This Gun For Horror, The Scarecrow Man and more. Get creeped out now!

Reach out those scaly claws and grab one for yourself in our CREEPS Department here at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH Vincent Price Film Festival in August

It's the big MONSTER BASH Vincent Price film festival at the grand Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio this August 16 and 17, 2019. Mark the dates on your calendar now. Victoria Price has! Vincent's daughter will be there to chat with fans.

Vincent Price films on one of Ohio's BIGGEST screens, two in-depth talks by Victoria Price on her father's legacy...all in a grand giant movie palace. Live organ music from Dr. Phibes himself.

Plus, vendors and the Monster Bash free prize toss!

Above: The Palace Theatre, Canton.

Get all the details, CLICK HERE. The dates are solid. The nearest hotel is the McKinley Grand, just blocks from the theatre. Hotel phone (330) 454-5000. Make plans now!

Above: The Grand McKinley Hotel, just blocks from the theatre.

Membership Admission for the entire weekend, all films and talks...CLICK HERE!




Here and unwrapped! It's the latest publication from the CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES magazine crew in the UK. This time around it's an in depth look at THE MUMMY'S HAND:

A guide filmbook to the 1940 Universal classic THE MUMMY'S HAND. This publication is produced in full color, with stills, lobby cards and posters illustrating in-depth articles and biographies. Beautiful oversize magazine, heavy stock, all glossy. From CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES!

Snare your copy from our on-line Creepy Magazine Newsstand at Creepy Classics.

You can see all the available CLASSIC MONSTERS magazines by CLICKING HERE.



Movie and Event Room Schedule for MONSTER BASH June 2019

The excitement is ramping up again! The next MONSTER BASH will be June 21-23, 2019 at the Double Tree Hotel in Mars, PA (Pittsburgh North). The schedule is mapped out now and you can see it now. Go to and click on Schedule!

All the great MONSTER BASH events, plus question and answer sessions with actors and actresses, film talks and rare screenings.

Get ready for the fun at MONSTER BASH, get your membership admission now, CLICK HERE.

Get your lodgings lined up now, CLICK HERE.

Vendor tables for the June show are now SOLD OUT! ...Secure yours for the October show, they're selling fast, CLICK HERE for details.

See the vendors already signed up, packing our Dealer Ballroom with gruesome goodies, CLICK HERE.




It's Richard Valley of SCARLET STREET magazine putting the whammy on the Frankenstein Monster (from The Witch's Dungeon) at MONSTER BASH 1999.



New & Back! Blu-Ray Shockers

Now in stock, two Hitchcock thrillers with cool new box art and a huge amount of extras: THE BIRDS (1963) and Psych (1960). Plus, the hard-to-find DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA trailers HD disc is back in stock, limited supply (get this one in a hurry!). Three and half hours of trailers in HD from the 1960s-1980s with many,many Hammer Films included! The gory details:

THE BIRDS (1963) - Blu-Ray
Alfred Hitchcock science fiction thriller. In the near future...what if all birds became hostile towards humans. The melodrama unfolds around the life of Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren Also stars Suzanne Pleshette and Jessica Tandy. Many, many extras!

DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA (1960s-1980s Trailer Collection) - Blu-Ray
95 preview trailers...hours of horror! Loads of Hammer Films in there. A perfect collection of 1960s-1980s era horror movies. A tribute to the twilight days of drive-in horror double-bills and dusk-till-dawn creature feature spook shows. 3.5 hours in HD!

PSYCHO (1960) - Blu-Ray
Tony Perkins IS Norman Bates. A woman embezzles from her company and stops at the Bates Motel...she doesn't even have to steal a towel to get in trouble there. You'll never look down at the drain in your bathtub the same way again. Alfred Hitchcock's creepiest. Loads of extras!

Get them in our New Blu-Ray Department right now, so you don't miss out, at Creepy Classics!



Monster Bash Vincent Price Film Festival

Line-Up Announced

Sign-Up Now

MONSTER BASH's Vincent Price Film Festival will be Friday August 16 and Saturday August 17 at The Canton Palace Theatre in Ohio. A vintage, restored movie palace fitting of this tribute to a master of terror...Vincent Price.

The films are cleared and Victoria Price, Vincent's daughter is confirmed! Vendors will fill the mezzanine level and the lobby of this beautiful movie palace with classic horror collectibles. Plus, the free prize toss on Saturday night with blu-rays, DVDs, monster magazines, t-shirts and fun monster goodies tossed out to the audience at the end of the night.

And, shock surprises! Plus, live pipe organ music between features.

A classic MONSTER BASH event not to be missed!

FRIDAY August 16, 2019:

3PM-Midnight Vendors open

5PM: Laura

7PM: House of Wax

9PM: Question and Answer talk with Victoria Price and you!

10PM: The Fly

12 Midnight: House on Haunted Hill

SATURDAY August 17, 2019:

12 Noon-Midnight Vendors Open

2PM: House of Usher

4PM: The Pit & The Pendulum

6PM: Talk and power point on Vincent Price by Victoria Price

7PM: The Haunted Palace

9PM: The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Above: Photo of The Palace Theatre...ready for a Priceless two Night!

Don't miss out, save in advance with VIP Membership Admission, good for all features, events and vendors: CLICK HERE for details.

Vendors, CLICK HERE to sign-up.

Visit the web-site, CLICK HERE.



A Happy Birthday to Bash Staffer, Ed Watson

Today (3/19) is Ed Watson's birthday. If you've attended any MONSTER BASH events, no doubt you've run into Ed. And...maybe you had a discussion about John Agar, and how Agar saved our world time and time again.

A big birthday shout-out to Ed, who is now hiding at an undisclosed, underground facility...with The Mole People.



New! Retro TV Commercials for Food

What an awesome collection of nostalgic TV commercials from the 1950s and 1960s. Coffee, cereal, hot dogs, snacks, candy...all the cool TV commercials we grew up with.

Get it on DVD right now in our New DVD Department at Creepy's stocked and ready to eat...err....view!



New! Mexican Wrestlers And Monsters on Used VHS

What a collection of off-the-wall and out-of-the-ring movies on VHS. Many Mexican films, plus some vintage classic monsters too! These previously owned gems are ready to be packed up and head your way:


Start digging in our Used Video Graveyard here at Creepy Classics!




Above, it's Bill Edwards as Edward Hyde at MONSTER BASH 2005. Make-up by Ron Chamberlain.



MONSTER BASH Magazine...Only For the Strong of Heart

Collecting monster movie magazines are fun again! Start your collection of MONSTER BASH today... Thanks to Josh Kennedy for producing this little new MONSTER BASH promo clip! Monster Kids are smiling everywhere.

Click it, and find out about the Night of the Living MONSTER BASH magazine:



Rondo Remembers - Elementary School Vs. The Monster Kid

I'm digging way back here to 2nd and 3rd grade for the plight of the Monster Kid. I bet you have some primary school memories that involve a love of monsters and monster movies too.

One here good, one here bad...the bad first.

It was third grade and I had Mrs. Shields in Grove City Central School for my teacher. She was writing words in chalk across the big blackboard. Mrs. Shields would first ask us if we knew the word and then, what it meant. I sat there with my yellow, sharpened pencil and gray newsprint paper with blue lines on it in front of me. My feet kicking the metal leg that supported the school desk. The next word: C-R-E-A-T-U-R-E. "Creature. Does anybody know what this word means?"

Well, you can probably see where this is going in my mind. I frantically raised my hand. I had this one! I blurted out "it's the monster that lives in the Black Lagoon!" I said proudly. Well, my ego deflated like a popped balloon with Mrs. Shields' glare. "No, it is not, Ronald." My brain yelled "but it is, it is."

Mrs. Shields said indignantly, "Holly, can YOU tell me what a 'creature' is?" Holly was a teacher's pet that sat to my right. "Mrs. Shields confirmed that it was any living thing. Okay, okay, I get it, but it IS a monster from the Black Lagoon too....but, heaven forbid, I couldn't speak out. I knew the consequences that could come down on the seven or eight year old. A monster kid harpooned through the heart.

The good story was earlier, involving my second grade teacher. I wish I could remember her name. The assignment: draw with crayons a movie, or TV show, that we had seen. Ah, my little brain reeled. I hadn't seen many monster movies, but my dad and mom had told me about some. I had seen the model kits, the comic books. I drew "Godzilla Vs. The Blob!"

My teacher said..."Ronnie, is that a movie you've seen?"

"No," I answered sheepishly, "but it's one I think should be a movie. I'd like it!" She addressed the class that this was very creative, that I had made up my own movie. She applauded my effort to the class and my drawing of "Godzilla Vs. The Blob" stayed taped up to the big board behind her all day. I was a proud and happy Monster Kid that day! So much so, that I remember it, 50 years later.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

March 2019

You were right. There is only 1 Creature. Godzilla vs the Blob sounds more entertaining than upcoming/recent Godzilla movies. Its neat they are trying to bring back some of the classic monsters like Mothra/Rodan but the CGI is so overdone its a total distancing factor for me: its a video game, not film. + the fx/the movies will be dated in 5yrs as they continue to tweak the CGI resolution, etc. The model fx in those classic Toho monster movies still hold up & take you to another world!

Nick Posengal, FL



Passing Glimpse

Thought you might be amused at a quick glimpse I get when going into one of the two magazine stoarge rooms at Creepy Classics. Medusa (thanks to Ben Cooper masks) guards one of the shelves. Haven't turned to stone yet, but I do feel a bit creaky. The mask was a gift from a great, gruesome friend.



New! Ben Chapman Autographed Mock $100 Creature Cash

Signed in 2000 by Ben Chapman at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE near Pittsburgh where Ben was a Guest of Honor. What a great collectible of the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Ben played the Creature on land in the original 1954 movie. This would be great framed with a photo or poster reproduction from the film.

Get it in our Creepy Autograph Department (autographs acquired from our MONSTER BASH conferences) here at Creepy Classics.



New! More Beautiful Lobby Card Reproductions

Just in, more wonderful lobby card reproductions on card stock paper and inserted in crystal clear, protective sturdy acrylic slip sleeves. See THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (both pictured above) and many more in our 11X14 inch Lobby Card Department here at ye ol' Monster Kid hangout, Creepy Classics.



New! More Hard-To-Find Used Books

There they are, up on the top shelf at Creepy Classic Bookstore on-line...great hard-to-find books like THE PULPS (edited by Tony Goodstone) and HOLLYWOOD DINOSAUR by Daniel Cohen:

THE PULPS (Edited by Tony Goodstone) - Used Large Softcover
Rare! Color plates with 100 full color rare covers reproduced. Over 50 complete sties by Edgar Wallace, H.P. Lovecraft, Dashiell Hammett, Ray Bradbury and others. 238 pages. A "best of" for sensational pulp stories and art. Illustrated with original black and white drawings.

By Daniel Cohen. Packed with photographs! From the first animated cartoon character (a dinosaur) to KING KONG, GODZILLA, ONE MILLION B.C., THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, THE VALLEY OF GWANGI and everything in between Dinosaur films! Really great little dinosaur movie book.

Get these in our on-line Creepy Bookstore and many more sought after titles...for your collection! They're here at Creepy Classics!




Pictured here is Kein Slick as The Phantom of the Opera and make-up master Ron Chamberlain! A scene from Ron's make-up studio at MONSTER BASH 2000.

Find out now, about the upcoming MONSTER BASH, click here.



More MONSTER BASH art by Dave Heywood, true blue Monster Kid! In the style of a Jack Davis trading card.



Monster Bash Conference June 2019

Get Discounted Admission Memberships Now!

Get you discounted admission memberships for all three days (discounted for a limited time). Don't miss out on the greatest gathering of classic movie monster fans on the planet. Everyone converges in Mars, PA (just north of Pittsburgh) at the intersection of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate 79. About 30 miles from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

MONSTER BASH - Double Tree Pittsburgh North, Mars, PA (Cranberry Township)/June 21-23, 2019

Guests include: Ricou Browning, Ginger Stanley, Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson, Christopher Neame, Tom Savini, John Russo, Ohio TV Horror Host Son of Ghoul and more.

Plus, the premiere of the new film HOUSE OF THE GORGON starring Carolyn Munro, Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson and Christopher Neame. A film by Joshua Kennedy.

Above: The Gorgons are coming to this June's MONSTER BASH.

The Classic Monster Movie Conference and Film Festival. Friday evening it’s Mexican Monster Night with free tacos and burritos while supplies last. Free giant sheet cakes served on Saturday night. DRIVE-IN STYLE OUTDOOR SHOWING - SATURDAY NIGHT: BRING A BLANKET IF YOU WON'T HAVE A CAR THERE!

The host hotel is the Doubletree Pittsburgh North (724) 776-6900. The alternative hotels that are booking up with Monster Bash attendees: The Comfort Inn (right across the parking lot) (724) 772-2700, The Super 8 (right across the parking lot) (724) 776-9700. Also filling for Monster Bash, Red Roof Inn (724) 776-5670, Hampton Inn (724) 776-1000, Motel 6 (724) 776-4333, Holiday Inn (724) 772-9766, Fairfield Inn (724) 772-0600, Residence Inn (724) 779-1000, Marriott (724) 772-3700, Hyatt (724) 779-7900, Hilton Garden (724) 779-9999. Keep updated on the MONSTER BASH web site! Call for info at (724) 238-4317.

Get your discounted membership admission, CLICK HERE.

Vendor tables for June show now SOLD OUT!, get your October Show tables before they are gone, CLICK HERE.



Nice Rare Portrait of Lionel Atwill

Another nice, rare image from the Mario Toland Collection...a relaxed portrait of a young Lionel Atwill.




Retro Trading Card You Never Saw

The above oil painting submitted by artist Dave Haywood to MONSTER BASH. He said he wanted that great Jack Davis, trading card retro art look! We love it! Thanks Dave...



Made Your Plans Yet?

It's MONSTER BASH June 2019!

Click Here for the preview trailer.

Click here for details...schedule, guests, lodging, membership admission. DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP ADMISSION DISCOUNT RIGHT NOW.




It's a BASH FROM THE PAST! Bob Burns, Miss Shock (Kathy Burns) and Monster Bash long-time vendor Bruce Tinkel. It's MONSTER BASH 2002!

Find out about this next MONSTER BASH, click here.



New! Just Added and Re-Stocked, Posters

We've just added a handful and posters and re-stocked some classics. These poster reproductions are luxurious, colorful prints on card stock and come inserted in sturdy, crystal clear acrylic slip sleeves. One customer told us that he has totally covered his walls from floor to ceiling in his movie room with these.


Browse these and plenty more in our 11X17 Poster Reproduction Department here at your home for classic monsters, Creepy Classics!




October 18-20, 2019

What a line-up! Meet Fay Wray's daughter, Vicki Riskin signing her bio about her mom and dad (screenwriter Robert Riskin). Plus, LOST IN SPACE's Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen, and The Frankenstein Kids from Universal's SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, Donnie Dunagan and Janet Ann Gallow. And...John Russo from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Sharyn Moffett from THE BODY SNATCHER with Boris Karloff, Andrew Prine from CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the TV show "V," Heather Lowe from BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES and THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE, Jeremy Ambler from THE WALKING DEAD, Ohio TV horror host icon Son of Ghoul, Muppeteer Bill Diamond and many more! Zounds.

Discounted 3-Day Membership admission and discounted vendor tables (for a limited time) are available right now.

All the details on this shock fest autumn spectacular, CLICK HERE.

New hotel, The Marriott Pittsburgh North, in Cranberry Township/Mars, PA less than a mile from the old hotel.

Need personal help or information, just call (724) 238-4317. If I can't pick-up, leave a message!




Above, The Monster (Tod Spidle) and Peter Frankenstein (Trace Martin) revamp a scene from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN in the hotel lobby for MONSTER BASH 2005! Make-up on the monster by Ron Chambelain. Photo by Ben Martin.

Get ready to MONSTER BASH this June, click here!




Get your hands on the latest issue, a stop-motion salute! A Ray Harryhausen tribute issue:

SCARY MONSTERS YEARBOOK 2019 (Monster Memories 27) - Magazine
A big Ray Harryhausen tribute issue: Dragons, Dinosaurs, Daring Do-Gooders and Damsels in Distress. Plus Lights Out, DARK SHADOWS, Karloff, THE SOUND OF HORROR, SQUIRM, GREMLINS and more! Packed, thick issue! From Don and Vicki Smeraldi, cover by Scott Jackson!

Get it in our SCARY MONSTERS Department at Creepy Classics for immediate shipping to your door.



Get it now! MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #35 is Right Off the Slab and in Shock Stock

It's here now! the new MONSTER BASH issue:

Here comes MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #35 spotlighting the early stage and screen Bela Lugosi as DRACULA! What are they? Zombies or just plain ol' ghouls? Find out the origins of the ghouls to zombies in the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The early cable TV Horror Hosts impact: Grampa's SUPER SCARY SATURDAYS, Commander USA and Sir Cecil Creape...Phantom of the Opry. Ginger Stanley, the graceful girlfriend of the Black Lagoon Creature. The screen slugfest and inside Larry Talbot's FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, and more! Writers include Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, Thom Shubilla, Leonard Hayhurst, Ron Adams. Lavish Lugosi cover painting by Daniel Horne.

Here are sample pages:

Get it fresh, bagged and boarded for protection from Creepy Classics. It's available in our MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE DEPARTMENT here at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH is for MONSTER KIDS everywhere of every age! Pictured its BASH mag editor/publisher/designer Ron Adams and layout maven Ted Bohus!

Make Sure You're Caught Up On Your MONSTER BASH Magazine Collection!

Do you have all of these?

Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, King Kong, The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Hyde...they're all here, at home in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

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All at Creepy Classics, right now!


Welcome Back to the 1980s and VHS Stores!


Head into the Used VHS Graveyard here at Creepy Classics to get the ones you want!



Rondo Remembers - Unforgettable Scare Scenes

All of us have a handful of movie scenes that made an indelible mark on our brains at a young age. More often than not, it was a scare scene...but, not always. Some, are unique.

I'm going to list the first handful of mine that come to mind. I'm not looking for you to agree, or not agree that these are memorable scenes. It's subjective and you probably have your own group of scenes that branded you. Maybe these will spark your own dormant memories. Feel free to share your memories, here are mine...

Starting with my earliest unforgettable scenes, THE WIZARD OF OZ's flying monkeys scared the heck out of me (though I would never fess up to my parents). When CBS TV aired THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) back in the 1960s...the scene of those flying demon apes leaving almost nothing left of the scarecrow. There was his talking head and flapping arms on the ground. It made quite the impression on me.

Never liked spiders and TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY (1943) didn't help. When I was about five or six I saw this movie on early morning television. My parents weren't up yet as I witnessed a spider the size of a cow trap Tarzan's "Boy" in a huge web. The spider (with lighted eyes) coming to eat Boy! It was "instant nightmare" as I drifted back asleep on the living room couch to be terrorized once more.

Eddie Munster's pet dragon, Spot, lived under the staircase in the TV show THE MUNSTERS. There was something about it, half hidden in darkness. It belched out fire, eyes glowed, and the staircase would close again. It didn't scare me, but it thrilled me. I so wanted my own dragon in our basement on Pine Street in Grove City, PA.

That face! That face! She's going to get me! I was watching the Dialing For Dollars Movie on Channel 11 out of Pittsburgh at my Grandpa Adams' house. It was dinner time and they were playing, of all things, THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES (1961). A dubbed Mexican horror movie. Not something you would think the 5:30PM dinner time audience would be much in for. The real draw was the chance to win "dollars" on this quiz, call-in show that opened and closed commercial breaks. The movie was just filler. But this movie, full of weird vampires, had one scene that would stay with me for the rest of my life. A man awakes in his bedroom to see a bat flapping in the upper corner of the ceiling. On its head was super-imposed a female vampire face, fangs bared. Yikes!

I'll end with one, that I've found via the Internet, is a seemingly universal shocker that stayed with many a Monster Generation Kid! It's a dark basement, a young woman with a candle, her companion having just left her side. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a white-haired grimacing witch, appears out of nowhere. Hands claw-like, eyes all white. Yes, the basement scene from HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1958). It got me, and stayed with me.

Those unforgettable scenes from films that would make us what we are today. Indeed, unforgettable.

-Ron Adams, March 2019

Hi Ron,

Here's one that made an impression on me, when Forbidden Planet was on TV in the mid 60's late at night I remember the scene where they were trying to escape the ID monster and Morbius puts up all these walls and then the last one he says something like this is 10'' thick made of the strongest material nothing can get through it, then you see it start to melt as the monster tries to get through.

Paul Behr, Australia

Hey Ron,

Really enjoyed your article about movie scenes you saw as a kid that stayed with you. I could totally relate! There were several scenes that left me traumatized, too. Here are a few that caused more than a few nightmares:

Ananka rising from the swamp in THE MUMMY’S CURSE. Brrrrr!

The arms on the wall in THE FROZEN DEAD. That movie also had that oh so creepy head in the box! Two nightmares for the price of one.

The Frankenstein monster stepping out of the shadows while in the water at the bottom of the well in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A few scenes later he reached his hand up and the old woman took it, thinking it was her husband. Aaaaah!

These are just a few scenes that have stayed with me all these years.

-Brian Nichols, College Station, TX

Hi, Ron, I see you that you looking back at some of the unforgettable scare scenes that you watched over the years. I myself have had a few that are etched into my memory since I was a small boy. The first two deal with SPIDERS, those eight legged bugs with fangs are simply just creepy and horrifying especially in one of the last scenes in the original The Fly (1958), with Al Hedison and Vincent Price. Those famous last words "Help Me, Help Meee!" the half man/half fly shouts before that spider attacks its prey.

The second is out of the The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) while trying to escape the cellar prison of his home when he is menaced by a giant spider, a fight for his life as he impales the spider with his grappling hook as the blood spews out of the spider, AHH!

Then straight from across the pond from Hammer Studios, The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and the scene when Dr. Frankenstein enters his laboratory, much to his surprise, his creation, standing clumsily rips off the bandage around his head to reveal his scarred and stitched head. pure terror one late Saturday evening on the Late Late Show on CBS.

Finally, The Curse of the Werewolf (1961) as Leon in his cell turns in the werewolf and escapes killing an Old Soak and the Gaoler before he himself is shot dead! Of, course I could mention so many more, but these unforgettable scare scenes are a permanent fixture in my memory for a genre that I have loved growing up as a Monster Generation Kid!

Sincerely. Steve Wyka (Wallington, NJ)

Hey Ron!

Another great newsletter! Unforgettable scares?! Oh boy...where do I begin?

There are four that stand out to me and were the most terrifying things I had ever seen.

The Incredible Hulk pilot movie from 1977...Banner's first transformation into the creature is CRAZY scary! The thunderstorm...those white eyes and creepy sounds...shots of Banner's DNA lighting up, his shirt splitting, then the reveal of this MASSIVE creature roaring like some beast out of a nightmare. And he REALLY flipped that car over!

The second is Gargoyles...they were all super scary, but Bernie Casey gave me nightmares...another monster with white eyes!

The last two are probably the worst of all, and from the same film...1979's Salem's Lot. Arguably the scariest TV movie ever made. When each of the newly undead Glick boys come floating up the window...scratching at it, I nearly passed out. As if that wasn't bad enough, the worst was till to come! I was still totally unprepared for when they finally revealed Barlow about half way through. I literally screamed and ran out of the room. I never finished watching Salem's Lot until I was an adult.

Honorable mention goes to Bionic Bigfoot...what is it with those damn white eyes?!

Those moments made me the monster fan I am today.

Thanks for letting me share.

Dwayne Pinkney, OH

Hey Ron,

I enjoyed your early memories of movie scenes that gave you a scare. I think every monster kid got a fright from the Wizard of Oz too. Believe it or not, when I saw Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein at 6 years old, there were several scenes that terrified me!

But, the movie scene that really got to me was from the 1958 movie “The Fly”. At the end of that film when the actor (David Hedison) became trapped in a spiders web was truly terrifying to a 7 year old. I’ll never forget seeing him webbed up and crying “help me, help meeeee.” I watched mesmerized as that spider closed in for the kill. I kept thinking what a terrible way to go. But, then he was put out of his misery, with a thrown rock!

To this day when I hear someone say” help me”, I go back to that scene. Talk about leaving an impression! Take care for now...

Dave Heywood, FL

I would have to say that my age, combined with they probably showed this movie a lot, makes "Invaders From Mars" one of the most frightening movies that still scares the ten year old in me. The idea that you are the one lone witness to a spaceship landing in a remote dune behind your house and people don't believe you because you're a kid.

The rising chorus of ethereal voices before people were sucked down into the sand dunes leaving no trace, scared the heck out of me. I still get chills when I hear that sound.

I also vividly remember the look of the Martian ray gun, and the sound that it makes as it liquefies solid rock, so the Martians can move about their newly blasted underground tunnels undetected.

And finally if I had made it to the end, I recall the ticking of the bomb detonator that was placed on the Martian spaceship, and the kid having flashbacks of all that had happened since he first spotted the spaceship landing in the dunes and he, along with the human survivors ,were running endlessly through the underground Martian tunnels, and the bomb detonator...tick...tick...tick counting down the remaining seconds until it exploded the charges and hopefully the Martians along with it.

Would they make it out in time? Would they?

The suspense would kill me every single time I watched "Invaders From Mars."

-Count "I aint afraid of no Martians!" Craigula

One of the scenes that stuck with me when I was a kid was in the Sherlock Holmes film "The Pearl of Death," when Rondo Hatton makes his appearance as the Creeper at the end. Slowly emerging out of the darkness, even Holmes looked scared.

That scene always stayed with me, as did the decapitation scene in "The Brotherhood of Satan," which I saw on a local channel on a Sunday afternoon circa 1977. How that scene made it past the censors I don't know...

-Kevin Browne, Fountain Valley, CA



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