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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Wednesday September 2 - Thursday September 3, 2015

TODAY'S PHAN FOTO: A movie made to look like it was shot in the early 1930s, THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS. A perfect Halloween film that will unsettle your nerves! It's based on a classic H.P. Lovecraft film. It's on DVD or Blu-Ray here at Creepy Classics. Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

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The All Christopher Lee Issue!

A MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE SPECIAL with a Monster Bash interview with Christopher Lee. Memories from you, the behind-the-scream photos...

The all Christopher Lee MONSTER BASH special with cover painting by Lorraine Bush.

It's all about Christopher Lee, his movies and.....Dracula! Photos of the films, Chris Lee Filmography, the MONSTER BASH Christopher Lee Interview, Memories of Christopher Lee by Hammer actresses Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro and Yvvonne Monlaur. Plus, memories by you, the fans. Frank Dello Stritto talks about waiting for Dracula, The Sherlock Holmes Christopher Lee movies, Bruce Tinkel on the Hammer Dracula projects with Lee and much, much, much more! The last of the horror actor legends.

Get it in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand right now at Creepy Classics!

Sample page scans:



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Call at (724) 776-6900 or direct reservations (888) 370-0998.

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Happy Birthday Lily Munster

Today's latest birthday news from Creepy Classics reporter-ace, Scott Goettel:

The first day of September marks the birthday of a lovely lady we grew up watching on TV, though her career spans an incredibly wide variety of film and TV work.  It's Yvonne DeCarlo, "Lily" on THE MUNSTERS television series.

Yvonne DeCarlo (real name: Margaret Yvonne Middleton) was born September 1st, 1922, and passed away ay age 84 on January 8th, 2007. 

In addition to her role in THE MUNSTERS series, she also appeared in movie versions of THE MUNSTERS, such as MUNSTER GO HOME (1966), THE MUNSTERS REVENGE (1981), plus, she, along with Al "Grandpa" Lewis, Pat "Marilyn" Priest, and Butch "Eddie" Patrick, all made cameo appearances in the 1995 movie HERE COME THE MUNSTERS, which of course had a brand new cast playing the Munsters.

Other roles that featured Yvonne DeCarlo include a 1952 episode of LIGHTS OUT, a 1967 episode of THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E., the John Wayne western McCLINTOCK, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE MAN WITH BOGART'S FACE (1980), THE POWER (1968), THE SILENT SCREAM (1979), and a 1993 episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

All together now...A BIG HAPPY BASHIN' BIRTHDAY!




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By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter
Hola amigos, and welcome to the latest exciting chapter of the Mexican Monster Party! In order to get yinz psyched up for the very special appearance of BLUE DEMON JR. at next month's Bash, we present two more great movies featuring his Famous Father. But before we get to those, just let me mention that I'm still working on my book about Female Horror Hosts, so if anyone has any memories or photos they'd like to share, Ron will forward the emails to me (Thanks, Ron!). The plea has already produced positive results, for which I'm eternally grateful.

But back to the movies: yes, movies, because it's double-feature time again. If they're packaged that way, I review 'em that way! First up is SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS (the translation is pretty obvious). This one's a real sentimental favorite, because a photo from it was used to lead off the article in the late, great Monsters of the Movies from Marvel, titled "Monsters in Foreign Lands," most of which concerned the Mexican films. I'd seen one or two Mexican films on Chiller Theater, but I had no idea that it was part of a much wilder and wonderful sub-genre. Fast forward 40 years; the inspiration that I received from that article turned into a life-long love of Mexican horror films and my first book, THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY.

SANTO & BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS is an all-star Monster Rally of the first order. Not only does it feature four of the "classic" monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, a Wolf Man, and a Mummy), but the Cyclops from Ship of Monsters, assorted vampire women, sinister midgets, and, as a cherry on top, an "evil" Blue Demon. There's some unforgettable scenes; some of the outré variety (the Frankenstein Monster, sporting a moustache and goatee, driving a sports car!) to some genuinely shocking parts, like when the Wolf Man murders an entire family in cold (and copious) blood. The film is briskly paced, never boring, and Manuel Leal, who plays the Frankenstein Monster, later became Tinieblas, the wrestling star.

The bottom half of the bill (or the flip side of the DVD), SANTO CONTRA BLUE DEMON EN ATLANTIDA ("Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis) is a completely whack sci-fi opus. The Commission on World Safety, it seems, is deeply worried about some old geezer named Aquiles who wants to take over the world; literally old, he and his missus are over 100! The CWS calls in Secret Agent X21 and Santo, and they are put through various hoops, including an "evil" Blue Demon (AGAIN with the evil Blue Demon!), death traps and seductions. Santo then meets a female secret agent who leads him to a submerged city called Atlantis (It's never made clear whether this is supposed to be THE Atlantis). Many underwater hi-jinks ensue, there are ferocious battles, and everything ends in a big explosion. Well, except for Santo and Blue and the few survivors, naturally. The End.

And that's the end of this months column. Join us next month for a special preview of the selection for Mexican Movie Night at the October Bash. And Juan Ortiz and I are going to be doing a Q & A with Blue Demon Jr. at some point that weekend, so get your questions ready. And please try to make some of them about him, not all about his father.

(Editor's Note: See all the cool Mexi-Monster events, including the Q&A with Roberto and Blue Demon, Jr. The complete schedule is here:

As always, please remember to give a free click at the Animal Rescue Site to help provide food and care for shelter animals; better yet, adopt one! Until we meet again, Adios and Vaya con Dios, mi compadres. -Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher.

Roberto "Bob" Cotter is the author of THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY published by McFarland Books.

Get SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS and SANTO VS. BLUE DEMON IN ATLANTIS double feature DVD here at Creepy Classics in our Mexican Monsters on DVD Department!

Above: Click to watch the battle between Santo and The Cyclops in SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS!

Mexi-Movie fans...please note that Blue Demon, Jr, will make a rare public appearance at the MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST all three days - October 16-18, 2015. Don't miss meeting him, getting an autograph! Question and answer session moderated by Roberto "Bobb" Cotter and Juan Ortiz.



Monster Bashin' Birthdays of Note

And now, the latest birthdays of note from Creepy Classics rovin' reporter, Scott Goettel:

Hi Ron,

The birthday list today is for three fine actors, all born on August 31st.

We'll start with an actor born in Vienna Austria - Herbert Wise, born 8/31/1924, and he recently passed away this past month on August 5th at age 90.  He appeared in the original 1989 version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, a very effective and chilling made for TV movie.  Ironically, his first screen appearance was in 1957 on a TV show called "Hour of Mystery", and the title of the episode was THE WOMAN IN WHITE.  He also appeared on the TV series "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theater", "Ruth Rendell Mysteries", "Mystery: Cadfael", and several episodes of "Tales of the Unexpected" (not the American version of that series).

Our next August 31st birthday is the legendary Frederic March (real name: Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel), born 8/31/1897, and died at age 77 on 4/14/1975.  Of course we all know his terrific performance in the 1931 version of DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE...a Monster Kid favorite.  Other great film roles include I MARRIED A WITCH (1942 - co-starring Veronica Lake), and classics such as A STAR IS BORN (1937), THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, AN ACT OF MURDER, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, and he appeared in a TV series called "Shower of Stars", in which he played Ebenezer Scrooge two different times...once in 1954, and again in 1956.  Plus, he was host and narrator for a 1958 version of "A Christmas Carol" on a TV series called "FREDERIC MARCH PRESENT TALES FROM DICKENS."

And last but certainly not least is the birthday of Richard Basehart, born 8/31/1914, and died at age 70 on 9/17/1984.  I assume most if not all of us immediately think of his role as Admiral Nelson on the long running TV series VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, a great show!  His other roles include a wide variety of genres, but the ones that stand out for me include great crime thrillers and film noirs such as HE WALKED BY NIGHT, TENSION, SIDE STREET (Basehart was uncredited in his role as a bank teller), FOURTEEN HOURS, and THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL.  He also appeared in THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE SATAN BUG, LOST IN SPACE (an episode titled "The Derelict" uncredited Basehart's voice is heard reading Shakespeare), CITY BENEATH THE SEA, TIME TRAVELERS (a 1976 made for TV movie), MANSION OF THE DOOMED, and TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED (the American version of that TV series).

There are a lot of candles to blow out for these August 31st birthdays, and we Monster Bashers shout out Happy Bashin' Birthday!




Monster Bash Octoberfest

MMONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST is coming soon! Yes, she's back on the list and says her schedule is clear! Barbara Steele will be at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015. It's a celebration of growing up and watching great horror and science fiction on TV. Those late night movies featured Barbara Steele movies....Rod Serling's THE TWILIGHT ZONE is arguable the greatest TV show of all time and his daughter, Anne Serling will be at BASH to give a super special presentation on her dad. THE MUNSTERS was a part of our lives, our monster family and the wonderful Pat Priest (Marilyn on THE MUNSTERS) will be at BASH. Lisa Marie who starred as Vampira in the movie ED WOOD and wasa the creepy alien in MARS ATTACKS. Felix Silla who was Cousin It on THE ADDAMS FAMILY and appeared in BUCK ROGERS, DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and so much, much more will be BASHIN'. And, Mexican Wrestler - in person - Blue Demon, Jr.!, Pittsburgh's TV Horror Host icon and actor in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Bill Cardille (Chilly Billy Cardille) will be with us. Ohio's TV Horror Host icon - SON OF GHOUL is in! Remember THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TV SHOW? Well, the greatest impersonators on the planet THE ULTIMATE ABBOTT & COSTELLO TRIBUTE SHOW (Joe Ziegler and Bill Riley) will also appear and perform.

This is just the beginning of the autumn MONSTER BASH celebration....stay tuned.

The site is up (and still under creepy construction), membership admission is available now for a $10 discount. The hotel is almost sold out...get your room now! Ask for the MONSTER BASH discount group rate.

Call for a reservation now: Call (724) 776-6900

Dealer tables are selling too!

A sneak peek at the upcoming MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015:

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At the suggestion of Monster Bash staffer Leonard Hayhurst we're launching "The Creepy Mystery Crate!"

It's the ultimate "grab bag" type gift for classic monster fans! It's cool for you, it's REALLY cool for a gift for someone:

It's five themed items. This month's theme - "Dracula." Receive five mystery items valued at more than double the price of the Creepy Crate. Usually a t-shirt, magazine, DVD or Blu-Ray, collectibles...but, may vary. No substitutions or returns....but, it will be cool stuff. Cool stuff! Note: there is no real "crate," just a package of five cool mystery items!

It's 24.95 with item value over double that. Get your "Creepy Mystery Crate" today.

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Dealer Room Vendors At MONSTER BASH Octoberfest Announced

I just finished getting up the great MONSTER BASH vendors for the October show. Many old favorites and some new surprises too! Most of these vendors have multiple tables and we're getting close to filling up the ballroom.

Here's the vendors that are confirmed, CLICK HERE!



If you want to get in on MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015 as a dealer, hurry. The $50 off per table special ends at midnight on October 1, 2015.

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Pittsburgh Renaissance Monster Wizard, Tom Savini. Tom's been with us since the beginning...only missing one Monster Bash in 19 years. Actor, Director, SPFX Pioneer and Classic Monster Fan! His movie credits are huge and he does it all: CREEPSHOW, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, FROM DUST TILL DAWN, FRIDAY THE 13TH...See Tom's classic monster sculptures and chat with our own local mad genius at MONSTER BASH - October 16-18, 2015!

Get your discounted admission memberships right now - CLICK HERE.



In Stock! Vintage Sweatshirts

Released in the 1980s, licensed Universal Monster sweatshirts. These used sweatshirts are in good condition. Size LARGE only. Monster face color still bright and strong. Some small paint spots. Great images!

Find them in our Shirts and Creepy Gear at Creepy Classics today!

They'll keep you warm when the autumn moon is full and bright.



Wrap-Around Cover For SCARY MONSTERS #99

Above is the wrap-around cover art for the 99th issue of the great SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE from Dennis Druktenis. Dennis says it will debut, hot of the slab at the MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST! Don't miss getting your copy!




Get Ready To Rumble, Mexican Monster Style at MONSTER BASH'S OCTOBERFEST!



Blue Demon, Jr. In Person All Three Days

BASH! This October!

The son of on of the greatest Mexican Wrestlers is one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of today! He

will make a very special appearance at MONSTER BASH October 16-18. Get ready! Autographs and special Mexi-Luchador merchandise.

A celebration of Blue Demon with Blue Demon, Jr.

Blue Demon was one the most popular Mexican wrestlers ever and made scores of movies where he met and fought monsters...classic monsters, aliens, blobs, werewolves, vampires....he never failed to save the human race. His son has carried on the legacy and is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and is in the movies too....meeting monsters!

We are proud and honored to have Blue Demon, Jr. at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015, October 16-18.

Get your VIP membership admission right now and meet all the movie and TV stars....and now one of the greatest legends in Mexican heroes - Blue Demon, Jr. in person. CLICK HERE!

Blue Demon, Jr. appears with Mil Mascaras in MIL MASCARAS VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY:

A match with Blue Demon, Jr.:



New! Vintage Monster Story Book

When I was eight years old my parents moved us from Grove City, PA to State College, PA. I attended Park Forest Elementary School and was in the third grade. The library was newer and bigger than the one from Grove City....and I found books I had never seen before. One of them was THIS book. It was called MONSTER MUSEUM, edited by Alfred Hitchcock. It was an over-sized book with fascinating painting, wash illustrations with collage photos that were really creepy. So were the stories! Great stories by Ray Bradbury, Guy Endore and others. Classic horror tales from the 19th century and many from the 20th century from Weird Tales magazine. I loved these stories and this book. I took it out many times.

Here are some of the interior illustrations:


One of the stories, called "Slime" had to be an influence to the screenwriter of THE BLOB movie.

Am amazing collection that I oroginally found for myself in that Park Forest Elementary School library. It was near the beginning of school, autumn was in the air and this book was under my arm. Little did I realize it was more of my professional education that the other school books that were also under my arm.

One of these used books is in stock now, if you want to enjoy it, like I do! Get it from our Creepy Bookstore, here at Creepy Classics.



Dealer Tables For October 2015 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE Now Available - $50 Off

If you're a vendor and want to set up at MONSTER BASH, now's your chance to get on board for the Octoberr MONSTER BASH at the Doubletree Pittsburgh North,October 16-18, 2015. Don't be left out. Get your BASH dealer space now. For a limited time the tables are discounted $50 each for the October show right now.

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....and get ready to MONSTER BASH with classic monster movie fans from across the nation!



Happy Birthday To New Generation MONSTER KID, Paisley Adams

Above clockwise from top left: Home made robot costume for a Halloween a few years ago, face monster painting Tod Spidle's face at MONSTER BASH, fencing with Tom Savini on stage at MONSTER BASH, John Adams (friend in skull mask) and Paisley at MONSTER BASH!

Paisley is as old as the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. She was 11 months old at the first one back in 1997. She's now 19 and it's her first day at college. Where did THAT time go? Yesterday we had a nice conversation about a haunted mine, two days ago I asked her if she had seen THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (Ray Milland movie) and she replied, twice! She's working at a local grocery store and came home yesterday to tell me that she met a dad wearing a Frankenstein shirt and the kids had Marvel super heroes in their shirts. She got into a monster/super hero discission with them. It ended with the dad saying, ehen you boys get older, you need to meet and marry a girl as cool as this! He had asked her if she had seen a Frankenstein movie....HA! If he only knew....the whole story.

Paisley, daughter of the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE....Happy Birthday!



Tales of The MoleMan

By M. Oleman

Special Edition!

Here it is, unedited and revealed to the public...this was found in my e-mail from M. Oleman and I've alerted the proper authorities -Ron Adams. Here is the e-mail from Oleman:

The following is a true story. More or less.

My mind was in a fog, and my skull ached as if one of those parasites from THE BRAIN EATERS had attached itself to me. I looked around and everything was flat as far as the eye could see. Strange black lines and blocks were everywhere on the ground. In the distance I could see what appeared to be two smallish mountains that were exactly rectangular in shape. I could not move and found myself rooted to the spot. There was weird writing at my feet that said New Vasaria Railroad $300 and the space ahead of me said Karloff Way $750. Suddenly I heard a loud rumbling and two enormous blocks tumbled off across the way. A loud voice yelled "AHA!" and a large hand reached down and moved something past me. It was a small pot metal figure that looked exactly like the little kid Ichiro from GODZILLA'S REVENGE. I looked down at myself and realized that I was a small metal figure too. Straining my eyes I looked to the side into what appeared to be an enormous drinking glass, and saw my reflection. I was a one inch tall statue of Dr. Roger Bentley as played by John Agar in the movie THE MOLE PEOPLE. I even had a tiny flashlight to keep the monstrous Mole People at bay. Little plastic haunted houses and castles were spread about everywhere, and I could see other metal figures. There was Shaggy from Scooby Doo, the Frankenstein Monster and the SS Rita.

Somehow, someway I had been imprisoned in a Monster Bash Monopoly Game. I was a playing piece. The mountains were decks of Chance and Community Chest cards. Was I dreaming? Or was this reality and my other life a dream? How could this be? What fiendish level of Hades was I in where this was possible and what could I have done to deserve such a fate? Was is because I cut the the Marvel Value Stamps out of my comic books when I was a kid, thus ruining their collectible value for future generations? That was an awful long time ago. But then it occurred to me that if I had to be tortured in this manner at least I looked like a tiny John Agar. And then once again the great thundering sound as the two huge blocks, which I now knew were dice, tumbled across the landscape and I found myself gripped by a giant hand and moved forward. The space I landed on said Wrath Of Ursula Lose A Turn. "NO FAIR!" a voice rumbled with the sound of a thousand trumpets. More dice were rolled and other players moved their pieces around the board. A hearse moved past me and on the other side of the board I noticed a tiny Inspector Krogh and little plastic ramshackle houses. I felt myself moved again and landed on a spot that said David "the Rock" Nelson Movie Marathon-Lose 2 Turns.

"NOOO FAIRRR!!" the voice roared again, evidently angry at the capricious results of the roll of the dice. At this point even though I could not move I was able to strain my eyes upward, and to my utter horror found myself looking upon the enormous Mount Rushmore-sized head of Monster Bash Staffer Ted Lewcyk. You who attend the Monster Bash Conference are perhaps familiar with Ted's gregarious personality and smiling face, often at registration or in the Creepy Classics room. But he wasn't smiling now. His eyes were flaming red and spittle was flying from his lips. "NOOO FAIRRR!!" he yelled again, and at that point I knew what was coming next. With both hands he gripped the edges of the game board and flipped it into the air. I tried to brace myself but my puny, cast metal arms hung uselessly at my side. Dice and cards flew by my head. One card read Monster Bash Dealer Room Infested with Bats-Exterminator Fee $100 and another read Bail Igor Out Of Jail $50. I tumbled over and over as plastic haunted houses and New Vasaria Dollars swirled around me. The last thing I remember was seeing Monster Bash Staff members locked in a death struggle with their hands around each other's throats while a fire burned out of control in the background.

Then I woke up. I was tangled in my BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS bed sheets and found that in my thrashing I had knocked off my nightstand the replica of the laboratory from BEGINNING OF THE END that I had built out of macaroni. To calm myself down I went to the kitchen and followed my usual routine of chugging a large glass of Great Bluedini Kool-Aid and reading a chapter from The Mothman Prophecies. Monster Bash 2015 was great as usual, but it always leaves me with nightmares.

October Bash 2015 in less than two months. In my head I'm already there.



New! In Shock Stock!

It's the WILLIAM CASTLE HORROR COLLECTION! What a deal, multi-disc set from Columbia. Over seven hours of the best, fun horror shockers directed by William Castle!

Five great films from the master of ballyhoo horror films! In this set: 13 GHOSTS, 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS, MR. SARDONICUS, HOMICIDAL and THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1963 version with Tom Poston, a co-Hammer production). Sharp prints from the vaults of Columbia Studios.

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Used DVDs Just Added to the Catalog at Creepy Classics

Now in our Used DVD & Blu-Ray Department....these titles just added: The out-of-print and sought after THE MONSTER SQUAD Complete TV Series from 1976 (not the feature movie), FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956 - 25th double disc anniversary edition), FOUR FAVORITE DRACULA MOVIES (double disc with Christopher Lee films), COLONEL MARCH Volume 2, BLACK SABBATH with Boris Karloff and may more.

Check out our used department here at Creepy Classics!



Jim Davis Birthday Remembered

This just in from Creepy Classics ace reporter with his thumb on birthday histories of our favorite actors:

August 26th is the birthday of actor Jim Davis (born Marlin Davis).  Born 8/26/1909, he passed away at age 71 on April 26th, 1981. 

Of course we all remember his role as the family patriarch Jock Ewing on the long running TV series DALLAS, but his career goes back to his first film called CAIRO (1942), and Jim was uncredited in his role as a sergeant. 

For us Monster Kids, Jim Davis appeared in several roles that we find appealing, such as BORIS KARLOFF'S THRILLER, THE TIME TUNNEL, NIGHT GALLERY, THE SIXTH SENSE (TV series), PROJECT U.F.O., THE DAY TIME ENDED, and...DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (yes, the one with Forry Ackerman)!

Bash Birthday Wishes,




See You At the Drive-In Next Month!

The Drive-In Super Monster Rama

We love, love, love doing this show with hosts Todd from The Riverside Drive-In and George from DVD Drive-In. It's classic horror on the big screen, under the stars, and Creepy Classics in the concession stand....get your hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, candy and DVDs, Blu-Rays, monster mags and monster t-shirts. All at the Riverside Drive-in.

What a line-up this time too! A Vincent Price film fest on Friday and a classic vampire movie night on Saturday.

For all the details, CLICK HERE.

We'll see you at the drive-in.

Here's the Video Trailer for THIS Drive-In Rama:



New! Out-of-Print Toys 'R' Us Universal Exclusives

Now in shock stock at your friendly, neighborhood Creepy Classics....Universal Monsters Toys 'R' Us Exclusives from a few years back. We just listed a limited supply of these sought after figures. There aren't many and they will go fast. These are new, still blister-pack sealed. Manufactured by Diamond Select, Licensed through Universal Studios and a limited number were produced for Toys 'R' Us.

If you missed any of these when they were available, here's your second chance to latch onto a monster.

See them on our Models, Toys and Action Figures Department here at Creepy Classics. Available now!



Author Speaking At MONSTER BASH Octoberfest!

We're happy to announce that Martin Grams, author of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO A TELEVISION CLASSIC will be doing a power point talk on the history of the show we grew up with and love!

Get your membership admission to this year's MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST now. It's the meeting place of fans and professions who love classic monster movies!



Next Summer's MONSTER BASH

Next summer's MONSTER BASH FROM MARS, PA will be July 8-10, 2016.

Discounted 3-Day Membership admissions are available right now. Just go to Creepy Classics and order yours, or click here. Passes for this October's BASH and next July's BASH are available now.

Hotel reservations at the host hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton are available NOW for October's show (October 16-18). Reservations for the summer show (July 8-10, 2016) are also available now!

Call for on-site reservations at: (724) 776-6900 or direct to reservations at (888) 627-8175.

Make sure to say you want the "Monster Bash" rate.


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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