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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Thursday September 19 - Monday September 23, 2019

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: Bela Lugosi is creating the living dead in ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY (1945). Here he is with intended victim Anne Jeffreys, whose staying "mum" on the procedure. Get ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY on the KARLOFF-LUGOSI HORROR CLASSICS COLLECTION DVD set for your collection, it's on DVD at Creepy Classics.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

MONSTER BASH and MONSTER-ART Magazines in the Bahamas!

The above photo sent in from the Bahamas! It's MONSTER BASH magazine and MONSTER-ART magazine on the sandy beach.

Check out all the MONSTER BASH magazines, CLICK HERE.

Check out MONSTER-ART magazine, CLICK HERE.



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Every time a bell rings, Santa gets a bit creepy! Check out this new issue of THE CREEPS magazine:

THE CREEPS #21 - Magazine
Get ready for the holidaze with THE CREEPS magazine! The illustrated black and white horror comic magazine that throws you back and down the stairs to the good ol' days of CREEPY and EERIE! Great artwork and stories about Santa Claws, A Water Ghost, a frost Golem, Maciste vs. Vampires and more!

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Step up, step up! It's a three ring circus of...horrors! Now on Blu-Ray:

CIRCUS OF HORRORS (1960) - Blu-Ray
Stars Anton Diffring, Erika Remberg, Yvonne Monlaur. What happens when an insane plastic surgeon resides in a circus.... of horrors! A crazed surgeon, uglifying people to make then do his bidding. Nutty and fun in a creepy circus atmosphere. Extras!

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The Jupiter Experience at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST!

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Above: Jay Novelli as Moe Howard and friend at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Photos From the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

Here are some fun photos from the great show produced by Martin Grams in Hunt Valley, Matyland every September:

Above: Shoppers at the show visiting Creepy Classics/Monster Bash.

Above: Wild and crazy guys....part of the Creepy Classics/Monster Bash team - Joe Russell, John Bishop and Dan Weber.

Above: Gathering of fans and vendors near Creepy Classics at the show. The gang surprised me with a cake and great was my birthday. Dan Weber cuts the cake. -Ron

Above: The Creepy Team from the show in Maryland, left to right - Joe Russell, Bernie Sherry, Susan Sherry, Ron Adams and Dan Weber.



Monster Laff!

Thanks to reader "Count Craigula" for sending in this great comic. It's always cool to see the classic monsters still getting mainstream exposure and giving us a laugh!



New and Back in Shock Stock! Magic Image Filmbooks....

We've just acquired a few cases of Magic Image Filmbooks...all feature the original shooting script and loads of rare photos and advertising artwork for the respective films. Just arrived:

Stunning Magic Image Filmbook that goes deep into the history of the Universal classic film ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948). Reprints the original shooting script, production background by Greg Mank, introduction by Vincent Price, advertising art, rare photos!

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN (1943) - Magic Image Filmbook
Everything you want to know about Universal's film FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN (1943). The shooting script, the advertising art, the photos, the publicity stills. Background production story by Greg Mank. Foreword by screenwriter Curt Siodmak.

THE MUMMY'S CURSE (1944) - Magic Image Filmbook
The final Mummy film! Introduction by the grandson of horror mega-star Lon Chaney, Jr. and interviews with starlet Virginia Christine. Rare photographs and complete shooting script. Advertising art, publicity stills. Kharis lives in this book!

WAR EAGLES (1939) - Magic Image Filmbook
By Philip Riley. Extensive research into the great un-made WAR EAGLES film that was to be a great follow-up to Willis O'Brien's KING KONG glory. Dinosaurs and giant eagles that are ridden by humans. An attack of New York City. Production stills, frames from shot sequences, the script, Ray Harryhausen interview, talks with production members, original drawings for the film. An amazing compilation of the "Un-Making" of a classic.

See them all in our new Magic Image Filmbooks Department, here at Creepy Classics. Order the ones you want and need today!



Coming To The Drive-In....Why It's Creepy Classics

This weekend, Friday and Saturday...get ready for one of the greatest experiences for horror movie fans...werewolf and horror films on the giant outdoor screen all weekend in a major monster fest at The Riverside Drive-In, Vandergrift, PA. Get ready for some horrific Paul Naschy films. It's the Drive-In Super MonsterRama with host George Reis of DVD-Drive-In.

Creepy Classics will be in the snack bar building with hundreds of DVDs, Blu-Rays and creepy cool monster collectibles...monsters will be walking, or shambling, around...prize-pack drawings and more.

Don't scare miss out! Get more info, CLICK HERE! We'll see you at the drive-in!

Pics from past shows:



New on Blu! Hammer Horrors....

Now in stock at Creepy Classics it's two sought after Hammer films on Blu-Ray:

SCARS OF DRACULA (1970) - Blu-Ray
Stars Christopher Lee, Dennis Waterman, Jenny Hanley, Christopher Matthews and Patrick Troughton. A kind of back-to-the-basics Hammer Dracula that works for me. Drac's in his castle, a young couple happen to wind up as house guests, and the nightmare begins. Still in the great Gothic trappings with superb visuals. This is the Hammer Dracula with Lee climbing the castle walls like a spider (as in Bram Stoker's original novel). Ah, and there's always the poor human servant that gets seriously roughed-up by the ol' count. Extas: Documentary, Audio Commentary by Christopher Lee and director Roy Ward Baker, Trailer, Gallery and more!

Stars Andrew Keir, Valerie Leon and James Villiers. The tomb on an ancient, and nasty, Egyptian queen is violated. A man steals the ring from the mummy's hand and unleashes the terror. The ancient queen possess his daughter and then things get really bad. Extras: Interviews with the stars, documentary, commentary, trailers, TV spots and more!

Get this two ordered to be delivered right to your door by our broken-necked, hunchbacked servant...he's got the jet engines strapped to the coach and is ready to head your way! You'll find these gems in our New Blu-Ray Department here at Creepy Classics.



Happy Birthday To Monster Bash Alumni and Hammer's Veronica Carlson

A very happy birthday today to Veronica...she's one of the greatest guests at MONSTER BASH. If you've ever met her, you know what a sweet and lovely lady she is. The definition of grace.




The new magazine has landed! MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #37 -- cover by Daniel Horne....Here are the details:

The magazine of classic monsters we love! All glossy with great photo reproductions! In this issue: The Legacy of Vincent Price, Price Poe Films from Frank Dello Stritto, Tom Weaver's Bela Lugosi Quiz, Lon Chaney, Shocking Rare Stills, Gunsmoke Monsters and more!

Get yours in our MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE Department for mailing to your house, vault, attic, sub-basement or crypt from Creepy Classics.

Some sample page grabs:



Head down the road and celebrate on the best place on earth for Monster Kids....autumn in western Pennsylvania for MONSTER BASH!

A Wonderful Time of Year...MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST...Schedule Now Available!

Our October show's schedule is now on-line. Keep in mind, there may be changes, alterations or weird transformations. But the schedule is on-line: CLICK HERE to see it and make your plans!

Get your on-site hotel room for MONSTER BASH now, click here.

You won't want to miss MONSTER BASH when autumn is in the air. Crunchy leaves on the town's sidewalks, the aroma of apples in the air, the vivid colors of ambers, red, orange, yellow and bright green in the trees, a chill in the air and wonder around every corner. Plus, monster movies and your fellow Monster Kid friends.

Get to the hills of western Pennsylvania for an old fashioned Halloween Season with MONSTER BASH. All the details are HERE.



New! Autographed Photos from Hammer Icon Martine Beswicke

The beautiful Martine Beswicke has been a return MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE alumni guest. She has provided a limited number of autographed photos for people who didn't get the chance to meet her at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES. Get your Martine Beswicke autographed photo now mailed, bagged and boarded, for protection.

See the selection of Martine Beswicke autographed photos along with autographs from other great movie and television stars here at Creepy Classics in our Creepy Autograph Department!



Happy Birthday To MONSTER BASH's Scott Goettel!

Scott just celebrated a big birthday! Scott handles a lot of our Q&A session duties at MONSTER BASH and is one of us...just a big kid that has never let go of the Halloween magic, fun with monster movies and loving theater movie art.

A super Happy Birthday to a great guy and GREAT friend, Scott Goettel.



Live in or Near Maryland? We're Heading Your Way...

Creepy Classics On the Road!

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be setting up at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland this week! We'll be setting up Wednesday and be there till Saturday evening. Join your Creepy Classics' friends. Look for out set-up of thousands of Blu-Rays, DVDs, monster magazines, monster t-shirts, poster reproductions, monster model kits and more, more, more!

We'll be at the bottom of the escalator as you head for the dealer can't miss us!

All the details on this great show produced by Martin Grams and the special guests stars they will feature on their web site...CLICK HERE!

See you soon!



Get your discounted admission taken care of now! MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST EXPO

October 18-20, 2019

What a line-up! Meet Fay Wray's daughter, Vicki Riskin signing her bio about her mom and dad (screenwriter Robert Riskin). Plus, LOST IN SPACE's Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen, and The Frankenstein Kids from Universal's SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN, Donnie Dunagan and Janet Ann Gallow. And...John Russo from the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Sharyn Moffett from THE BODY SNATCHER with Boris Karloff, Andrew Prine from CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the TV show "V," Heather Lowe from BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES and THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE, Jeremy Ambler from THE WALKING DEAD, Ohio TV horror host icon Son of Ghoul, Muppeteer Bill Diamond and many more! Zounds.

and The Robot will be there too (happy to get pictures with you and your family):

Discounted 3-Day Membership admission (for a limited time) is available right now.

All the details on this shock fest autumn spectacular, CLICK HERE.

New hotel, The Marriott Pittsburgh North, in Cranberry Township/Mars, PA less than a mile from the old hotel.

Need personal help or information, just call (724) 238-4317. If I can't pick-up, leave a message!



Above: Carol Linley and Darren McGavin from THE NIHT STALKER (1972).

Rest In Peace, Actress Carol Linley

The following from MONSTER BASH writer Leonard Hayhurst:

Gig Young and Carol Linley in the H.P. Lovecraft based film THE SHUTTERED ROOM (1966).

Actress Carol Lynley died Sept. 3 at her home in Pacific Palisades following a heart attack, according to Variety. She was 77. Lynley was born Feb. 13, 1942, in New York City, New York.

Lynley is best remembered for playing Nonnie Parry in 1972’s THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, Janet Willard in the 1959 teen drama BLUE DENIM and Shenandoe in Disney’s THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST in 1958.




Rondo Remembers
Are Mummies Fast Enough?

Whenever a discussion of classic mummy movies comes up....inevitably it's "Mummies just aren't fast enough to get you or to scare you!" That's the line, or something similar that usually ends a conversation. In one of my many, against the grain stands, I quietly offer my thoughts.

First, of course, you have to put the Universal mummy films in perspective with the time frame. There were no fast moving zombies or mummies in movies back in the 1930s-1940s. People weren't desensitized.

But beyond that, these things were the ancient dead, mixed and stirred with Egyptian mythos. Strange, odd magic that was centuries old. Creepy enough. Then there's this living dead mummy, moving and walking...ready to end your life with a slow, crushing grip. It's dead hand, mold flaking from it, tightening around your throat.

Yes, it was slow, but if you think about what this thing is, it could in real life, paralyze you with sheer terror. No matter if it's dark, cold,'s coming for you a shambling step at a time. It doesn't sleep....but when you do, it's still coming for you. Slow and persistent doom.

I think of those things and somewhere in the back of my mind...yep, I'm scared. It is going to get me, sooner or later, no matter how slow it is.

This was solidified in stories told to me by my Uncle Wally. He was a kid in the 1940s. He knew I was a horror movie fan at a young age. He related his story that branded him as a kid back in New Castle, PA. He had seen the mummy movies, first run, in the theaters. Walking home alone from the theater, he felt that chill. The mummy, Kharis, was there in the bushes as they moved in the breeze. He still remembered those scary moments of his 1940s childhood when he told me in the 1970s.

Uncle Wally was a pilot and pilot trainer for Mohawk Airlines that would become USAir. He got to travel to the Middle East for his work and probably wondered if he might see a living mummy. Because it scared him, The Mummy was his favorite monster.

I like Kharis too....think about it, no matter how slow he is, he can scare you.

Ron Adams
September 2019

Good Mummy editorial Ron and not a moment too soon as the month of October will shortly be upon us and that of course is the time of all monsters. I'm glad someone has finally explained this phenomenon to the general Monster public. If I didn't know better I would have guessed your writings had come from the pen of Peter Cushing himself as he desperately (but calmly and stoically) tried to explain the trappings of "monsterdom" to the non-believers.

A lot of us "boomers" were fortunate enough to have an older monster film fan in our presence and they would always pass on this vital information so we could prepare ourselves for the imminent dangers that might boil around in our brains when night time was approaching and we might need our night lights burning. Sometimes as good as a crucifix to a monster kid.

-All the best
Dave MacDonald

Hi Ron!

I couldn't agree with you more about the Mummy!

The Mummy has always been my favorite monster...there is something terrifying about a 3000 year old walking corpse. And the main thing is that unlike vampires and werewolves, you really can't kill a Mummy. It's already dead. Kharis was no joke. He was shot, burned twice, buried in a swamp, and he STILL KEEPS COMING. You have to have to have to sleep. Kharis doesn't. He will NEVER STOP until he gets you.

Even if it takes decades, as with Stephen Banning. Imagine having to always look over your shoulder, day or night...never knowing if he's behind you, or perhaps just around the corner. If that's not scary I don't know what is!

I included a pic of just some of the many Mummy kits I've painted in my collection!

Dwayne Pinkney

Hey Ron,

I enjoyed your perspective in the story “Are Mummies Fast Enough?” I totally agree. It doesn’t matter if the Mummy is slow because you can’t escape a curse! It’s inevitable, he will get you. The movies have a sense of dread, knowing that the Mummy will appear in your room and you will have no place to run. Kharis will find you and make you pay!

I love Mummy movies, I don’t know why they get such a bad “wrap.” The films have a creepy atmosphere and if you don’t think a slow moving Mummy can be scary, you are living in de-Nile. So, if you are asking if you can enjoy a Mummy movie, well of “corpse” you can... they are “tomb-mendous!”

I recommend everyone buy a Kharis movie, its satisfaction guaranteed or double your Mummy back. Just order your favorite snack from Pizza-Tut, watch a Mummy movie, relax and “unwind.” As the Mummy movie director (Karl Freund) said, “ok, that’s a wrap”.

Take care everyone and I’ll be lurking for you at Monster Bash.

-Dave Heywood

Below are models that Dave Heywood sent in from his collection. Mummies everywhere - love it:

...and this from Steve Wyka in New Jersey:

Above: Steve's mummy collection!

Hi, Ron, so I did read your story on the Mummies speed or there lack of, which I enjoyed! I always thought The Mummy was underrated or overwrapped (LOL) when it came to the Universal and then later Hammer monsters! There was more of a fear factor involved because you never knew when the living mummy would strike day or night Kharis was hell-bent on killing his victim! A slow but effective killing machine, remember 3 sacred tana leaves made into liquid form keeps him alive! 9 tana leaves motivates him to find and destroy his prey! Any more than that he becomes this uncontrollable demon, killing anyone in his way, that fatal grip.

The Universal classics are some much fun dealing in the ancient dead of Egyptian legend! Sand, old temples, filled with secret passages, skeletons and of course a curse, there always has to be a curse! Going back to 1932 with Boris as Imhotep. Then years later the 4 sequels, The Mummy's Hand (1940) and that is Tom Tyler as The Mummy! Then The Mummy's Tomb (1942) with Dick Foran reprising his role as Steve Banning and Lon Chaney Jr. as our bandaged and deadly monster! The Mummy's Ghost (1944) our 3000-year old limping mummy (Chaney) seeking his reincarnated princess (Ramsay Ames), the most beautiful actress to portray Ananka! And finally The Mummy's Curse (1944) Lon's last time wearing all those molded and flaking bandages! As for Virginia Christine as our timeless Princess, when she crawls out of the swamp, it does not get any creepier!

And, let us not forget Hammer Studios 1959 color version of The Mummy! Fantastic film with Peter Cushing, (John Banning), Felix Aylmer, Yvonne Furneaux (drop dead gorgeous- LOL, a pun on words) as Isobel Manning and of course, Christopher Lee as Kharis, our living mummy is an imposing figure and very convincing as the love tortured monster! Hammer would revisit the tombs of Egypt, 3 more times before hanging up the bandages-Ahh! So all I can say is that The Mummy may be slow compared to other monsters on the silver screen, but the horror and mystical old magic will always be there! I Want My MUMMY!

Sincerely, Steve Wyka (Wallington NJ) 



New! Victoria Riskin's Bio on Her Mom and Dad - Fay Wray and Robert Riskin

Victoria Riskin is coming to our MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST show next month! Get the book now to read before meeting her at MONSTER BASH. Here are the details:


A Hollywood love story, a Hollywood memoir, a dual biography of two of Hollywood’s most famous figures, whose golden lives were lived at the center of Hollywood’s golden age, written by their daughter, an acclaimed writer and producer.

Fay Wray was most famous as the woman—the blonde in a diaphanous gown—who captured the heart of the mighty KING KONG! Robert Riskin is considered one of the greatest screenwriters of all time. Academy Award–winning writer and collaborator with Frank Capra on IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN, LOST HORIZON, and more.

Loaded with rare, great photos!

Get this new book in our Creepy at Creepy Classics!




CLICK HERE to see the preview trailer for this October's big bashin' MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST!

All the guests, the vendors, the films and the MONSTER BASH fun! Preview trailer produced by Kevin Slick.

Hurry....see the preview:


Above: A glimpse of our Saturday night free prize toss!

All the details:

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There's nothing like that feel of an Autumn Halloween season in the hills of western, Pennsylvania. Head to MONSTER BASH to see all your friends and enjoy the crisp, cool season.



Re-Released! THE BRIBE with Vincent Price on DVD

People frequently ask me, "do you have any Vincent Price fims that I might not have seen?" My regular answer is the great movie called THE BRIBE (1948). Not a horror movie, but an intense, sweaty Film Noir with a stunning cast and twisting plot that culinates in one of the most dramatic Vincent Price scenes in the history of his films! People never are disappointed with this dark thriller.

THE BRIBE was made in 1948, the same year Vincent Price did the voice-over acting for The Invisible Man in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. It's just been re-released by Warner with the original movie poster cover. Nitty gritty details:

THE BRIBE (1948) - DVD
Re-released! Stars Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Charles Laughton, and Vincent Price. A gritty, dark film noir set in South America. Everyone is sweaty and unsavory. The ending features one of the greatest visual effects scenes with Price running through explosive fireworks. An amazing film.

It's in stock now and ready to duck down dark corners and race its way to your front door. Track it down now in our Complete DVD Catalog here at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH is for MONSTER KIDS everywhere of every age!

Make Sure You're Caught Up On Your MONSTER BASH Magazine Collection!

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Monster Bash June 2019! The Highlights DVD is Here!

Re-live the classic monster convention from June 2019 right now....Approximately two hours of highlights, interviews, events and exciting fun! If you couldn't make it to Bash, find out what all the talk is about! If you were there, you'll want this as a memento of the wild, long weekend of classic monster fun and smiles:

Highlights from the June 2019 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE! In June of 2019, classic monster movie fans from around the world gathered for the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE in Mars, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. They got together for a long weekend of meeting movie and TV stars from the classic films, an almost non-stop film fest, talks, presentations and monstrous entertainment! Stars and interviews included Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Beverly Washburn (SPIDER BABY),Veronica Carlson (DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE),Martine Beswicke (ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.), Christopher Neame (DRACULA A.D. 1972) and more! Plus, it was the world premiere of Joshua Kennedy's HOUSE OF THE GORGON. It's the place where fans gather to share memories and smiles. Produced by Kevin Slick. Approximately two hours of monster fandom fun! Region 0, DVD-R.

Get it now in our New DVD Department here at Creepy Classics! Shipped right to your castle, dungeon or hidden chamber.



The Monsters Will Be Lurking...Waiting To Storm MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST!

The above is a photo of the lobby for the Marriott Pittsburgh North Hotel, Cranberry Township (Mars, PA). It's the site for the October BIG Monster Bash this October 18-20, 2019.

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Monster Bash June 2020

VIP Admission Memberships and Dealer Tables Available NOW!

You won't want to miss out on this next summer's MONSTER BASH at the Double Tree Hotel in Mars, PA on June 19-21, 2020!

The place were fans, professionals and Monster Kids meet!

Guest stars:

The surviving cast members of the original THE MUNSTERS TV show, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick will be there, Ricou Browning from CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, REVENGE OF THE CREATURE and THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US, Arch Hall, Jr. from EGAHH, THE SADIST, THE CHOPPERS and WILD GUITAR, Kris Yeaworth technical staffers for THE BLOB, THE 4-D MAN and DINOSAURUS (and son of director Irving Yeaworth), Bill Luciani and Tony Pitocco's Life-Size, more to come!

Special presentations by historians and writers: Tom Weaver, Greg Mank, Frank Dello Stritto, Deborah Painter. Plus TV Horror Host Son of Ghoul!

Guests and events subject to weird transformation.

200 vendor tables, film festival, talks, Q&A with the fans, autographs and the amazing Monster Bash fun for the whole family!


Bill Luciani & His Life-Size Monsters...

Bill Luciani is back at MONSTER BASH June 2020 with his life-size monsters lining the hallway! Bill, along with Tony Pitocco create these amazing figures, some over seven feet tall. Their torch-wielding assistant is Paul Palmireri. Don't miss the photo-ops with these great creatures in our Horror Hall.

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A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Above, a recent visit to Creepy Classics!

Two videos shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!
P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658
Call (724) 238-4317

Questions? e-mail:

Get all your favorite creeps on DVD for viewing at Creepy Classics!