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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Tuesday March 3 - Wednesday March 4, 2015

TODAY'S PHAN FOTO: Grisley goings-on in TERROR ABOARD (1933). Comedian Charles Ruggles stars with a great cast of character actors from the 1930's in the story of a derelict ghost ship. A strange apparently abandoned cruise ship is found full of corpses. Some pretty shocking scenes in this pre-code film. Find this one in our Rare Films on DVD-R Department at Creepy Classics. Get all your favorite classic horror and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department, here at Creepy Classics!

Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and classic science fiction.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

It's Coming Fast! MONSTER BASH JUNE 2015:

Don't miss the classic monster movie fest for fans and professionals that makes monsters fun again - MONSTER BASH. Our next show is June 19-21, 2015 at the Doubletree Pittsburgh North in Mars, PA. (formally the Four Points). The mummies are coming, the blob's coming and so is The Ultimate Abbott & Costello Tribute Team!

Don't you dare miss out!

Quick, run to and get your membership!



Guests Just Added:

Pat Priest (Marilyn), Felix Silla (Cousin It from THE ADDAMS FAMILY), and we're very proud to have Anne Serling (Rod Serling's daughter) bringing a very special presentation on her father for Monster Bashers! More to come in....don't change that channel!


Coming this October, it's the full-size MONSTER BASH. The dates will be October 16-18, 2015. The location will be the same hotel we've been at (it just has a new name): The DOUBLETREE PITTSBURGH NORTH in Mars, PA (Formally the FOUR POINTS). The hotel rate is still only $99 a night. But, hurry, the hotel has already started booking this morning for the October show. Make sure to say you're with MONSTER BASH to get the discounted room rate.

Bash host hotel - DOUBLETREE PITTSBURGH NORTH (formally the FOUR POINTS), Mars, PA - rooms available now FOR OCTOBER 16-18, 2015 at (724) 776-6900. They won't last long.

MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015 Admission is $10 off right now for a limired time. CLICK HERE to get yours.

MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2015 Vendor Tables are $100 (!) off right now for a limited opening time. CLICK HERE to get yours.

The guest line-up is coming soon....some REAL surprises in store! Working on someone that will be of real interest to Mexican monster movie lovers, also we'll have a retro TV theme going with some great stars and all your favorite classic monsters PLUS "The Ultimate Abbott and Costello Tribute Show!" It's all this autumn....don't dare miss out!



New! Charles Herbert Autographed Prints

Two 11X17 Color Prints, Hand Signed By Actor Charles Herbert

These large prints from 13 GHOSTS (1960) and THE FLY (1958) are autographed by the child-star Charles Herbert. Charles is a multi-year MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE alumni. We have hosted him many times and this is one of a few color FLY and 13 GHOSTS prints he signed for us. Both are 11X17 inches. They would make a great wall display!

You can order yours from our Creepy Autograph Department at Creepy Classics right now.



New! Twilight Zone CD Score

Bernard Hermann scores re-recorded in 1999 on the Varese Sarabande label. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios. A highly sought after version of these classic scores. Factory sealed, new! Zone Theme, Where Is Everybody?, Eye of the Beholder, Walking Distance, End Theme and more!

Limited supply. Out-of-print.

Get it right now in our Creepy CD Department at Creepy Classics.



Malcolm Gittins Art Appearing AT MONSTER BASH in June

Here's the word from Malcolm:

Hi Ron, I'm so ready to BASH! I'm working on new art and I'm finishing one new painting a week, so most likely 30 new monster portraits will debut in June. Here's some of my most recent ones.

Peace out,



Get Two Free DVDs With $20 Donation

RIGHT NOW: FOR EVERY DONATION OF $20 or more to the Monster Fencing Competition Fund you recieve two free DVDs: THE FILMS OF BORIS KARLOFF (Trailer Collection of many of Boris Karloff's films) and the DRIVE-IN SHOCKERS (A new DVD of over 90 minutes of 1950s-1970s drive-in sci-fi and horror films!). This will be sent automatically to everyone who donates $20 or more.

(See details below....just scroll down to the "Donate Buttons.")

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash Man Ron Adams

Heading for National Veteran's Fencing Competition With Your Help

Monster Vs. Monster

Creepy Classics, Monster Bash owner Ron Adams has been training for the National Veteran's Fencing Compeition in Reno, Nevada this March.

Ron here, I've been trainng with coach Norm Flam and my practice partner, 11th ranked veteran fencer in the country, Joe Russell. At 55 years old, I'm going for it with your help. I'll be fencing for the North American Cup Veteran's Division. The amount needed to be raised is $1,600. To prove my love of classic monsters at the national level, I will have my fencing mask painted to represent one of the classic movie monsters. This will get the auditorium talking! It's rare that anyone has a painted mask, let alone a monster fencing mask. Which one? YOU WILL DECIDE.

The options are:

Wolf Man

Just Donate any amount, $10 or more and vote for your favorite monster. Fill out the comments with the monster you're choosing.

Whatever monster raises the most money will be the one that's painted on my mask. You can vote as many times as you like to get the moster you want on my mask for this national veteran's competition. When you donate, make sure to enter the monster of your choice in the comments field on PayPal.

RIGHT NOW: FOR EVERY DONATION OF $20 or more you recieve two free DVDs: THE FILMS OF BORIS KARLOFF (Trailer Collection of many of Boris Karloff's films) and the DRIVE-IN SHOCKERS (A new DVD of over 90 minutes of 1950s-1970s drive-in sci-fi and horror films!). This will be sent automatically to everyone who donates $20 or more.

I will update daily what monster is in the lead and the rankings!

3/1/15 -- Monsters in the lead:

1 - Frankenstein (11)

2- Wolf Man (6)

3 - Creature (5)

4 - Dracula (3)

5 - Mummy (3)

***Hey, someone show Dracula some love.

Goal: $1600.00

Current: $705.00

Deadline: March 2, 2015

I will post photos of me wearing the mask at the national competition.


Thank you everyone for helping bring a classic monster presence to the North American Cup Championship in Reno, NV, February 27- March 2, 2015!



Down to Exactly 27 Vendor Tables Left

There are now only 27 tables left for the June MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE.....the classic monster expo. If you are a vendor, hurry. If know a favorite vendor that should be at MONSTER BASH, let them know! You can get tables on-line by CLICKING HERE, or calling (724) 238-4317.

Find out all about this June's show, by going to the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE HOME PAGE.



New! Caroline Munro Autographed Photos

Just in from Caroline in London, autographed photos. There is only one of each available here at Creepy Classics. If you'd like one for your autograph collection, grab it while it's here. Caroline has been a frequent guest at our MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE and we're happy to have her as a friend of the family!

You'll find these autographed photos in our Creepy Autograph Department here at Creepy Classics!



Planning A Trip To Tokyo?

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo....this has to be the place to stay! A Godzilla themed hotel! Make sure to check out all the themed pics at the link. Here's the link from BASH staffer Leonard Hayhurst:



Above: Boris and Abe.

Birthday of Karloff Look-Alike Actor Abe Vigoda

Hey Ron, Born February 24th,'s the 94th birthday of Boris Karloff look-alike Abe Vigoda!

-Scott Goettel, KY



New! More Selections In Our 11X14 Lobby Card Reproduction Department

More lobby card reproductions are now available for your viewing room walls! Just added: THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN featuring Elsa Lanchester in all her pallid beauty with Colin Clive as the tormented Henry Frankenstein, HORRR OF DRACULA with Christopher Lee, FRANKENSTEIN (1931) in this publicity card that sports the unused "head clamps" on Karloff's monster, THE SEVETH VOYAGE OF SINBAD with the bad cyclops and the 1941 version of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.

See these and many, many more in our 11X14 Lobby Card Reproduction Department at Creepy Classics!



Above: Monster Bash's Ted Lewczyk and Henry Winkler.

Above: Ted being made-up as Grandpa Munster at MONSTER BASH by Jesse Melchior and John Tatterelli, Jr.

Happy Birthday Today To Ted Lewczyk!

A very Happy Birthday to MONSTER BASH staffer Ted Lewczyk. Ted is a fellow monster movie fanatic and radio broadcaster. We all wish him the very best. If you're attending the June MONSTER BASH there's a good chance you'll run into Ted at the registration tables or in the Creepy Classics room or running cables and wires!

If you'd like to send Ted a personal birthday greeting, e-mail:



New Art From John Sargent

Check out this terrific piece from John Sargent...his rendering of Boris Karloff from THE BLACK CAT is spot on. Stay tuned for awesome things coming from artist John Sargent!



Monster Bash Membership Passes For June 2015

3-Day Memberships for MONSTER BASH Summer 2015 (June 19-21, 2015) are now available for $45 each (That's $5 off!) for a limited time. Make your plans for the best classic monster retro fest in the world. Get membership passes on-line at



New! More Lobby Card Reproduction in Acrylic Slip Sleeves Here

We just re-shock stocked on 11X14 lobby card reproductions. These beautiful prints would make an impressive wall in your own personal movie room. Post the movie that you may be watching on an upcoming weekend to relive the thrill of anticipation. Design a room to look like an old-time movie theater...or collect them like oversize trading cards!

These fill color reproductions of lobby cards that were seen in theaters back in the 1930s-1950s to promote films. They each come in a thick, crystal clear acrylic slip sleeve for protection.

Get your collection going today, check out our Posters and Lobby Card Reproduction Department here at Creepy Classics!



New! Classic TV Commercials DVD

An amazing collection of TV toy commercials from the 1950s-60s that will transport you in a rush a childhood memories. Creepy Crawlers, Great Garloo, Green Ghost game, Mystery Date, rocket launchers, robots, all the toys we miss. About 90 minutes of sheer joy. Comes in a snapcase.

Sit back in this visual time machine.

Get your DVD of classic toy commercials in our "Previews and Trailers Department," here at Creepy Classics.



MONSTER BASH JUNE 2015.....Get Ready!

We're getting real excited about MONSTER BASH in June...lots of surprises are being planned and we'll be opening up the Mummy's tomb to BASH like never before!

It's the meeting place for classic monster movie fans and professionals.

Check out the new MONSTER BASH trailer for June produced by Charles the above image/link! It's pretty darn cool.



New! Judy Collins Autographed 45 Record

A 45 record of the Judy Collins' hit "Send in the Clowns." It's autographed by Judy Collins herself. I understand her autograph is getting hard to find. She signed this for me, in person, at WTAE Radio/Pittsburgh. I was Program Coordinator at the time. She was in for a radio interview.

You'll find it right now in our Autograph Department!



Remembering Ben...

I was just reminded by fan Mark Wilhelm that Ben Chapman passed away on February 21, 2008. This weekend seven years ago. Ben was a MONSTER BASH alumni with, I think four appearances at BASH. He was a friend of the family...would call to say "Hi" to my daughter and was just a fun guy.

In case you didn't know, Ben was the man in the Creature suit for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in all of the land scenes.

We miss ya, Ben!



M. Oleman Brings Up....Joe Besser!

I parked in an alley across from Big Sid's comic book shop under a sign that said "Poodle Owners Parking Only." The spot was a little small but I managed to squeeze the Roadmaster in without too much trouble. I crossed the street to Big Sid's Comic Book Shop noticing that the "O" was out on his old neon OPEN sign so it only read "PEN". I took a long pull from a flask of grape Kool Aid and savored the irony. Inside Big Sid was busy behind his counter reading a copy of the Giant Size Avengers #2 from 1974. It was a good issue. I had a well read copy at home myself. I looked around glad to be out of the bitter cold and into the warm and familiar environment of the shop where Big Sid's cat "Mr Sardonicus" napped in a nest of Sad Sack comics and I was surrounded by old and familiar things. I chit chatted with Sid a little and the subject turned towards old movies, something we both loved. We stared talking about The Three Stooges and I mentioned how much I liked Joe Besser when he joined the trio. Sid got very quiet then, put down the sandwich he was eating and stared at me in a strange way.

"What did you say?" he asked peering at me intently.

"Joe Besser" I said. "I love him. He's hilarious."

"Have you told anyone else about this?" he asked suspiciously.

"I may have mentioned it at the diner a little while ago" I said wondering what the problem was.

"Great Ceasar's Ghost!" Sid shouted as he jumped off his stool with a thump rushing to the door where he stuck his head out and looked up and down the street. "Were you followed here? Did anyone tail you?" he said frantically as he pulled his head back in and locked the door.
I looked at him somewhat astonishingly. He hardly ever moved so fast unless the Goodie Bar Man was passing by. And only rarely then. He climbed back up on his stool. "You Joe Besser?" he said skeptically as he took a large bite of his sandwich.

"Well, yes I've always been a big fan" I said wondering what Sid was so worked up about. "His comic ability was greatly under appreciated. And his acting in general. Why he didn't win an Oscar for his death scene in HAND OF DEATH I'll never know" I said. "And how about his role in THE DESERT HAWK as Prince Sinbad?" Sid said. "Or as Oswald "Stinky" Davis on THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW?"

"He carried THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW" I said. "It should have been called "THE JOE BESSER SHOW."

"And what about his appearances on THE JACK BENNY SHOW and THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR? And his final work as the voice of Cupid in MY SMURFY VALENTINE?" Sid shouted, "Genius!" Then he leaned in close staring at me intently. The strong smell of Salami and Clubman Special Reserve Cologne assaulted my nostrils and I could see the sweat trickling down his neck. "But we must not speak of such things" he said, "We may be overheard."

I looked left and right and over my shoulder. "By whom?" I said barely audibly.

"Them" he said cryptically. "Those that do not know. The unenlightened. The benighted."

Then he took a key off his belt and reached under the counter and pulled out a strong box. He unlocked the box with the key and pulled an old skeleton key out of the box. "What I am about to show you" he said very seriously, "has not been seen by another human being for many, many years. I must swear you to complete secrecy. Much as Jimmy Olsen was sworn to keep undisclosed the location of the Fortress Of Solitude."
I nodded, a little perplexed, and followed him as he heaved himself off his chair and moved down the hallway that led to the back of the building. He stopped at a door with ancient art deco lettering on it that said "Private." The old tumblers in the locked creaked and groaned as he turned the key. It was obvious that the door had not been opened in a very long time. The room was extremely dusty with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, some all the way down to the floor. Boxes of various sizes were scattered about. Sid sat on one that collapsed halfway down, then he heaved a great sigh.
"It was the 90s" he said. "Anything seemed possible. We, that is me and my accomplices, were sure the world was ready to appreciate the genius of Joe Besser, or "the JoeMan" as we called him. We organized a convention dedicated to him. I dubbed it BesserBash, a whole convention devoted to Joe Besser. A hotel was rented out. Vendors set up. I had flyers and programs printed and advertised heavily. I ordered boxes of Joe Besser collectible coffee mugs, Joe Besser For President T-shirts, Joe Besser Piggy Banks and Joe Besser Pez Dispensers. The JoeMan's 8th Grade Teacher was flown in from Otterville, Missouri. No expense was spared. Then the day of the convention came..." He stared at the wall for a while then looked over at me. "I can see by your eyes that you want to know what happened. I will tell you. It was a complete and unmitigated disaster.

The convention attendees were outnumbered by the Curly Joe DeRita fans protesting in the parking lot. The local media showed up to do a humorous story about us. The hotel was angry. The vendors were angry. My mother was angry. We ended up slinking out the back door that night, loaded everything up in a van and brought it back here where it has stayed ever since. We all had to disappear for a while after that. Three Fingers and Cha Cha headed out west. I think they ended up working at a Woolworth's in Pocatello. Pudge Willis lost himself in the shadowy Gumby collectors underground and Bill the Wizard got a job as a travelling shower curtain salesman. I locked the shop up and joined the Navy."
At this point I was totally floored. It was too much to take in. Big Sid, as if he could read my thoughts, dug around in a box and pulled out a photo of himself squeezed into a Navy Popeye uniform standing on the deck of a ship.

"Three years later I came back," he said. "It had all blown over by then. I opened the store back up and continued on as if nothing had happened."
He rummaged around in one of the boxes and pulled out a handful of bumper stickers with various slogans on them. "And now I only speak of "the JoeMan" in hushed tones. No one can be trusted. You and I are part of a small and despised minority who must forever keep our appreciation of the genius of Joe Besser a closely guarded secret if we want to walk among so- called "normal" people." He then handed me one of the bumper stickers, "Here" he said, "take one of these as a souvenir. Put it in a safe place and show it to no one. Now please, I want to be alone with my ghosts."

As I turned to leave Sid grabbed my arm and looked at me seriously. "May the Besser be with you" he said, then opened up a copy of "Once A Stooge, Always A Stooge" by Joe Besser, put his head down and began reading.

I went outside making sure the door to Sid's place was locked behind me and walked to my car slowly. I leaned against the back of the Roadmaster lost in thought as an old woman walking a poodle passed by me scowling. I looked down at the bumper sticker and knew what I had to do. I peeled off the backing marveling at how tacky the glue still was after all these years, and applied the sticker to the bumper of my car. In big red letters four inches high it stared up at me: JOE BESSER LIVES!

Indeed he does I thought to myself. He is in our hearts always. You just have to be careful who you admit it to.


Hi Ron, Just a comment on the Joe Besser article By M. Oleman,I had the pleasure of Meeting Joe Besser way back in 1983 when the Three Stooges were awarded a Star on Hollywood BLVD, which was long overdue,and was sponsored by Radio Jock Gary Owens,recently passed. I too believe that Joe Besser was an underrated comic and believe he was funny in his own style ,although his pacing was not as fast as the original Stooges, he did get more laughs then Curly Joe, the last Stooge. I for one can say that when A Joe Besser short runs I am one of the few Stooge fans that doesn't run for the door.

-Jay Moe Novelli, Former Moe Howard Impersonator.



Above image from Art by Russell Taysom.

Hi Ron,

As proof that winter is too long, I submit the following song, (to be sung to the tune of Surfin' U.S.A.). This is what Bashers do to while away the long winter months!

-Paul Speidel

Here's a video to help you sing along:

If everyone had a convention
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody'd be Bashin'
Like in old PA.
You'd seem 'em watchin' their movies
With the Son of Ghoul
Singin' Songs of the New Wine,
Bashin' in PA.

You'd see the Witch's Dungeon
Where Cortland Hull's the king
Tom Weaver is quizzin'
Can you get the win?
There's Frank Dello Stritto
And Mr. Lobo, too

Everybody's gone Bashin'
Bashin' in P.A.

We'll all be planning our schedule
Don't hang out in your room
We won't miss the Bash Boys
We can't wait for June
And then there's the shopping
In the dealer's room
Tell my bosses I'm Bashin'
Bashin' in PA.

There's Abbott and Costello,
And the great Don Reese
Tacos and El Santo!
It's a Mexi-feast!
All over the Four Points
Isn't that The Rock?

Everybody's gone Bashin'
Bashin' in PA.

Everybody's gone Bashin'
Bashin' in PA.

Everybody's gone Bashin'
Bashin' in PA.

Get ready to MONSTER BASH like we did last summer:




By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter

Hola, amigos  and welcome to not only the latest thrilling chapter of the MEXICAN MONSTER PARTY, but to the new year as well! The first Bash of the year will be here before you know it! And to celebrate both, this month's column takes the TARDIS way, way back, almost to the very beginning of the "Mexican Monster Boom": EL HOMBRE QUE LOGRO SER INVISIBLE ("The New Invisible Man", 1957)! This may have actually been my first-ever exposure to the Mexican film industry. The film continues the early Mexican trend of more or less remaking the classic Universals, before they started meeting the masked wrestlers more or less full-time. Directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna, it was one of his favorite films, and it featured one of his favorite actors to work with, Arturo de Cordova. The producer wanted to get help from the U.S. for the numerous 'trick shots', but Crevenna insisted his crew be allowed to accomplish the task, and they proved more than up to it.

EL HOMBRE QUE LOGRO SER INVISIBLE is basically a more or less straight remake of THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS of 17 years before, with de Cordova in the Vincent Price role as a man who uses his brother's formula to turn himself invisible so that he can clear himself of murder. Beautiful Ana Luisa Peluffo played the heroine; also featured was Jorge Mondragon, who made a name for himself as a founding member of Mexico's actors' union, ANDA. He played parts in many genre classics, including LA MOMIA AZTECA, LAS LUCHADORAS VS. EL MEDICO ASESINO, LA MUJER MURCIELAGO, and SANTO Y BLUE DEMON VS. DRACULA Y EL HOMBRE LOBO. After a full life and career, he passed away in 1997. 

The strong direction by Crevenna was an early effort in a genre that he would come to have an enormous influence on, from this film to the very last of the El Santo films. In between them, Crevenna directed a score of classics, including ADVENTURES IN THE CENTER OF THE EARTH,, two Neutron films, four other Santos, and a Blue Demon effort. Born in Germany, he left when the Nazis came to power, and eventually ended up in Mexico, where he directed his first film in 1944. After the masked wrestler/monster craze faded, he made numerous action and comedy films, and was actively directing until he passed away in 1996. So if you're in the mood for a Universal that's not a Universal, you can't go wrong with EL HOMBRE QUE LOGRO SER INVISIBLE

So until next month, adios, amigos, and please don't forget to click at the Animal Rescue Site to provide free food and care to shelter animals. Better yet, adopt one! Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky and Cher.

You can get Bobb's book THE MEXUCAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY at Creepy Classics right now.

The new release of THE NEW INVISIBLE MAN feturing both the original Spanish language version and the English dubbed version at Creepy Classics on DVD as well!

A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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