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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Wednesday August 20 - Thursday August 21, 2014

TODAY'S PHAN FOTO: Bela Lugosi (right) and a young friend, MONSTER BASH alumni Richard Sheffield strike a pose back in about 1955. Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and science fiction.

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We're in layouts for MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #23.....heading for the printer in just a few days. Expect it to be out by the second or thrird week in September. A howling autumn issue with Tom Weaver on the WEREWOLF OF LONDON, Ron Chaney interviewed about his great-grandfather's movies, a Gruesome Gallery spotlighting the re-creation of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN and much more.

Stay tuned to this same (vampire) bat station for the latest news!




By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter


Hola, amigos, and welcome to the Mexican Monster Party's third thrilling chapter of our epic coverage of one of the true classics of Mexican Monster/Wrestler cinema, WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY. But before we get to that, we're pleased to announce that there WILL be a Mexican Movie Night at the October Bash, and the feature will be one of the Nostradamus movies starring German Robles, THE MONSTER DEMOLISHER (which will be covered in the October column). Also, I don't know when it's scheduled, but I will be given a slot of time to discuss how I write my books. And now, time for the show!

Chapter Three: "The K. Gordon Murray Effect" - One of the reasons that certain Mexican movies have achieved a cult following is due to their English language versions by the infamous K. Gordon Murray. Why "Infamous"? Well, because to the generally superficial and uninformed 'bad movie' yobs, he's simply the guy that dubbed all those wacky Mexican movies; but looking at it another way, he's the guy responsible for providing genre fans with the opportunity to see these films at all. Nobody knows why Murray chose the package of films that he did (they were probably dirt cheap), but he managed to bring some true genre gems (such as WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY) to an audience who might have otherwise never seen them.

For at that period in time (some younger readers may have a hard time believing this), there were no gazillion cable stations, no videos, no DVD or Blu-Ray, no home computers that you could stream movies; nothing. You actually had to go to the theater or stay up 'til some ungodly hour to watch them on TV. So Mexican movies in the US usually only played in Texan or Californian theaters, and only in their original language. And while it's true that the dubbed versions of these films can be hilarious, it's not so much the movie itself (which is generally bizarre from the get-go anyway), but in the way the lines are read. Add to this the very literal translation of the dialogue interpreted in pompous or off-handed ways, by the same actors for every film - in other words, the voice of El Santo in one film could be the voice of a Mad Scientist in another!

Murray also made the fortunate decision to release the films basically uncut; in most cases, they even feature the original title credits, albeit with some of the names Americanized (such as 'William' Calderon Stell), and the inevitable 'English version directed by Miguel San Fernando'. But all things considered, Murray offered much better representations of the films than, say, Rhino, with their abominable ROCK AND ROLL WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY. To put it another way, if K. Gordon Murray hadn't dubbed these films, they never would have been shown on Chiller Theater, I never would have seen them, and the MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY wouldn't exist, thereby altering the whole time/space continuum, and you know what happens when you mess with that!

Next month, the fourth and final chapter: The Man Behind the Makeup! Until then, please remember to click at the Animal Rescue Site to provide free food for shelter animals; better yet, adopt one! You'll never be sorry.

Adios and Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher.

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Attention CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON fans! This is a Mexican lobby card for THE SLIME PEOPLE. But, they used an image of the Creature on it. This is an original lobby card from the early 1960s. Some slight water damage a little dog-ear. Natural age tanning. Creature collectible!

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Birthdays All Around

Hi Ron,

Today, August 18th, marks what would have been Joan Taylor's birthday (real name Rose Marie Emma), born 8/18/1929, and passed away on 3/4/2012 at age 82. Her roles in films like "20 Million Miles to Earth" and "Earth vs. The Flying Saucers" are just two of her many great roles we have enjoyed all through the years.

August 18th also marks what would have been Grant Williams birthday, born 8/18/1931, and passed away at the young age of only 53 on 7/28/1985. "The Incredible Shrinking Man" and "The Monolith Monsters" are two of his many fine performances.

This next birthday (8/18/1916) is one for a really good actor who is still with age 98! It's Don Keefer, who played Mike the janitor in one of my favorite movies...1982's "Creepshow" in the segment titled 'The Crate'. He also appeared in "The Andy Griffith Show", "Mayberry RFD", "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid", "The Munsters", "The Twilight Zone", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "One Step Beyond", "Rawhide", "Wagon Train", "Kung Fu", "The Incredible Hulk", and so many other films and TV shows, dating back to 1947. The most recent film he appeared in was Jim Carrey's 1997 movie "Liar Liar".

August 19th, 1933 marks the 81st birthday of Debra Paget, who appeared in so many great films, including a couple of Vincent Price movies: "The Haunted Palace" & "Tales of Terror". She also appeared in the classic "The Ten Commandments", and with Elvis Presley in "Love Me Tender", and in the 1958 film "From The Earth To The Moon" with Joseph Cotten, George Sanders, Patric Knowles, and Henry Danielle.

Happy Birthday!

-Scott Goettel, KY

Fan Mini-Reviews!

This in from Steven Schimming:

BLACULA (1972). Yet another AIPer that is actually a lot better than it sounds. William Marshall (who was so good in "The Ultimate Computer" episode in Season Two of STAR TREK) shines as the African Prince travelling through Europe in the 1700's with a petition to end slavery and sadly winds up in Dracula's castle . The film descends into DARK SHADOWS territory as he is cursed, placed in a coffin, released in modern times and finds a woman who looks exactly like his loved one. Despite this and some "humor" that just doesn't make it, BLACULA has some pretty scary moments (the slo-mo scene in the morgue is still rockin') and you end up feeling empathy for ol' Blac. Worth checking out. ***

THE SPIDER (1958). A pale imitation of TARANTULA with real low budget hampering the special effects. SPIDER is still a fun little romp if you just appreciate it as a no frills meat and potatoes bug flick. The resurrection of the spider by an Eddie Cochran-esque band rave up (with the oldest looking teenagers you will ever see) in the school gym (????) is a hoot, especially the bass player who is so into his plunking, he doesn't notice the pandemonium. For me, the most frightening moment is the cavalier way the young guy treats an issue of FAMOUS MONSTER OF FILMLAND #1! With proper storage, he could have sold it and retired early! **1/2

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton, NH



Upcoming Releases!

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THE INNOCENTS (1961 with MONSTER BASH guest Martin Stephens) - Blu-Ray 9/23/14

BLACK SABBATH/BLACK SUNDAY (U.S. Versions) - Blu-Ray and DVD 10/7/2014

CAULDRON OF BLOOD (also known as: BLIND MAN'S BLUFF) Stars Boris Karloff. - DVD & Blu-Ray 10/14/2014


PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1964) - Blu-Ray and DVD 10/28/2014

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1919) - Blu-Ray & DVD November 2014

SHOCK WAVES (with Peter Cushing and John Carradine) - Blu-Ray 11/25/14

TALES FROM THE CRYPT (1972)/THE VAULT OF HORROR (1973) - Blu-Ray 12/2/14

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Munster Bash!

I would like to thank Ted McKosky for sending in this Monster Bash Bash Munster Mash-Up! Herman is having good time with soon to be out of stock MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #1.

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Above left: Ron Adams at Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. Photo by Jim Chesko. Above Left: Ron Adams and Thom Subilla having a laugh over movies that have "narration" to explain what is going on with some low budget plot!

Above: Ted Lewczyk and Thom Shubilla (as the Mole Man) at MONSTER MANIA.

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash at Monster-Mania

We had a great time at this past weekend's MONSTER-MANIA in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Special thanks going out to Bash staffers Dan Weber, Ted Lewczyk and Thom Shubilla. More photos on the way. It was great seeing Bash make-up guys Ron Chamberlain and John Tattarelli, Jr. In fact, MONSTER BASH's Mole Man was roaming the halls at one point (designed by John Tattarelli, Jr.).

Great seeing all of the customers and old time friends and fellow vendors too!



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Julie Adams, the LA Dodgers & Monster Bash

Recently, one of our favorite guests that has been at MONSTER BASH three time, Julie Adams got to throw the first pitchg at Dodgers game when they faced the Padres. In addition, on Julie's Facebook page, her son has posted the retrospective video Julie's careen produced by Charles Henson. Check out her Facebook page:

Like Julie on Facebook!



Happy Birthday, Pat Priest

A super big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Bash alumni, Pat Priest (Marilyn from THE MUNSTERS).

MONSTER BASH Birthday Reporter, Scott Goettel, reminded me:

Happy 78th Birthday to Monster Bash guest Pat Priest, born August 15th, 1936!






October 10-12, 2014

After many requests for more MONSTER BASH days in a year and speaking with many people that want to come, but can't make it in June … it's a second full-size giant MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE OCTOBERFEST at the Four Points Pittsburgh North this October 10-12!

Vendor tables available now! CLICK HERE.

We'll be commandeering the entire huge hotel! A huge event room theater for films and guest talks, an eye-popping massive ballroom of vendors from across the nation, and guest movie and TV stars.

Already joining us:


Suzanna Leigh from Hammer's THE LOST CONTINENT, LUST FOR A VAMPIRE, SON OF DRACULA (1974, with Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr and directed by Hammer's Freddie Francis), THE DEADLY BEES, TV's JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN, George Pal's TOM THUMB, PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE (with Elvis Presley) and more!



Victoria Price, Vincent Price's daughter! Above standing with a display from Cortlandt Hull's THE WITCH'S DUNGEON.

Retro TV: Larry Storch of F-TROOP, THE GHOST BUSTERS and more!

Martin Stephens with credits including Hammer's THE WITCHES (with Joan Fontaine) and his iconic genre films: VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. THE INNOCENTS and THE HELLFIRE CLUB. Martin's appearance is co-sponsored by Mark & Theron Statler and Creepy Classics.

Bill Diamond producer of MONSTER TV and he'll be talking about his new project with Ron Chaney - the remake of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT!

… and - the greatest make-up departments for classic monsters at any convention:

John Taterelli, Jr.and Ron Chamberlain returns to create monsters to roam the halls of Bash!

Plus, many more!

A Hammer Halloween Celebration!

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UPDATED! MONSTER BASH Trailer for Octoberfest!

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Witch's Dungeon Expands This Season!

This EXCITING news just in from Cortladt Hull on The Witch's Dungeon:

The new location for "The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum" has an eerie atmosphere in the
1890 building of "The Bristol Historical Society" on 98 Summer Street in Bristol, CT. We open on October
3rd for a full season of five weekends - Fri. Sat. & Sun. evenings only 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. While waiting
for each tour, you can view actual film props, actor's life casts and movie posters, or step into our film room, to view
classic silent horror movies, shown on film, not video. Featuring far more life size figures & original movie props
than we have ever had on display before! Continuing our longest running status since 1966 - our 48th season!
Full details on our website later this weekend -



A Hammer Halloween Is Coming!

It's MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST October 10-12, 2014

There will be a slight chill in the air, the leaves will be burning with color everywhere in the hills of western, PA and the Four Points Pittsburgh North will open it's doors and let the Halloween Season begin! Hammer and classic monsters will be roaming the halls....vendors with classic monster merchandise will descend from every corner of the netherworld and some of the most beloved Hammer Horror stars will shine and sign (autographs) at MONSTER BASH's HAMMER HALLOWEEN.

Don't miss out on that Halloween feeling all wrapped up in a giant MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE.

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Monster Bash Alumni Ed Nelson Passes

I stopped and paused this morning as I got the news from MONSTER BASH attendees Eileen Wolfberg & Tom Jackson:

Ron, just saw this in The New York Times:

And just this morning we were talking about Ed Nelson and how much fun it was to hang with him and his wife Patsy at the Bash. We all gotta go some time, but this is especially painful. If you have any access to Patsy, wife of 63 years as the article mentions, send her our deepest condolescences. We’ve loved his work throughout our lives and then came to love them in person. Can’t thank you enough for getting them to come to the Bash.

-Eileen and Tom

Hi Ron;

I was sad to read about Ed Nelson’s passing last night. I first met him at a New York City convention that was poorly attended. He walked by my table, saw a poster from one of his movies and stayed for three days! During that time, Ed told me stories of his Corman days, Payton Place and just about every other TV show and film he was in.

Patsy, his wife, was his biggest fan, nodding and laughing as he spoke. Ed even gave me a prescription from his Dr. Rossi (his role on Payton Place). It said, “Dr. Rossi prescribes that you be happy”.

I next met Ed and Patsy at the Monster Bash. My wife and I were sitting in the restaurant when we spotted Patsy waving her arms up and down. We weren’t exactly sure who she was until Ed sat down. She pointed at us told him that it was Sharon and Bruce. Ed immediately waved us over and we have a highly enjoyable dinner with them.

Ed always added something to every film and TV show he appeared in. He was a genuinely warm and friendly person who loved talking to all he met.

He will be missed.

-Bruce Tinkel

In the span of less than one week, we've lost Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and now Ed Nelson.

I visited the Creepy Classics site and saw the news of the death of Ed Nelson. I was so saddened to learn of his passing. He was a wonderful Monster Bash guest, and he was one of the guests I had looked so forward to meeting. He and his wife were gracious, and so nice to to talk to. He also had a marvelous sense of humor.

I was fortunate to get some great video footage of him that weekend, plus, he and his wife and I got to be on video together.

What a great guy, and a great actor.

Rest in peace, and God Bless you Mr. Nelson...and thank you for all your great TV and film roles.

~Scott Goettel, KY

Hi Ron,

I'd just like to add my contribution to the tributes you have been receiving for Ed Nelson. I'm so glad I had the chance to say "hello" and "thanks" in person; it makes his passing a little easier. Like a lot of people here, I was able to meet Ed at the Bash a few years ago and found him to be a truly warm, caring and friendly person. He seemed to genuinely like talking to his fans, and we certainly loved talking to him! I remember the talk he gave at that Bash leaving me in stiches. Whenever I re-play that Bash's DVD and hear his comments on working on Teenage Caveman I can't help but smile! Thank you for all the great memories, Ed. We miss you!

Paul Speidel


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Stars Joe E. Brown, Ona Munson, William Collier, Jr. and Bela Lugosi. A mad-cap comedy with a playboy and his nutty buddy (Brown) travel across country and meet two young women. The playboy's jilted girlfriend is on his trail and Bela Lugosi plays a heavy for laughs. Made the same year as DRACULA, Lugosi is really good in this comedy.

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Above: Kevin Slick on the right.

Happy Birthday Kevin Slick

Happy Birthday to MONSTER BASH staffer Kevin Slick....long, long, long time friend, artist, teacher, musician Kevin Slick celebrates his birthday today. Our best Bash wishes go out to him.

e-mail him wishes directly to:


What Have You Been Watching Lately?

Hi Ron,

Here's from this past Sunday:

FROGS (1972)-For most AIP films, the poster is usually better than the actual product and the Ken Kelly artwork is really great (and was the cover for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #91!). But while the film on a whole is schlocky-Nature striking back at polluting humans, mostly with reptiles,amphibians and arachnids doing the dastardly deeds- it actually is pretty fun and if nothing else, the sentiment is right on. Ray Milland's charecter is so rude and abrasive, you hope he will get his and soon! My wife enjoys this very much and while I thought it was because a young handsome buffed Sam Elliot is in it (with his shirt off too!), she swore she enjoyed the acting, script, direction etc. and that thought had never entered her mind! ***

PSYCHO (1960)-This has lost quite a bit of luster due to familiarity, rip offs and the frankly dull Vera Miles/John Gavin combo. However, you still have excellent performances by Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Martin Balsam, great camera work, that awesome Bernard Herrmann score and of course, three of the most frightening scenes ever in a movie. First saw this a few weeks after age 11 and after spending time at The Bates Motel, the Universal monsters seemed almost friendly in comparison. To be sure, it scared me out of my wits-my Parents were having a party and when my Dad came to use the bathroom, I all but begged him to stay with me when Vera descends into the basement, until the scene was over. Also, sure it changed many Monster Kids cleaning rituals...for many months, would lock the door and peek behind the shower curtain...just in case. *****

Steve Schimming
Sanbornton, NH

Hi Ron,
Spent a few hot summer night hours watching Bride of the Gorilla. I have seen this movie a few years ago, but was compelled to watch it (much closer) again after reading about some of the turbulent tales of the life of Barbra Payton.

Really liked Raymond Burr as the hot headed Barney Chavez (I've always thought he had one of the most classic voices) and "almost" found myself pulling for him to get it together. But alas, the old native curse proved to be too much, and everything slowly unravels. Barney and the beautiful Dina Van Gelder (Payton) pretty much get what they deserved in the end. Also enjoyed the Lonster and Tom Conway in their supportive roles. A highlight for me was when Barney would change to the gorilla, it was more of an "in his mind" transformation, more so than the physical that you would typically see in a Wolfman movie.

With a limited budget, and lack of today's spectacular CG FX; I thought it was well done and effective. Too bad the movie has been lampooned over the years, I really enjoyed it. I also was inspired to do an illustration of the movie poster. I wanted all of the main players featured and the gorilla to be a tad more subliminal, (as compared to the original posters). Also wanted to hit the jungle graphic hard, much like how the Drew Struzan / Indianna Jones posters would always set scene of the movie.

Enjoy!-John Sargent, PIttsburgh, PA

Above: Various monsters that appeared on THE OUTER LIMITS TV shows!

Hi, Ron! I just sent you my new article in today's paper. Here's "What I'm watching on TV" this week! at 12 am Midnight Sunday.

I saw the last episode of the 1963-'65 series, "The Outer Limits", The PROBE on "This" Tv Network! 2 glorious episodes of The "Outer Limits"(1963-65) airs Sun. nites from 11 pm to 1 am cst/ 12 am-2 am et on "This"! I'll watch the 1st episode, "Galaxy Being" starring Cliff Robertson in his "Grr"-eatest role ever, this Sun. night at 11 pm cst/ 12 midnight on "This"!

This week I also watched my vhs video of "Monster of Piedras Blancas"(1959) starring Don Sullivan & late Jeanne Carmen (I met both), then my vhs of "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" in one of my many VCRs! Wed. Aug. 16th I watched the classic 1960's "The Avengers" tv-show on classic "Cozi"-tv & Christopher LEE was in it as a Professor "Frank N. STONE"(sounds like Frankenstein), who makes duplicates; his 1st one looks like him & runs amok like Frankenstein! The same night on "Me-Tv" at 1 am on "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" was my fave episode, also starring Christopher Lee as an actor in "Sign of Satan".

After that, "Thriller" came on at 2 am, hosted by none-other than our fave actor, BORIS Karloff but I get tired & usually "zonk"-out around 2 am. I watch my favorite show, "SvenGoolie"(Rich Koz) every Sat. night at 9 pm cst/ 10 pm et on "Me-Tv"(the home of Classic Tv)! Last Sat. "SvenGoolie" showed "Curse of The Undead"(1959) & this Sat. Aug. 16th he shows one of my top-10 fave movies, "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman"!

Until next time, your "Fiend", ROCK a.k.a. "Rock 'Monsta'(Monster)"! David Rock Nelson, B-"Monster" Moviemaker, ex-Marine(1976-'80), Most "Notorious" guest of honor at "Monster Bash Con" & Most "Notorious" Halloween guest on "Wgn Morning News", every Halloween! I'll be on "Wgn-Tv"(Home of "BOZO" The Clown & the 1960's-'70 "Creature Features"!) on Fri. OCT. 31st/"Halloween" on "WGN Morning News"
live from Chicago! I'll be showing previews of my upcoming "The Giant Fly -2", sequel to my 1992 "The Giant Fly"! Here's a preview of that one, enjoy!

Hello Ron...

Recently enjoyed watching a sci/fi classic, from l956, with fave B man, John Agar, along with other familiar faces from our sci/fi/horror flicks, Hugh Beaumont and Nestor Paiva. Its a tale about an 'Ancient' civilization that lives beneath the Earth, Agar,Beaumont and Paiva,find there way down there and encounter,strange white/faced, sun deprived people, who are, of course, hostile and afraid of them.
This film clearly defines 50s sci/fi, glorious b/w and Mole men costumes very typical of the time, yet it is an interesting story and worth watching as always.
Look for Alan Napier as a hostile high Priest.

regards,J50smonstakid (:

What have YOU been watching lately?



Happy Belated Birthday To MONSTER BASHER Mark Wilhelm

We want to wish the best year for Mark Wilhelm who celebrated a birthday recently. Above he's pictured getting the evil eye from Ron Chaney in make-up (by Jesse Melchoir and John Tattarelli, Jr.) as his grandfather's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at MONSTER BASH.

Happy Birthday, Mark!



New! 1935 British Mystery Chiller

Now available at Creepy Classics...THE SILENT PASSENGER (1935).

Stars John Loder, Donald Wolfit (BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE), Peter Haddon, Lilian Oldland and Leslie Perrins. A woman is blackmailed into having an affair and the result is murder and mystery aboard a night train. Famed British detective Lord Peter Wimsey is on the case in this foggy thriller.

Get it in our New DVD & Blu-Ray Department here at Creepy Classics!



Home Movies of Bela Lugosi!

I was just sent this link to home movies of Bela Lugosi from Dave MacDonald. Wow. An inside peek at Bela, family and lots of friends. You'll see Lillian Lugosi and Bela, Jr. quite a bit. Click the link below:

Your comments?

Holy Vampire– These home movies are wonderful.   I assume they are from the early 40s since Bela Jr was born in 1938.  This is wonderful footage, especially since only one Bela Lugosi movie was shot in color so the chance to see our hero in full color is so rare.  

This footage really made my day.


Ben Martin



Above: Some of the crew from the show...left to right: Joe Hagan and Theron Statler. And in the right photo: Joe Hagan, Ted Lewczyk and Ursula Adams.

Above: Saturday afternoon at the Steel City Convention.

Creepy Classics/Monster Bash at the Steel City Con LAST WEEKEND!

A thank you to everyone that stopped by the Creepy Classics/Monster Bash tables this past weekend at the STEEL CITY CON in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Another great crowd and a fun show. It was nice seeing all the familiar MONSTER BASH faces. Our good friend Malcolmn Gittins unearthed one of the best deals of the show, a copy of the record album FAMOUS MONSTERS SPEAK in super condition.

A big thank you to our great MONSTER BASH staffers in orange shirts over the weekend (in order of appearance!): Tom Adams, Theron Statler, Joe Hagan, Ursula Adams, Paisley Adams, Ted Lewczyk, Bob Pellegrino, Jon Doerr, Ed Watson, Lexi Watson and Wolf "Man" Watson.

Missed that show? Well, maybe we'll see you THIS weekend at the MONSTER MANIA CONVENTION in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It's August 15-17. For detail, go to the MONSTER MANIA web site:


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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