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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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24 Creepy Years

Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Friday October 20 - Monday October 23, 2017!

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: Yikes, a gruesome toothsome! It's a scene from Hammer Studio's TWINS OF EVIL (1971). Get it on the DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack here at Creepy Classics.

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Great autographe from the Fred Davis Collection are now here! Fred was a life long collector and we were able to acquire a large number of great autographed photos. Names like Beverly Garland, Kenneth Tobey, Gabriel Dell, Anne Francis, Peggy Moran, Patricia Morrison, Jane Adams, William (Whitey) Benedict, Louise Currie, Yvette Vickers, Heather Angel, Elena Verdugo, John Agar and more, more more here!

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Remembering Bela Lugosi

This just in from our Bashin' Birthday reporter, Scott iconic birthday in our genre,

Bela Lugosi

Hey Ron!

On this day, October 20th, 1882, BELA LUGOSI was born.  His legacy lives on, and he still fascinates fans now, and always will.

A Very Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday Bela!




Get Your Lodging In Place for Next Summer's MONSTER BASH

Get your room for next summer's MONSTER BASH (June 22-24, 2018).

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Bashin' Birthday Notables

This in from our Monster Bash Birthday Reporter, Scott Goettel:

Hey Ron!

It's a triple header birthday salute this time!  We start with George Nader, a star with many many credits, including ROBOT MONSTER.  George was born on October 19th, 1921, and passed away at age 80 on February 2, 2002.

Our next birthday is that of a gentleman from Sweden - Tor Johnson (birth name Karl Oscar Tore Johansson), born October 19th, 1903, and he passed away at age 67 on May 12th, 1971.  His many movie credits include BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, THE BLACK SLEEP, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, and THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS.

And our third birthday is Simon Ward, born October 19th, 1941, and passed away at age 70 on July 20th, 2012.  Among his acting credits, the movie that immediately comes to mind is FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED.  Other credits include a 1974 made-for-TV movie version of DRACULA, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, THE FOUR MUSKETEERS, an episode of ORSON WELLES' GREAT MYSTERIES titled "The Leather Funnel", and THE MONSTER CLUB (starring Vincent Price, John Carradine, Donald Pleasence, Britt Ekland, and Stuart Whitman).

Our heartfelt Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday wishes to all!




It Was A Very Good Year, Boris....

This is a very touching slideshow is Boris Karloff through the years as he performs "It Was A Very Good Year." This rendition by Boris appeared on THE JONATHAN WINTERS SHOW back in the 1960s. This is the audio from that with the chronological array of nice. Scott Goettel submitted this link and said that he remembered seeing it when it first aired. Very nice.

Here's the direct link:



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Officially licensed Universal Studios CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON mask. Thick, heavy rubber, over-the-head mask. Super nice with a great look. Perfect for Halloween, wearing to the MONSTER BASH Conference or stuffing and displaying on a shelf. Super creature cool.

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Chiller Thriller Theatre Takes on THE DEVIL BAT

Here's the latest bit in from Canada's CHILLER THRILLER THEATRE and our dear Monster Basher Paul Speidel:

Hi Ron,

Here's our Chiller Thriller take on the Bela Lugosi film "The Devil Bat", with great comments by Frank Dello Stritto, of course. Hope you enjoy the "great" special effects!




Remembering One...Trick-or-Treat

The Halloween season is upon us. Let's celebrate with your favorite Halloween memories. You have a special memory?

Here's a weird one from me. This was probably 1969 or 1970. Myself and the neighborhood kids were making the Trick-or-Treat rounds together. It was dark, cool...I had my rubber, hand-painted Frankenstein mask on, my Sunday dress jacket (heck, it was as close as I could get to the monster's jacket) and galoshes on.

We knocked at a door in the neighborhood that we didn't really know. Keep in mind this was around 1969 or 1970. The door opened an the smell of incense blasted out (I THINK it was incense). A guy about 20 years old opened the door. He had long hair and a beard. There were other in the background we couldn't really see.

I meekly said "Trick-Or-Treat" in a muffled voice from behind my sweaty rubber mask.

The hippie-type fellow said something like..."Oh, WHOAH! He jumped) it 'Trick-or-Treat." Hold on, hold on. He ran from the door and re-appeared about one minute later. We were shuffling our feet, almost ready to leave. He said "Treats!" We held our bags up and open. He plopped a treat in all our bags and closed the door.

Walking out to the street light we all peered into our bags. I lifted out a melting Fudgesicle on a stick. We all stood there with dripping chocolate. I think we were all afraid to eat these.

I find it amusing to remember. The time we neighborhood kids freaked-out, the spaced-out hippies. BTW - I think the music of Santana was playing loudly through this whole episode.

-Ron Adams, Creepy Classics/Monster Bash



New! Scary Monsters #106

SCARY MONSTERS #106 - Magazine
It's the APE-ocalypse issue! Apes, apes and more apes! In this issue: Back to the PLANET OF THE APES, North Coast Horror Hosts - Ghoulardi, Big Chuck, Lil' John, The Ghoul and Son of Ghoul. Plus, conventions Monster Bash and the SanDiego Comic Con. Denham's Giant Monster is here too...packed with monsters. Cover by Scott Jackson!

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Admission Memberships and Dealer Tables NOW AVAILABLE for June 22-24, 2018's MONSTER BASH!

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The guests of honor include Leo Gorcey's daughter Brandy Gorcey, Vincent Price's daughter, Victoria Price, Sharyn Moffett from THE BODY SNATCHER with Boris Karloff, Joyce Meadows from THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, Janina Faye from HORROR OF DRACULA and DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, John Russo from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and more, more, more in the works! Brandy will be bringing many personal items from her dad's estate like letters, his hat (that he hit Sach with!) and more great stuff.

Don't scare miss the next summer MONSTER BASH.

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Julie Adams & Beverly Garland Birthdays Remembered

This in from our roving, Bashin' birthday reporter, Scott Goettel:

Hey Ron!

October 17th, 1926, is the birthdate of one of our all time favorite Monster Bash guests - Julie Adams.  She's 91 now.

Also, another 10/17 1926 birthday is that of a Monster Bash guest in 2000 that I wish I could have met - Beverly Garland.  She passed away at age 82 on December 5th, 2008.  She would have been 91 now.

Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday to these two wonderful ladies!

-Scott Goettel, KY



New! British Horror of DVD

These two new releases have been long awaited by fans of classic British horror and science fiction film fans. Get them now here at Creepy Classics:

Stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Patrick Allen. A small British island is experiencing a strange phenomenon. In the dead of winter, this island is extremely hot...A revelation is that it may, indeed, be caused by aliens from another world. Claustrophobic atmosphere in a small pub and intense action. A seldom seen English gem.

Stars Peter Cushing, Ron Moody, Hugh Griffith and Roy Castle. A wild boy is found in the woods. He was raised by wolves who had killed his parents. Instead of being a Tarzan-type...he becomes a hairy, fanged monster when the moon rises. The werewolf in this looks very much like the Oliver Reed werewolf from Hammer's CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF.

Get these in our New DVD Department right now at Creepy Classics.



New! Memoirs of Murder - The Prequel To WHITE ZOMBIE Book

By Brad Braddock. Nearly eighty-five years after the 1932 film, WHITE ZOMBIE was released, comes this riveting prequel to the classic tale…intertwined from the personal diary of Murder Legendre himself.

Several years after the end of the Great War, Mister Legendre leaves the ravaged lands of Europe, finding himself drawn to Haiti…the land of Voodoo, mystery and the occult.

A great companion book to Frank Dello Stritto's "A Werewolf Remembers" about Larry Talbot. Finally, the history, of the characters that have fascinated us.

Author Brad Braddock is one of the nicest and talented authors in our Monster World! Get this great book on Bela Lugosi's character, zombie-wizard Murder Legendre, from 1932's WHITE ZOMIE. His back story and the horrors that culminated in WHITE ZOMBIE.

Available now in our Creepy Bookstore, here at Creepy Classics.

Above: Authors Frank Dello Stritto and Brad Braddock at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST 2017.




Above: Scenes of surreal madness from OTHELLO (1952).

OTHELLO (1952) - Blu-Ray

The classic tale of jealousy, deceptions, murder and horror. A web of shadow images in an unreal world of power and dark corridors. Orson Welles directed, produced and starred in this monument to fantastic (in every sense) film. Two versions of the film, plus full documentary and the short ghost film RETURN TO GLENNASCAUL. Double disc packed with extras.

Above (And below): Photos from the amazinf short gost film THE RETURN TO GLENNASCAUL.


Starts Orson Welles. Sheer supernatural poetry. A man picks up a stranger who is hitchhiking on a story night. He was stranded with car problems and tells the driver his story. A ethereal tale of a man who is invited for tea on a dark night to an old mansion (Glennascaul). The strangeness of the visit and underlying fear of something beyond the grave is both scary and beautiful. An unsettling tale that is one of the best ghost films ever. Runs about 25 minutes and every second is dreamlike, like walking in the air over graves.

Get this amazing volume, two Blu-Ray disc set with a full length documentary, hosted by Orson Welles, here at Creepy Classics in our New Blu-Ray Department. Perfect for viewing this time of the year.



Above: The first floor of The Canton Palace Theatre!

Great Photos From MONSTER BASH Octobefest:

Above: The monster greets attendees at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST.

Above: Each day before screenings started at the theatre, we set the Monster loose in downtown Canton, Ohio. Here he found a clothing store and tried on a top hat!

Above: Dan Weber getting made-up as The Monster, mugs for the camera.

Above: Authors swap books! Frank Dello Stritto holds Brad Braddocks book MEMOIRS OF MURDER (the prequel to WHITE ZOMBIE!) and Brad holds Franks book A WEREWOLF REMEMBERS (Larry Talbot's testimony!).

Above: Projected on the ceiling of the theatre, a gel of the Frankenstein Monster done by The Palace's ace lighting man, Adam!

Above: Rabid classic monster fans begin to fill the lobby during a film intermission. The concessions did MONSTROUS business.

Above: Down he get you! Photo by Paisley Adams.

Above: Ron & Ursula Adams (Bash directors) celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary at MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST.

Above: One of the many wall statues, lit for the occasion. What a beautiful theatre!

Above: Attendee Mark Wilhelm runs into an old friend outside the theatre.

Above: The huge orchestra pit rose from one point revealing The Monster (Dan Weber) choking the life out of a Visarian inn keeper (Bob Pellegrino). Organist, the great Jay Spencer.

Above: The Monster demonstrates the body slam.

...and video by Ted Lewczyk:



Witch's Dungeon THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend and next weekend...don't miss THE WITCH'S DUNGEON in Bristol, Connecticut. Our dear friend, Cortlandt Hull, sent this info along:

Lon Chaney Jr, is claiming a new victim as "The Wolf Man" at "The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum".
This is an identical figure to the one we made for Universal Orlando's "Classic Monsters Cafe"!

VICTORIA PRICE will be our special guest on Saturday Oct. 21st! "The Witch's Dungeon" features a wax museum tour, with accurate figures of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and more!

Also original movie props and makeup from classic movies are on display, plus screenings on real film - every weekend in October, Fri. thru Sun. - evenings only - 7pm to 10pm - Plus we are open every night Halloween Weekend - from Friday Oct, 28th to Tuesday Oct. 31st - all at the Bristol Historical Society, 98 Summer Street, Bristol, CT. - Donation $6.00 all ages - not recommended for children under 6 years old - Tel. 860-583-8306. Website -



New! Tales of The Moleman

Here's the latest series of memories and ramblings from our anti-hero here at Creepy Classics/Monster Bash, M. Oleman. No, it's not me (Ron Adams), people ask me that. There really is an M. Oleman...who even won a Monster Bash Award in 2016. Now, for the Halloween season, here's the latest submission from M. Oleman:

I was sitting in my basement staring at the wall. It continued to do nothing. I was giving serious thought to either going outside and staring at something else, or crawling under my desk and eating some candy corn leftover from last Halloween. But, both of those seemed like a lot of trouble. In the end I decided to just keep doing what I was doing. My eyes wandered around. On a dusty shelf sat a stockpile of old magazines and yet-to-be-built model kits, and on a far wall, there was a tattered Frazetta poster. A spider swung out in front of my face trying to make it from the furnace to the lamp on my desk. It was hopeless, but I admired his tenacity. Then I noticed a haphazardly stacked pile of board games on an old table, and something fluttered in the back of my head. It was an old memory that I blew the dust off of and pulled down from the shelf. Some like to reminisce. I like to drag out old memories and roll around in them like a dog that got out of the yard and found something interesting in a field.

It was a long time ago. I was unmarried, living in a shabby apartment, barely working, Parked on the street outside was a grizzled and decrepit Oldsmobile that weighed 5 tons and would not die. The only furniture in my tiny rented space was a beat up recliner, a wooden folding chair with Schellhaus Funeral Home stenciled on the back, and a green Samsonite card table. The sole decoration on the walls was a painting of Martin Van Buren which had been there when I moved in. He looked down on me with a stern and disapproving gaze. I owned next to nothing and was going nowhere. In other words, it was a great time in my life. One night while watching something on the little 13" black and white TV, a commercial came on featuring a monster themed board game. It was a great ad. The kids playing were having fun as thunder clapped in the background and a Karloff voiced announcer made his pitch. I was taken back to the old basement with me and my best friend Steve playing Milton The Monster or Boris Karloff's Monster Game. I could still smell the salami sandwiches and potato chips. A check of my pockets yielded eleven dollars in ones and change. I was flush. There was nothing else to do but head down to the nearest toy store and buy a copy of this board game. Well, there were other things to do, like look for a job, but that could wait.

The Olds kicked over right away as it always did, spit out a cloud of blue smoke,and sucked down a gallon of fuel. I pulled out into light traffic, and as I headed to my destination something broke off from the undercarriage and clattered down the road behind me. The car kept going without missing a beat. Ransom Eli Olds would be proud.

At the store I walked in casting a disdainful look, a sneer in the direction of the dolls and girl toys, and strode right to the boys section. Action figures, robots, wrestlers, superheroes, cars and trucks. It even smelled like childhood and reminded me that it had been too long since I had made a pilgrimage to a place like this. I breathed it in and looked around. Covering a whole wall were the board games. Plenty of the old favorites like Risk and Stratego were there. Also Trouble, Life, Monopoly. And, down on a low shelf, was the monster game I had seen on TV. I pulled it off and admired it. The box art could have been drawn by old Ygor himself, and the way it rattled made me think of the magic of opening a new toy for the first time. I was ten years old, lost in reverie, when I noticed a matronly woman standing beside me with a name tag that said Margie.

"Your kids will love that game" she said smiling. I gave a half smile and nodded. "How many do you have?" she said still smiling. I stepped back a little and looked thoughtful. How many children did I have, if I had any? The Brady Bunch had six. Seven if you count Cousin Oliver. That seemed like too much. And I wasn't sure I could deal with the older kids fighting over who got the attic, or the younger ones locking someone in a freezer because they thought he was a spy. The Munsters only had Eddie, and that didn't seem right either. I decided to split the difference.

"Three" I said. "I have three children," then I went back to studying the game box and trying to pretend I was alone.

"What ages are they?" she said ignoring my ignoring her. I started to perspire a little. How old WERE my fake kids? I looked down at the game box which in the corner said "Fun For Ages 8 And Up!"

"Eight and up" I said. "I mean eight, nine, and ten," then I tried to edge off to the side and started to panic a little as I realized I was jammed into a corner with no way to escape.

"So close together" she said sympathetically as she moved in closer. "It must be hectic at your house."

"It's uh..." I searched for the right word remembering my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Henry smacking her ruler down hard on my desk. What was that word she was trying to teach me? I grimaced as I tried to think back, and unconsciously jerked my hand a little to avoid her deftly swinging ruler, which was forever etched in my muscle memory. "It's somewhat... tumultuous" I said hoping Mrs. Henry was happy, wherever she was.

"Where do they go to school?" she asked sweetly. Now I was really caught. Where exactly did my made up three kids go to school? I was drawing a blank. I couldn't think of anything. I considered telling her where I attended grade school but then I thought that, somehow, she'd check. She'd go back to the office and call my old school to see if there were three kids there from the same family a year apart and then I'd be caught! I don't know why I thought she'd do this but I was suddenly sure of it. My eyes darted left and right and I had an overwhelming desire to make a run for it, but she was blocking the way and still staring at me waiting for an answer. All I could think of was monsters. Frankenstein. Ghost of Frankenstein... "Vasaria!" I blurted. "The Vasarian Academy!"

She furrowed her brow and looked puzzled. "I've lived here my whole life and I've never heard of that. Where is it located?"
Now the sweat was rolling generously down my back and pooling up in my wingtips. I was backed up against a display of Justice League Of America figures and Solomon Grundy was poking me in the kidneys. Was this old woman CIA? Was she a trained interrogator? Was she planted here just to trap adults buying toys for themselves so she could humiliate them?

"It's's up on...I mean it's near...." I stammered, as my face dripped with perspiration. Every man has a breaking point. For some it was bottom of the 7th on the pitchers mound. For others it was a ball joint on a '68 Dodge. My end was at a small toy store in a strip mall. I was done. There was no way out. I was General Bob Ross at Bladensburg. Hideyoshi at Jindo Island.
"It's for me!" I burst out. "The game is for me! I'm a grown man! I've traveled the world! I own a car! I was in the army! But this children's game is for me! I'm buying it for myself!" Then I staggered and sunk to my knees totally crushed and defeated and done in by my own web of lies. ""

Needless to say I never went back to that store, and for many years afterwards whenever I drove by I'd slouch down in my seat and pull a battered Fedora low over my forehead. Why a Fedora and not some other type of hat such as a Homburg or a Trilby? Ask the guy who makes the rules. It's not me.

-M. Oleman, In hiding



Halloween is Coming, Autumn is Here

Autumn means that it won't be long before Halloween is here. I think almost all of us have those fleeting, but solid memories that Halloween brings.

I had many of those silk, tie-behind Halloween costumes with the hard plastic masks (rubber band attached) that came in the boxes with a clean window that showed the face. Between ages three and seven I seem to recall having a pirate one, one of The Incredible Hulk, a skeleton favorite, a vivid green Frankenstein Monster.

These costumes were the ones that when on (with a bulky coat or sweater underneath) would cause your face to sweat behind that plastic mask. The sound of your breathing amplified because it was most contained behind that plastic. That sweat turn cold and clammy. I could take was Trick-Or-Treat time!

Marching through the dark streets, crunching on curled leaves that were losing their color. An aroma of apples in the air as trees dropped over-ripe fruit around the neighborhoods. Back at home, glass designed bowls held candy corn, candy pumpkins, little candy witches, skulls and corn cobs.

That's me, after graduation to rubber masks. I hand-painted my rubber Frankenstein Monster mask. I didn't like the paint job on it originally.

Walking those home town streets with a plastic pumpkin that was quickly filling with candy bars (oh, man...nothing better than getting a full size candy bar every once in a while from a house!). The excitement of ringing a doorbell...not knowing whether there would be a scare, or a kindly face happy to drop goodies into your bucket.

Coming home, after a long night's trudging as a creature of the night), I would dump my "loot" onto my bed. Start lining up and sorting the candies, popcorn balls, occasional apple. Then, maybe some trading would be involved with my sister or swapping with other neighborhood buddies.

It was all so worth it, so magic. I'm so lucky to live in a small town now, where kids and parents aren't afraid of the old traditions. The little ghosts, goblins and princesses still pour into the streets for Trick-Or-Treat. It's heartwarming for an old softie Monster Kid like me. It's's America.Looking forward to this year's Halloween,

Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Hi, Ron,

Loved the Trick-or-Treat costume memories!

I was trying to remember which of those vintage Cooper costume-in-a-box Halloween costumes I wore over my childhood.

Mostly I remember wearing a Yogi Bear costume up until Terry and I were older (12/14 ?) and we started making our own costumes (Mummy and Dracula). Can't quite remember which Cooper costume I wore initially when I was a youngin' but it may have been Bugs Bunny.

Boy, you really described in detail what it was like wearing those plastic masks! Mostly I remember the sweat and smell inside them against my face. (:^P

AS far as Halloween loot goes, Terry and I just used brown paper grocery bags, which we went around with up to the point that they were too heavy to carry anymore. Then we went home. In my last years of Trick-or-Treating (for candy ;^/ ) I remember going back out again with a fresh paper bag until 10-10:30 pm or so, which was OK back then, even though home owners sometimes were a little surprised to still see kids Trick-or-treating that late.

-Todd Spidle, Lancaster, PA



New! The Green Slime on Blu-Ray

It's here, in stock now.....on Blu-Ray:

Astronauts aboard the Gamma III are infiltrated by an alien lifeforce...The Green Slime! Tentacled monsters are out to do away with the pesky humans. Remember the cool old Famous Monsters magazine cover that featured THE GREEN SLIME?

Get it in our New Blu-Ray Department at Creepy Classics.

In space, no one can hear you slime....



New! Classic Monsters Special: The Ghost of Frankenstein Magazine

A detailed examination of 1942’s THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN. Stars Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lionel Atwill and Evelyn Ankers. The Ultimate Guide takes an intense look at Universal’s classic horror film. Rare photos! All glossy, beautiful oversize magazine!

Get it now in our on-line Creepy Classics Newsstand, along with all your other favorite can go direct to the Classic Monsters of the Movies Magazine Department.



New! THE SEA WOLF (1941) on Blu-Ray


Stars Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupino, John Garfield, Gene Lockhart and Barry Fitzgerald. A young couple finds themselves aboard the sea vessel called "The Ghost," with a cruel and corrupt captain. There's mutiny, deception, murder and chills. The film is dark and plays like an all out horror film with intensity and creepy lighting. A psycho-thriller that is a real find. Highly recommended! Extras!

Don't be left drifting out in the dark, stormy sea...get this now in our New Blu-Ray Department at Creepy Classics for immediate shipping.



New! Re-Released....THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS on DVD

It's back in print, and in shock stock NOW at Creepy Classics!


Ray Bradbury short story expanded into movie about a prehistoric beast attracted by the bellows of a fog horn. The creature comes ashore and goes on a rampage in the city. Ray Harryhausen's special effects are top-flight. Extras: Two documentaries and lots more!

Get it in our New DVD Department right now at Creepy Classics for immediate shipping on our jet-powered vampire bats....flapping frantically to your door.



A Werewolf Remembers...Book Review

Below is a letter from reader Larry Boyington in Oklahoma City. I couldn't agree more with Larry's assessment of this book by Frank Dello Stritto. Frank will be signing his bvook at this weekend's MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST.

Last night I finished reading A WEREWOLF REMEMBERS-The Testament of Lawrence Stewart Talbot by author Frank J. Dello Stritto. I just have four words to say and those words are "What a Great Read". As you probably know, it's just slightly over 500 pages in length. It is scattered throughout with photos and illustrations related to the subject and chapter at hand. It is just amazing how Dello Stritto put together the entire life of Lawrence Talbot from his birth until his death beginning with the initial movie on screen THE WOLFMAN.

All sequels were included as well with the final one being ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. As I was beginning reading the book, I noticed something that the author was doing and or trying to do. And of course my suspicions and observations were verified when in his POSTSCRIPT at the end of the book, he said that he was "melding" real life and reel life characters into his book. Now let me say this if I may. If you are like me (as well as you Ron), you have seen THE WOLFMAN and it's sequels many times through the years. That applies to other "monster movies" as well. Then one is familiar with the characters in the movies. That's what makes this book so unique in that Dello Stritto combines them into one.

Now if a person has never seen THE WOLFMAN and it's sequels, then they will not get the connection. If a person walked by his local bookstore and saw the book on the shelf, one might wonder who is and or was Lawrence Stewart Talbot? Another thing was that the 30 or so chapters in the book has the word MOON in the title. How appropriate.

One final thing if I may. As you know Dello Stritto has written prior books like A QUAINT & CURIOUS VOLUME OF FORGOTTEN LORE and I SAW WHAT I SAW WHEN I SAW IT which I have. The latter is a book in which he tells of growing up in the 50's-60's with television reruns and old movies. That book was exactly how it was with me. You could have substituted my name for his in the book and everything else would be the same.

Again as the 1960's rock group the Buffalo Springfield would have said, in my opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH, this is a great book. Kudos again to Frank J. Dello Stritto as well as Lawrence Stewart Talbot aka Lon Chaney Jr. aka THE WOLFMAN.

-Larry Boyington, OK

Get the book in our Creepy Bookstore on-line right now at Creepy Classics!



Remembering Halloween Parades

I'm remembering one particular Halloween parade day back, in I think 1965.

My Grandmother Adams wrangled myself and a handful of my cousins to walk down Jackson Street in Grove City to Main see the Saturday afternoon October Halloween parade. We trudged down the street and I kicked a sinking slate sidewalk crack that was popped up. (Remember slate sidewalks?). I fell and got a pretty bloody, skinned knee. We had to retrace our steps to my Grandparents' house and I got the peroxide (ouch) and bandage applied by Grandma.

Back out we went. On Main Street we joined the growing lines of parents, grandparents and kids (many sitting on the curbs) to watch the Halloween parade. There were floats, monsters, devils, ghosts and firemen throwing out candy from buckets to us kids. The high school band marched (in costumes). As if this wasn't great enough...there would be another parade at night in which we kids of the community could march with our costumes on.

Man, I miss those days of community parades when I was just a kid. Luckily some communities (like the one I live in now), still do have Halloween parades. It warms my heart to see them, and to see kids dotting the main street and neighborhoods on Trick-or-Treat night.

I know many places have lost this tradition, and that's sad. It was such an exciting time that drove home the spirit of the season with coolness, apples, crunching leaves. I Remember finding brilliant orange, yellow and red leaves to iron in between wax paper to help hold that autumn magic as the cold days of November and December came.

Looking forward to this year's Halloween,

Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA

Hey Ron,

I LOVED your Halloween parade memories, even the painful scraped knee.
Those were really fun times.

When my ghoul girls were little we'd always have a Halloween feast
before we went out trick-or-treating. We'd darken the house and just
use some spooky orange (electric) pumpkins to light the dinner table.
My wife would whip up lots of "spooky" foods, including bird bones
(mac 'n cheese) and mummy dogs (see picture), then my we'd take my
girls out for a fun - and full - night of trick-or-treating. They were
just like their Dad; they wanted to come home with A LOT of candy!

One year my girls went as The Spider Sisters. They used their ghoul
girl costumes, added lots of white makeup, then we applied little
spiders all over them. I've included a picture for your enjoyment (above)!

-Brian Nichols, College Park, AZ

P.S. - Mummy dogs are just hot dogs wrapped and baked in crescent rolls.
Add some eyes using ketchup or mustard when they're done and - voila! (see above pic)




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Halloween Is Coming....To All of Us!

This nice flashback coming in from Steve Wyka:

Hi, Ron,

So Autumn is upon us, which is my favorite time of the year, and that Halloween is right around the corner. Next to Christimas, my favorite holiday, period. Growing up in Garfield, New Jersey, those plastic masks, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Mr. Spock, The Six Million Dollar Man, just to name a few and the costume that came with it.

As kids, if Halloween, fell on a weekday, my brother and I would run home, put on our costumes, and from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, house after house after house, up and down hills, through leaves and grass, the ultimate goal, candy, loose change, candy, trading cards, (always stopped at those houses a least twice) and more candy! Trick-Or-Treat was a way of life, for us in the surburds of New Jersey.

And if the holiday fell on a weekend, forget it, all day and into the wee hours of the early night, we were kids, so how late did you think we could say outside! And, I can't forget, the home made costumes, one year, it was Captain Kirk (my personal hero), A Shiek and Bunch of Grapes and even a Shark!

So many good memories, with candy that would last until the New Year, Baby Ruth's Hershey Chocolate Bars, Three Musketeers (my favorite), bite size of course, unless you went to some of the really fancy houses and they would just leave a bowl outside, full size candy bars. And candy corn, you have to mention those little pieces of candy joy, amazing! So when I look back, the really cool and scary costumes, the pure excitement of walking up the walkway to the door, "Trick-Or-Treat" and as my eyes would light up as my pillow case would fill up, the best!

So for us MONSTER BOOM GENERATION KIDS-October-Halloween-Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror and Cult Classic horror films! Bring on all those scares, thrills and chills all month long!


Steven Wyka, Wallington, NJ


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