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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Friday May 27 - Memorial Day Weekend, 2016

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: A lot of the Mexican movie monsters seemed patterned after classic Universal monsters....but not their Aztec Mummy! This walking ancient corpse of a creature was unique and scary. Get THE AZTEC MUMMY (1957), CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY (1957) and THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (1959) on DVD here at Creepy Classics.

Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

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New! Mummy Lobby Cards

Now in stock, dusted off from the Mummy's tomb, classic lobby card reproctions from THE MUMMY (1932). Issued on card stock and each in a heavy, protective, crystal clear acrylic slip sleeve. Collect them like giant-size trading cards, or use them for display in your own personal movie room.

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Happy Birthday To The Mighty Three

This in from Victoria Price at Creepy Classics/Monster Bash:

Hello and Happy Birthday to three dear friends!
No one in my family ever put much stock in astrology. But you've got to admit it IS pretty interesting that three horror icons and dear friends were born within a day of one another: Peter Cushing on May 26, and my dad and Christopher Lee on May 27. So here's to three wonderful men, iconic actors, and great friends. Let's raise a toast to them today -- while enjoying this wonderful clip of Chris sharing his memories of their friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENTLEMEN!



Appearing in-person, meet: Greg Moffett (ROBOT MONSTER), Sharyn Moffett (THE BODY SNATCHER), Conrad Brooks (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE), Audrey Dalton (MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, MR. SARDONICUS, THRILLER with Boris Karloff), JO MORROW (13 GHOSTS), Claudia Barrett (ROBOT MONSTER), Jimmy Hunt (INVADERS FROM MARS), plus Jeremy Ambler (THE WALKING DEAD), Tom Savini (CREEPSHOW), Wes Shank (FORBIDDEN PLANET props), Cortlandt Hull (nephew of Henry Hull - WEREWOLF OF LONDON), Tom Sullivan (EVIL DEAD, ARMY OF DARKNESS) and many, many more. Plus 200 vendor tables of classic monster merchandise.

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A sneak peek at the upcoming MONSTER BASH JULY 2016:

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Models Are Back In Shock Stock!

The great retro Mobious and Monarch models are re-shocked here at Creepy Classics. Both the standard and glow version of THE FORGOTTEN PRISONER OF CASTEL-MARE kits, The great BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN kit (with the monster and his mate), the Bela Lugosi as DRACULA (with victim), BATMAN and CATWOMAN from the 1966 classic TV series. Plus, not pictured, we're re-stocked on GORGO, the sequel model to the FORGOTTEN PRISONER - THE GHOST OF CASTEL-MARE (a rotting creepy living corpse) and the MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES two cool kits: CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and the KOGAR (Bob Burns) beastly ape!

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Fan Art!

Above is a very, very cool painting of the Hammer, Christopher Lee Mummy! It was painted by UK artist Robert Townshend.

This from Rob:

Hi Ron,

some paint pushed around to create a hopefully eerie portrait of Hammer Horror's 1959 telling of, The Mummy. An old favourite brimming with mood, atmosphere and tone, still creepy to watch even more so today as you really appreciate the work that went into all of the classic monster and science fiction films of that era.

I still shudder when watching any, "trapped in a burning room" fire scenes with the original, The Thing springing to mind.

All done for real and no green screen. Art is A4 size illustration board done in acrylics.

Best, Rob

Always appreciate all the monster love from the great artists out there.




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You can call too: (724) 238-4317.

This Year's MONSTER BASH is July 8-10, 2016

Tables are $250 each and include 2 VIP passes per table (so you can enjoy the whole show even when the vendor rooms aren't open). Plus, free electric, 6 foot table and two chairs per table complimentary, parking is free.

Dealer room hours:

Friday July 8: 3PM - 9PM / Saturday July 9: 10AM - 6PM / Sunday July 10: 10AM - 5PM

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More 11X14 lobby card reproductions from our favorite films have now dropped into the Creepy Crypt here at Creepy Classics! These are full color reproductions on card stock paper and are in clear acrylic, sturdy slip sleeves. It's like collecting giant-size trading cards, or they make for a great looking wall in your own personal movie room. Now in stock, various cards from HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944), THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1942), IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) and INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957).

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Actor Alan Young Passes Away at Age 96

Many of us, like yours truly, grew up knowing actor Alan Young as Wilbur on the MR. ED television show. The confidant of a talking horse! He also was in the classic George Pal science fiction classic THE TIME MACHINE (1960)....and for Disney was the voice of Scrooge McDuck!

He has passed away at 96 years old.

Thanks to Tony Russo for e-mailing me over the past weekend on the sad news.

Here's obit information:




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Monster Bash Is Coming Quick...

July 8-10, 2016....Mars, PA

The World's Greatest ALL CLASSIC Horror & Sci-Fi Fest - MONSTER BASH!

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A couple of new Blu-Ray discs are in stock early here at Creepy Classics: GOLD (1934/Mad Science gone amok) and THE MAGNETIC MONSTER (1953/Starring Richard Carlson). And....the latest film from MONSTER BASH regular Joshua Kennedy - THE NIGHT OF MEDUSA (2016/A retro horror that is a salute to Hammer's THE GORGON). Details:

GOLD (1934/Rare Early Science Fiction) - Blu-Ray
Stars Hans Albers and Brigitte Helm (the robotrix from METROPOLIS). The development of wild elaborate giant machinery, a process of transforming lead to gold is developed. A mad science alchemy. It leads to inner espionage and murder. A great twist of plot becomes a road to revenge. Brigiite Helm is the daughter of a crazed financier who is falling in love with the scientist. Produced in Germany with amazing special effects. In German with optional English subtitles.

Stars Richard Carlson, King Donovan, Jean Byron and Jarma Lewis. A magnetic disturbance could throw the earth out of orbit and destroy all life. Richard Carlson, the A-Man from the Office of Scientific Investigation discovers this magnetic monster's origin is atomic. It's a sci-fi race against time to destroy the atomic particles that have a life of their own. Audio Commentary and trailer.

THE NIGHT OF MEDUSA (2016/Retro Horror) - DVD
Film maker Joshua Kennedy (A regular attendee at the Monster Bash conference) was schooled in classic horror and science fiction. This film is a tribute and tip-of-the-hat to his favorite Hammer film, THE GORGON. A young foreign college student begins to realize that she is the reincarnation of Medusa. Death and mystery all centered around NYC's Museum of Art. Bonus feature film on this disc: SLAVE GIRLS ON THE MOON.



Creature Impressionism!

This in from UK artist Robert Townshend (he painted the above):

Hi Ron,

Thank you and just happy to help share the  memories of those great times, when as kids,  movies and TV ruled!

The excitement of seeing an old horror or sci-fi film listed in the TV guide quickly checking to make sure it didn't clash with one of mum's favourite shows?  If it did, the crawling stared (laffs!) Happy days!   

It is a real testament to the power and quality of the original monsters and films of the past that we still love and watch them today and have lost count of the times Invaders From Mars has been spun or, Frankenstein, Flight To Mars (love that film so!).  Any movies that had space flight and trips to outer planets and monsters and stuff was just the best back then and any model shots, rockets blast off's and the like....heaven!

The Creature...gave me nightmares and art is a reflection of that. As you rightly said, "what you don't see?!" 

Still rummaging through old art and finishing up newer pieces which will send when found/done.  

Best! - Rob



Above right: My cousin Doug and me on the right holding my beloved FAMOUS MONSTERS #56 in 1969. Dreaming of monster magazines and some place where I could meet other people that loved this stuff as much as I do.

Monster Bash Wins Rondo Award For Best Convention

Get signed-up for admission membership right now for the best classic monster convention in our Monster World - MONSTER BASH! A retro blast from our generation's past. Admissions discounted $5 right now:


It's a celebration of the movies we love with a film fest, a giant vendor room with the stuff that we just love, celebrities from the golden age of horror and sci-fi films and wrapped in a family reunion styled get together with the neighborhood monster kids from across the globe. All the details:

A gracious and loving thank you to all that took the time and effort to vote for us.

A special smile to fellow Monster Bashers that appeared in the Rondo Awards too, like Malcolm Gittins and John Sargent!

Best Best Wishes Ever!,

Ron Adams

Above: Ron, Forry and Kevin Slick at MONSTER BASH.

Next year will be 20 years and around 25 MONSTER BASHES! Monster Bash through the years, just a small, snipet of the fun-filled years:

Congratulations Ron this is really cool and so well deserved for you and Ursula (Paisley too!)
And how about Bill Cardille, Malcolm and (myself) getting named, ironically we both grew up watching Bill on Chiller Theater, and now are still growing up with you at the Monster Bash! -John Sargent

Thanks John....I grew up watching Chilly when I visited my grandparents in Grove City back in the 1960s-1980. Chilly's just great! -Ron

Congratulations for winning Rondo for best convention! Finally! The true greatest wins. I went to a recent winner out west once and it was a bore! Only about 5 hours of events a day, and low attendance at them. Impressive displays and dealers room, but cannot compare to the all day and night pleasures of the Bash!!! -Ken Blose

Hi Ken, thanks for the nice words. I think we won a handful a few years back, but not for a while. Nice that folks liked us! -Ron

Hi Ron:

Congratulations on winning for best convention.
In my book, the Monster Bash has always been the best convention around.

Take care,

Bruce Tinkel

Thank you, Bruce.....always a pleasure seeing you at the numerous shows over the year!

Congratulations Ron on the Rondo award. Much deserved. Can't wait to Bash again this summer!
Rich Shegogue
Basher from Germantown, MD

Thanks Rich....the monsters are coming back to Mars, PA!

Above: Tom Jackson's wife Eileen gets to meet a mummy at Bash!

Congratulations, Ron, (We all knew it years ago)

And a big congratulations to Chilly Billy Cardille for those saturday nights in the 1960s watching movies with that cool host.

And to John Sargent, a fellow artist. Congratulations my friend.

Tom Jackson

Thanks Tom! You and Eileen are Monster Bash family....

Forgive my lateness in passing on my  Kongratulations on winning the Rondo for best classic monster convention! Brilliant!

As a decrepit, middle-aged and rambling monster kid still locked in the vice-like grip of nice to know that the originals are still as popular as even and can't keep a classic monster down.  No matter what whiz-bang visuals they do today nothing will ever come close to touching the magnificence to the original cast of classic monsters. 

Men in monster suits! Models spaceships on wires...the stuff of dreams!

Best! -Rob Townshend

Thank you Rob!



Get Ready To MONSTER BASH in July!

All the fun of the classic monster movie conference is gearing up to happen again in July 8-10,'s MONSTER BASH! Entertainment, shopping, guest movie and TV stars!

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Note: The programming schedule is now posted! It's at:




Audrey Dalton

Unfortunately, Richard Eyer's wife has had an injury and Rich won't be able to make this summer's MONSTER BASH....but, look who's coming! Audrey Dalton!

Audrey's list of credits include: THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957), William Castle's MR. SARDONICUS, Boris Karloff THRILLER (shows: THE PREDICTION, THE HOLLOW WATCHER & HAY-FORK AND BILL-HOOK), WILD WILD WEST: THE NIGHT OF THE COBRA, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, WAGON TRAIN, DEATH VALLEY DAYS, BONANZA, WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR (THE GRISWOLD MURDER), THUNDERING JETS (with Rex Reason, Dick Foran, Robert Conrad & Bob Dix), HOLD BACK THE NIGHT (with Chuck Conners & Peter Graves), CASANOVA'S BIG NIGHT (with Bob Hope, Joan Fontaine, John Carradine, Basil Rathbone & Lon Chaney, Jr.)....and TITANIC (with Clifton Webb, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Wagner & Richard Basehart)....PLUS many, many more!

Get on board the MONSTER BASH express now!

Voted number one convention by the fans in the Rondo Awards this year!

CLICK HERE to see all about MONSTER BASH and get your membership admission now!



Tales of the MoleMan by M. Oleman

John Agar's Jacket

Skulking around flea markets, garage sales and all other places where people set up tables to dispose of the accumulated miscellany of their lives is one of the greatest ways, that those of us fortunate enough to have not been born into an aristocratic lifestyle, can spend an afternoon. As I looked through the piles of old shoes and clothes, polaroid cameras, broken toys and mismatched sets of Elvis collectible TV trays which lay side-by-side with bowling trophies and fifty year old needlework of the Eiffel Tower, I thought of the poor slobs lounging around on yachts bored out of their skulls and pretending they were having a good time. As far as I was concerned, just about everything in the world worth having had been manufactured years ago and it was just of matter of looking in the right place to find it.

I was at a yard sale on the South Side rummaging through a box of old toys trying to beat the kid next to me to the good stuff. So far I had found several slightly chewed Mad Balls and what looked like part of the foot from the Aurora Creature From the Black Lagoon model. Meanwhile the kid dug up a very tattered and dog-eared copy of issue #7 of The Creeper with a great Ditko cover, which he wouldn't give up no matter how much I pleaded. The kid dug through boxes and every once in a while another kid, bigger and older, probably his brother, would come by and hit him and tell him to hurry up, which made me nostalgic for the days when I used to boss around my kid brother. I was having a good time and thankful for the great bounty of junk that abounded when I saw the jacket. THE jacket.

The clouds hung in the firmament by unseen strings as I looked around warily, not wanting anyone to notice the focus of my attention. There were few rules in the wild west of flea markets, but one rock solid fundamental was that who so ever putteth their hands on an item hath the right of first refusal. That is, to buy it or not. A motley rabble milled around, each one a potential rival. My knees were wobbly and it took me a week to walk the fifteen feet to the rack that the jacket was sharing with a hounds tooth sports coat and a very tattered Pitcairn softball jersey that had the name "Fuzzy" stenciled on the back. Casually and nonchalantly I walked up to the rack and bent in close. The jacket smelled vaguely of mothballs and mushrooms.This was truly and without a doubt the very same coat worn by John Agar in THE MOLE PEOPLE, a movie I had seen at least a hundred times. How it got here, two thousand miles from Hollywood was a mystery, but stranger things have happened in this plane of existence. Who among us could explain the popularity of Soupy Sales or The Gong Show, or why Chrysler LeBarons sold like hotcakes at one time. Mysteries all. But however it got here, I had no doubt that this was the genuine article. Taking it off it's hanger I examined it closely. The price tag affixed said three dollars. How could this be? It was worth a fortune. Cradling it gently, I took it up to a guy sitting behind a card table picking his teeth with a GI Joe bayonet.

"Ahhh, the jacket" he said as I put in on the table. He had a knowing look that said he knew exactly what he had, and made it seem that he knew that I knew. At this point I wasn't sure what his game was, but I was not about to quibble or chance losing out. I pulled five $20 bills out of my pocket and laid them in front of him.

"A hundred dollars?" he said incredulously, and seemed about to expound on this when I stopped him by holding up my hand. I then reached into the other pocket and pulled out another hundred. His eyes widened but he said nothing, just looked down at the cash. He was playing it right up to the brink. A shrewd bargainer. I studied him for a few seconds then stooped over and leaned in close. He had an aromatic breath. Shlitz, or maybe Iron City. With a hint of corned beef.

"Look" I said talking in a growled whisper, "we both know what's going on here, but I've only got so much cash on me. If you wanted the full value of the jacket you should have taken it to London and had Sotheby's or Christies auction it off. But I'm here right now in front of you with cash."

He was about to say something but I held up my hand cutting him off, then reached down to my right boot where I always kept a $50 bill folded up and tucked into the laces. This was my emergency money, in case I ran across an old forgotten stockpile of Banana Flips or a set of hubcaps for a 1965 Rambler Classic. I layed it on top of the pile of money and watched his eyes carefully. He made a grab for the cash but I stopped him by slamming my hand down on the stack of bills before he could touch it. He was holding something back. His eagerness to make a deal made me suspicious. We stared at each other for a year while birds chirped and an old lady came up and slapped down 50 cents for a VHS copy of KRULL. I cursed myself for missing that but tried to stay on track. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a crumpled piece of paper which when unfolded turned out to be a page from a Mighty Mouse coloring book. How that got into my pocket I hadn't the faintest, but I turned it over to the blank side and wrote "I, the undersigned freely and without duress give up all rights forever in perpetuity to the John Agar jacket." Shoving the paper across the table I said simply "sign."

He shrugged his shoulders, muttered "whatever" and scribbled his signature. I then grabbed the paper away as he snatched up the money. Holding the jacket in the air over my head I gave a whoop of triumph that reverberated off the nearby houses and sent aflight the mourning doves resting on the wires above. I slipped the jacket on slowly and carefully. It fit like a glove. I was suddenly in the caves below Mount Kuitara. I could hear the shrieks of the Mole People and the pontificating of the High Priest. The former owner of the jacket just sat staring at me. I could only interpret his look as one of shock as the full realization of what he had done sunk in. After all, I now possessed the John Agar jacket and all he had was a wad of increasingly worthless Federal Reserve Notes. Nothing but paper. Lousy money.

Victory is a intoxicating thing and can go to a man's head, but I stepped back and paused. I wondered if General Jackson had felt a little sorry for Pakenham after beating him at New Orleans. And surely when Haystacks Calhoun stood over a defeated Happy Humphrey at Madison Square Garden he felt a little remorse and probably even helped his beaten 800 pound rival back into his modified '51 Pontiac at the end of the evening. This man, this benighted soul who sat behind the stained, green Samsonite card table had been outmaneuvered in fair combat, and deserved the respect of a fallen foe.

And so I saluted him, and gave my solemn promise that I would take good care of the jacket. It would be only hand washed, never in a machine, and I would never put it on a wire hanger. Only the finest teak wood hangers would do. And when that fateful day came, and I passed on to eternity, the jacket would be willed to someone who would cherish it as I did. As I walked away I felt something in the right jacket pocket. Reaching in, I pulled out a wadded up candy bar wrapper. Could this have been a candy bar eaten by the great John Agar? Carefully, so as not to damage it, I smoothed out the paper wrapping so I could read it. Zagnut. Reported to be John Agar's favorite. Irrefutable proof of the jacket's authenticity. And I will never believe otherwise.



Malcolm Gittins Work For Monster Bash

Dear Ron, I just wanted to say once again, 'Kongratulations' of the Monster Bash winning the Rondo Award for Best Classic Convention! But, everyone who attends already knew that! And Speaking of Rondos, how great is it that Chilly Billy was inducted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame! So well deserved, and for me in this years awards, I finished second in a tight race for Fan Artist of Year, and named the only runner up!

And, it was nice to see fellow artist John Sargent being there as one of the 'honorable mentions'..Fan Artist is always one of the tightest contests..I also wanted to share two new paintings I'll have at my table at July's Monster Bash, Vincent Price and Rondo Hatton!!

And, something really special, T-Shirts for Chilly Billy and Uncle Forry! Both are my original photos, and I'm so happy that I was able to get them made. I'm greatly looking forward to July and all the Monster Bashers are invited to 'lurk' by my table!!

Thanks, Malcolm

See Malcolm Gittins' table in the "Dealer Ballroom" at MONSTER BASH this July.



Mexican Monster Party

May 2016

By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter author of The Mexican Masked Wrestler & Monster Filmography

Hola amigos. I really hate to start off the column this bad news, but that's the reason it's a (very) special edition. As you're probably aware by now, we lost a dear member of the Monster Bash Family, Vince Rotolo, on April 27th. I had just spoken to he, his wife Mary, and my brother Juan Ortiz on the Sunday just before that, as I was a guest on the B-MOVIE PODCAST. For that episode, the hosts decided to run LADRON DE CADAVERES, ("Body Snatchers"), and so this one's for you, Vince! And Mary, the whole Bash community is in mourning, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

LADRON DE CADAVERES is A CLASSIC; one of the films that helped establish the ground rules for... well, pretty much everything that followed. HURACAN RAMIREZ, EL ENMASCARADO DE PLATA, and the LA SOMBRA VENGADORA are the other films; they introduced and sold to the public the idea of Masked Wrestlers as action stars. BODY SNATCHERS introduced the all-important Monster element. But the movie was not the "Wrestler Meets Monster" epic that would become so prevalent in s short time; no, BODY SNATCHERS takes it One Step Beyond and the wrestler actually IS the monster!

LADRON DE CADAVERES features the first appearance of a plot device that would be utilized over and over again (particularly by screenwriter Alfredo Salazar, brother of Abel). A mad scientist wants to create a monster via brain transplants, and decides that a professional wrestler would make the perfect specimen. After many attempts, coupled with as many failures, he finds THE perfect specimen, a poor country boy who wants to become a wrestling star. "Guillermo Santana" is played by Wolf Ruvinskis, who actually was a wrestling star, but injuries forced him to retire. He plays Santana very sympathetically, and that serves to make his eventual transformation into monster all the more sad.

The cartel which controls the wrestling turns Santana into a masked wrestler, El Vampiro. On the night of his most important match to date, the mad doctor Ogden contrives to have El Vampiro die in the ring, then steals his corpse and performs the mind-switching surgery. And what's the first thing a mad scientist who has created a monster does with his crowning achievement? Why, he sends him out to wrestle, of course! In another "blueprint" scene, the now-monsterized Santana, first kills his opponent, then tears off his mask to reveal a snarling ape-monster. He goes on the expected rampage, and meets his death by being shot and falling from a tall building. A nice touch is that Ruvinskis' makeup gets more and more monstrous as the film goes on.

I could go on and on about this film; watch the film and listen to all of us go on and on about it on the B-MOVIE PODCAST. That concludes this month's column, and I'll end it the usual way, by suggesting that everybody go to The Animal Rescue Site, where you can click for free to provide food and care to shelter animals. Better yet, adopt one! Hasta Luego and Vaya con Dios, Vince; the whole Monster Bash Family misses you terribly.

Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher

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It's FILMFAX #144

In this great magazine: Actress Beverly Washburn remembers STAR TREK, child actors in early Hollywood, SEA HUNT, Jack Kirby and Marvel Monsters, Robots, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO COUNT DRACULA and more cult movie interviews and insight!

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The next issue of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE is scheduled for publication in June 2015....just in time for the July MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. Distributed in magazine shops, comic shops, horror conventions across the nation, all around the United States and Europe.

Cover painting by Lorraine Bush.

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Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

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