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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Thanksgiving November 23 - Black Friday November 24, 2017!

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: It's turkey dinner with all your family, friends and fiends! Dress up, put on your suit and's Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving week and we're gearing up...for a big SPECIAL "Black Friday!" All day on Black Friday we will have massive FREE FREAK-OUT packs to giveaway. It will be a different pack each hour...changing hourly from 5AM - 5PM on Friday, November 24th. They will appear on this page...changing each hour. BLACK FRIDAY FREE FREAK-OUT PACKS will be BIG. They will be by phone orders only, so get (724) 238-4317 in your phone and ready to call Creepy Classics.

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Thanksgiving and King Kong

It's That Time To Reminisce About Thanksgiving, and One Large Gorilla

Thanksgivings were magic for me back in the late sixties and early seventies. We lived in State College, PA at that time (my parents and sister still do, I moved to the Pittsburgh area in the 1980s). We had early cable in 1968. It was Centre Video. If we didn't have cable, we only got three channels...Altoona, Johnstown (fuzzy),and University Park - PBS. I don't count Channel 16 from Scranton, it came in only sometimes, fuzzy, with a lot of rabbit ear antenna struggling.

But, with this "new thing" - cable...we got eight channels in 1968! Imagine that - eight channels to choose from. And, believe it or not, there was more choices I liked to watch then, than with 200 channels today. It was all because of three New York City stations (technically one was Secaucus, New Jersey): WNEW 5, WOR 9, and WPIX 11. Wow....independents that played an almost non-stop rush of movies from the 1930s-1950s.

On Thanksgiving, Channel 9 started a tradition that would carry on for over a decade. KING KONG on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I think there were a few Thanksgivings that KONG played multiple, multiple times during the day. SON OF KONG and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG would be in the mix as well. And, in between things, I'd flip over to Channel 11 for the Thanksgiving showing of MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS! Laurel and Hardy meeting up with those manimals - The Bogeymen. Hideous man-beasts that lived in caverns below the earth.

So, it is with joy, I had Thanksgiving with KING KONG (1933), SON OF KONG (1933), MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1949), and MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS. The combination of Thanksgiving and those movies branding themselves in me. All this while the aroma of baking turkey came from the kitchen. The house, overly warm from the oven being on since the wee hours of the morning. And, that smell of sage meant stuffing (my favorite) was to be had by all too!

During commercial breaks, I would slip out to the kitchen and snitch a green olive and a piece of celery. Sugar cookies had been baked by my mom and my sister.

The meal and family are together and Carl Denham has captured the biggest gorilla ever. Stan and Ollie have beaten the Bogeymen and the evil Barnaby. Joe Young was climbing a tree and saving a little girl from a burning orphanage. It's all the 8th Wonder of the World.

It's KING KONG, it's Thanksgiving.

I'll be watching all of those films every Thanksgiving. And now, cooking the turkey and making the stuffing with my wife and daughter at Thanksgivings. My daughter knows all too well that Thanksgiving and KING KONG are inseparable.

Now in 2017, on this Thanksgiving, my dad, my aunt, cousins, and a few Bash staffers may join us too....they might even catch a glimpse of Skull Island and a giant ape at our house.

From my house to yours, the warmest MONSTER BASH wishes this Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

-Ron Adams, Ligonier, PA 2017

Click below, and remember...

-Your thoughts? --Flashback with us and e-mail:

Ron, I really enjoy your reminiscing emails. Great stuff and happy memories.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Btw, I bought 4 tickets early this week to the new musical opening on Broadway in the fall of 2018........King Kong!!

Best regards, Doug Whitenack, NJ

Dear Ron,

Thank you much for what you do, for keeping the flame alive! Yes! Thanksgiving with Kong, his son and Mr. Joseph Young was an event I looked forward to every year, and miss dearly. It shaped me, inspiring all the monster work I've done since - Monster Island, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and my web series Fear Force Five (which draws slightly more from 9's Toho-Thanksgiving plus 1:)

Hope to join you all at one of your upcoming bashes! You're the best!

Jack Perez
Hollywood, CA

Hey Ron, what was the reason for the station showing King Kong every Thanksgiving? Did they run promos like “We’re APE over turkey!” Or something to that effect? It’s a great tradition.

Brian Nichols, TX

Hi Brian, no particular reason other than I guess they were big "spectacle" movies. They just started doing it and it when on for yours. So, it branded with viewers' Thanksgiving dinners!

Dear Mr. Adams, As someone who grew up in Jamaica Queens, I remember well all the things you mentioned.  My earliest Thanksgiving memory was excitedly watching the dinosaur fight from "King Kong," and it was always a thrill watching the Wooden Soldiers go house to house, clearing Toyland of the Bogey Men.

                  Keep up the good work.  Sincerely,  Kevin Browne, NY

Jersey style MIGHTY JOE wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Kevin Mulligan, NJ


I loved your article on Thanksgiving and King Kong. It brings great memories of my childhood. Life was much more family oriented then, you sat together and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then you got to watch all those great movies while waiting for dinner. You looked forward each year to King Kong or the Yule Log or watching It's a Wonderful Life. It may sound silly to most people now a days but it was part of our childhood then and it is something that is lacking in todays high tech society. I would give anything to go back in time and relive those times over again.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

-Tony Russo, NJ

Hi, Ron, so the Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us and I think it is wonderful that there are so many of us MONSTER BOOM GENERATION KIDS, around to appreciate the many memories that WOR-TV Channel 9 have given us. I come from a large family and growing up in Garfield NJ, Thanksgiving and King Kong, was a yearly event, that I always looked forward to each year.

Our family would often rent a hall at the local Knights of Columbus or Hillside Club in Wallington, my dad grew up there and with plenty of food and cousins everywhere, it was simply great. But most if all I would sit in front of the television and watch this 8th Wonder of the World, ravage through Skull Island and then New York City in search of the beauty, Ann Darrow!

Then Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young, it just did not get any better then that on this holiday. Let us not forget, the dream match up King Kong vs. Godzilla, 2 monsters for the price of one, amazing!

So thank you Ron for helping me recapture those fond monster memories and thanks to you, I can watch all those classic films in the comfort of my own home.


-Steve Wyka, Wallington, New Jersey



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Monster Basher David "The Rock" Nelson on WGN-TV

Here's video from this past Halloween's TV broadcast of David "The Rock" Nelson's appearance on WGN in Chicago. He screened his latest movie I WAS A TEENAGE GORILLA MONSTER, sometimes known as GORILLA MAN. David is a perennial guest at the MONSTER BASH conferences. You'll see that David is sporting his fall fashion, a MONSTER BASH Tor Johnson t-shirt under his suit jacket. Nice.

CLICK HERE to see the video of his appearance!

And....see him at MONSTER BASH in June 2018! If you dare....



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Wow, wheee! Check out the vintage paperbacks now stock piled in our Creepy Bookstore:

MONSTERS AND NIGHTMARES - Collectible Paperback
Like new! Appears unopened, unread! 1967 first edition by Bernhardt J. Hurwood. 35 true tales of horror: vampires, grave robbers, ghosts, banshees....starts off with the story: The Monstrous Maggot of Death! Whoah! Lots of classical style illustrations. Collectible paperback. 156 pages.

FRANKENSTEIN READER Edited by C. Beck - Collectible Paperback
Edited by the editor of CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN magazine. Great anthology of classic horror tales, including stories by Robert Lewis Stevenson, H.G. Wells, E.F. Benson, Ambrose Bierce, Charles Dickens and more of the best of the best. 1962 first edition paperback. Average wear, good condition, tight spine. Nice!

GHOUL LOVER (Frankenstein Horror Series) - Collectible Paperback
Collectible paperback from the Frankenstein Horror Series. First edition from 1972. By Robert Tralins. Used, but in very good condition. The incredible Dr. von Corsel brings a beautiful young girl back to life - to feed his fiendish appetite. 208 pages.

INVISIBLE MEN (Anthology by Basil Davenport) - Paperback
Provocative stories of the weird and humorous involving invisibility! 1960 first edition Ballantine paperback. Great stories by Fletcher Pratt, L. Sprague de Camp, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells, Charles Beaumont, Theodore Sturgeon and more. 158 pages. Normal wear.

MARROW EATERS (Frankenstein Horror Series) - Paperback Book
Collectible paperback from the Frankenstein Horror Series. First edition from 1972. By Harris Moore. Used, but in good condition. Torn from his eternal grave, the monster rose to suck the life from human bones. 189 pages.

NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS by Fritz Lieber, Jr. - Paperback
Rare, collectible 1961 first edition paperback. Appears unread and unopened! Nine great tales of horror from author Fritz Lieber, Jr. Stories include Smoke Ghost, The Inheritance, The Hill and The Hole, The Sunken Land and more. 143 pages.

By John Keir Cross. Ballantine paperback first edition from 1961. Creepy horror stories to make you shiver. Stories include The Glass Eye, Hands, Miss Thing and The Surrealist, Music When Soft Voices Die, The Other Passenger and more. Rare, collectible horror paperback. 159 pages.

TALES TO BE TOLD IN THE DARK (Anthology) - Used Paperback
A classic anthology of the greatest horror stories that will chill you to the bone! Stories include The Beast with Five Fingers, Thus I Refute Beelzy, The Open Window, The Closet Cabinet and more terror tales. 159 pages. Used paperback with tape on spine and some cover chipping, but complete and readable! Name inside on front page.

BOGEY MEN by Robert Bloch (First Edition 1963) - Paperback
A 1963 first edition by Robert Bloch (PSYCHO). Ten horror stories by Bloch. Seemly unread, GREAT condition collectible paperback. Rare! Includes The Skull, Broomstick Ride, The Shoes, The Ghost Writer and more terror tales.

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New! Universal Monster Magic Pictures Book

A rare, unique Universal Monsters craft book that was issues briefly in 1992. It features pages of illustrations from classic Universal horror films and the gimmick of a blank area in each illustration. You rub a pencil across the area and a new part of the picture appears. Most kids would do this, then discard. This is an unused magic book. No marks! Magazine size.

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Obscure TV Show

This sent in by reader Tony Russo:

I saw this episode of this bad hardly seen TV show (MACK AND MYER) from the 1960's. I wonder if anyone remembers it.

Tony, NJ

Here a link to the episode:



New! Pulpster Magazine

It's here, PULPSTER MAGAZINE at Creepy Classics...if you like those classic sci-fi, horror and mystery pulp magazines of the will love PULPSTER magazine.

PULPSTER #26 - Magazine
A great publication on Pulp magazines! Articles on Robert Bloch, WEIRD TALES, How To Repair Pulp Magazines in Your Collection, Dangerous Dames in Pulp Fiction and much more. Great photos and illustrations. Top notch production value and layouts. Full magazine size with color card stock notch publication.

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Thanksghoulish Giving

The above pencil art for Thanksgiving submitted by artist Strider Raven in North Carolina.

Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!




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THE DEVIL'S RAIN (1975) - Blu-Ray
Ernest Borgnine stars as the leader of a demon cult. Also stars: Ida Lupino, John Travolta, William Shatner, Keenan Winn and Eddie Albert! I think it looks like rain...HD transfer with piles of extras: interviews with William Shatner, Tom Skerritt, the director, make-up man, trailers, commentary and even more!

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RememberThe Rings?

Hi Ron,

Remember back when you get a cool set of monster collectibles for under $1?

Hope you & your family have a great Thanksgiving!

All the best,
Kevin Mulligan, NJ

Kevin, I remember getting these, or similar ones that were all plastic silver in bubble gum vending machines in the Kroger Grocery Store back in the 1960s. Man, they were cool little monster images. -Ron



New! Universal Monsters Valentines

After we get past Thanksgiving and Christmas....Valentine's Day will be just around the coffin's corner. We have new, unopened boxes of Universal Monster Valentines. We only have one case of these new cards. So get yours and be prepared for the Monster's don't want to disappoint her, or she'll just hiss and scream again.

A new, unopened box of Universal Monster Valentine cards! There are ten different style cards: Wolf Man, Frankenstein Monster, Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, Phantom of the Opera, Dracula...more! Cards are each 4 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Licensed through Universal and Lon Chaney Enterprises. Get ready for Valentines Day now, Monster Kids!

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Happy Birthday Ron Chaney!

Above: Jamie Slick, Kevin Slick and Ron Chaney at Monster Bash Above: Monster Bash Producer Ron Adams with Ron Chaney in The Wolf Man make-up at Bash!
Above: Ron Chaney with one of Bill Diamond's muppets from MONSTER TV. Above: Ron Chaney gives Paisley Adams a hug at MONSTER BASH in Mars, Pa.

It's Ron Chaney's birthday....grandson of Lon Chaney, Jr., and great grandson of Lon Chaney, Sr.! This MONSTER BASH alumni has appeared at many of the shows. A great, great guy who's always a pleasure to hang out with. Thanks to fan Mark Wilhelm for reminding us that it's Ron Chaney's birthday.

Best Bash Birthday Ron Chaney from Ron Adams and all the gang at MONSTER BASH.



New! The Little Big Heads Are Shock Stock

The very popular Sideshow Company "Little Big Head" figures from years ago were very popular. We have a stock of them now. Some, unopened, in blister packs, some that were used for display. If you needed any of these to complete a collection, or wanted to get a favorite for your work space, or for your shelf at they are.

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Now here at Creepy Classics, some great vintage mags: many new addition back issues of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (from the 1960s and 1970s), CULT MOVIES magazine, Forrest J Ackerman's 1980s mag called MONSTERLAND and the very first issue of SHRIEK! from 1965.

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It's in shock stock now, and shipping to your door....MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #31!

In this shock issue: Monsters On Wax...your favorite vintage monster records, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, The Testament of A Werewolf - Larry Talbot's Story, Inside Boris Karloff's THE BLACK ROOM (1935), Monster Kid Flashbacks, Latest Classic Monster Flicks on Blu and DVD, BLOOD OF DRACULA from the crypt's script.

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This horror oddity, THE MONSTER CLUB (1981) has gone out of prin on both DVD and Blu-Ray. We have a very limited supply of the Region 2, HD Blu-Ray of this film in shock stock right now. Keep in mind, you need either an All Region Blu-Ray player or Region 2 Blu-Ray player to use this factory sealed Blu-Ray disc.

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Here are the details:

THE MONSTER CLUB (1981) - Region 2 Blu-Ray
NOTE: This is a region 2 Blu-Ray. Plays in "All Region" players or "Region 2" players. Will not play in standard USA Region 1 players. A horror anthology film that stars Vincent Price (as a vampire), John Carradine, Donald Pleasence, Stuart Whitman, Richard Johnson, Barbara Kellerman, Britt Ekland, Simon Ward and Patrick Magee. What a ghastly cast! Directed by Hammer Film veteran Roy Ward Baker. A crazy, ghoulish disco is the unlikely wrap around point for tales of Gothic horror. An unusual horror anthology oddity! HD transfer from original film!

Get it, before its gone, gone, gone in our New Blu-Ray Department here at Creepy Classics.



New! A Variety of Items

Just doing a little catch-all blurb here on a variety of odds 'n' ends that have just dropped into our catalog of offerings. Here's some items that have just been entered: Collectible convention program guides from shows around the country including: GHOULARDIFEST, THE MID-ATLANTIC NOSTALGIA CONVENTION, CINEMA WASTELAND and others. Like new, used blu-rays at super low prices including THE ANGRY RED PLANET (1959) and THE INVISIBLE MONSTER (1950) and more, more, more! THE CREEPS magazine #2 and others....

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Saturday, November 25th Screening

In honor of the KING KONG, Thanksgiving tradition we all love, Joey Vento is screening KONG at The Haunted Barn Movie Museum in Saturday, November 25th. Details from Joey:

Step into Thanksgiving 1970s, as we remembered it!  It was a NYC tradition and Haunted Barn is going to re-create for you...we're not even shutting the lights...a very impromptu KONGSGIVING to get to know new members and to celebrate with old fiends!!  Please bring a snack or drink to share with your fellow Skull Islanders. This is the actual Channel 9 broadcast of the "Holiday Movie Special" complete with ALL the original commercials you love! Come share it all over again with us!!!

Where is this all taking place? Here's where:

The Chapel Theatre, 4 Old Dominion Road, Blooming Grove, NY 10914

Set your GPS and hop in Kong's Thronester!


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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