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Creepy Classics & Monster Bash News

It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases.

Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films & retro TV from the silent era through the 1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about childhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conferences.

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Friday April 18 - Monday April 22, 2024

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: A close-up study of Lon Chaney, Jr.'s make-up for ONE MILLION B.C. (1940). Get the film on Blu-Ray or DVD, here at Creepy Classics.

Get all your favorite monster movies on Blu-Ray or DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics. Just put the title you want in the "Search" field and go!

Click HERE and start browsing the greatest store for classic horror and classic science fiction.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

Join Creepy Classics in Person! April Ghouls....

Get ready IT'S ALMOST HERE! Creepy Classics is back on the road and we're super excited about the first show of the year:

APRIL GHOUL'S MONSTER RAMA - Riverside Drive-In, Vandergrift, PA. April 26-27, 2024.

George Reis and DVD Drive-In present the SUPER MONSTER-RAMA at the drive-in! Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be there! We'll see you there for two nights of terror!!! The drive-in is offering overnight camping, parking with a free hot big Bash-size breakfast.
Here's their site - CLICK HERE.

Contact the Riverside Drive-In directly about camping, CLICK HERE!



New! Hunchback Beanie Collectible

A handful of years back Universal issued a series of Beanie monsters. This was in that series:

8" plush Beanie from Universal Monsters Collection. Has original Universal Monsters tag. Quasimodo, the hunchback bell-ringer is ready to rest on your collectibles shelf!

You can see this and other Universal Monster merchandise in our Universal Monsters Department at Creepy Classics! We hang out there a lot.



New! Vintage Catalogs...

Check these cool catalogs out:

SERIES, SERIALS, & PACKAGES (1969) - TV Film Source Book
A catalog that would have been found on the desk of TV programmers in 1969. This vintage TV film source book is abot 300 pages thick! It lists TV series, documentaries, cartoons, movies, game shows...and more! This was issued by Warner Brothers soliciting their programs available for television play in 1969. Huge listings, part of TV history now.

A heavy paper stock glossy catalog for the Heritage Auction of July 2006. Beautiful reproductions of hundreds of movie posters: 1950s science fiction, 1930s horror, Bogart films, Star Wars...eye-popping collectibles. This is an extra thick catalog with over 280 pages. Appears new and unused!

MOTION PICTURE POSTERS & MEMORABILIA (Nov. 1994 Camden) - Auction Catalog
A beautiful 160 page glossy catalog on heavy stock paper. Displays super nice reproductions of movie posters, scripts, costumes, etc. of items that appeared in Camden House's auction of November 1994. Page after page of amazing collectibles. Excellent condition, appears unused.

CLASSIC FILM POSTERS & MEMORABILIA (Camden June 1994) - Auction Catalog
A beautiful 154 page glossy catalog on heavy stock paper. Displays super nice reproductions of movie posters, scripts, costumes, etc. of items that appeared in Camden House's auction of June 1994. Page after page of amazing collectibles. Excellent condition, appears unused.

Get these in our Collectibles Department right now at Creepy Classics!



New! An Original Theater Poster for SUSPIRIA

Now available, this original theater poster for a serious collector:

SUSPIRIA (1977) - Original One Sheet Theater Poster
An original SUSPIRIA theater movie poster issued by the National Screen Service in 1977. To promote Dario Argento's modern horror classic. Original theater poster (not a reproduction). Only four tiny pin holes in corner from theater usage. No tears. A cult collectible. 27 inches x 41 inches. Folded.

This won't last long, a cult movie fan will get it fast (maybe you!). It's in our Original Movie Poster Department at Creepy Classics.


Guests Stars Coming To Bash! Plus, More Info on the Summer 2024 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE

Check out the guests and get your admission memberships, discounted now.

See the guests list, CLICK HERE.

Get your admission memberships now, CLICK HERE.

See all the info, CLICK HERE!

See the preview video, CLICK HERE!



New! More Great Used DVDs

For the budget minded, here are some DVDs that you may have missed in your collection...get 'em now:

Ray Milland stars as a scientist that happens upon x-ray vision....only to go stark-raving mad. Like new. Audio commentary with director Roger Corman.

COMEDY OF TERRORS (1963)/THE RAVEN (1963) - Double Feature Used DVD
THE COMEDY OF TERRORS (1963) Stars Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, Joe E. Brown, Joyce Jameson. Price is an unscrupulous funeral director in the horror-comedy loaded with an incredible star list. Lorre and Rathbone are hysterical! This is one of those black-comedies that gets funnier with each viewing. They keep trying to bury Rathbone....who just won't stay dead...he always awake saying "WHAT PLACE IS THIS?!" THE RAVEN (1963) Tongue-in-cheek fantasy-horror romp with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre! Peter Lorre is literally turned into a raven as wizards Price and Karloff battle. A drive-in fright flick from director Roger Corman!

Stars Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley and Lloyd Bochner. A creepy young man shows up in a local library and steals the Necronomican, a book on the mystic evils of a long-forgotten race of supernatural beings. Then things start getting tense as weird forces are released and the young warlock has eyes for taking Sandra Dee into a different dimension with him. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's classic story and full of drive-in horror weirdness!

Stars Harry Hamlin, Judi Boher, Burgess Meredith, Maggie Smith and Ursula Andress. The story of Perseus and his battle against the gods and monsters. Brought to life by the animation genius of Ray Harryhausen.

Get any of the above used DVDs, or select from hundreds more, in our Used DVD Department at this Creepy Classics corner store!



New! Original One Sheet Theater Poster for NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST

Now available for original movie poster collectors and Paul Naschy fans:

NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST (1967) - Original One Sheet Movie Poster
An original USA one sheet theater poster from Costellation Films for NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST. A Paul Naschy werewolf horror film imported from Spain. In almost perfect condition, a couple tiny corner pin holes. Excellent condition. Original folds. 27 x 41 inches. Colors still vibrant, heavy stock poster paper.

...and, also available:

NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST - 1976 America Pressbook
An original USA pressbook from Costellation Films for NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST. A Paul Naschy werewolf horror film imported from Spain. Four page glossy pressbook. 11x16 inches. Note: small tear on front cover, four corner pin-holes (a theater must have posted this pressbook) to adveritise. Inside are newspaper ready ads (no cut-outs), back cover features a photo montage of scenes from the movie.

Get these in our Original Movie Posters & Lobby Cards Department, at your local monster museum on the Internet....Creepy Classics!



New! Old, Heavy Gray Skull Candle Holder

Well, that is creepy! It's a heavy gray skull (don't worry, it doesn't scream...well, it hasn't yet):

GRAY SKULL (Heavy) - Candle Holder
About 5 inches tall. This heavy, glass-eyed gray skull is pretty creepy. You can place a candle inside it and, in the dark, it's even creepier. Light shines through various holes and cracks. In excellent condition. Date made and company unknown. Would look nice on your bookcase shelf.

Get this colletor shelf piece in our Collectibles Department at Creepy Classics.



The Next Bash: MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE Information

This summer we'll be back at the Pittsburgh Marriott North. Almost every vendor at our October show signed back up, the couple remaining sold in a hurry. The vendors are re-loading with super great stuff for Monster Kid shoppers from across the nation. The host hotel is sold out already! On this link you can reserve a room at the back-up sister hotel (The Courtyard) which is only 400 feet away from the host hotel -- CLICK HERE now and get the special Bash rate.

The Guest List that includes...Diane Baker, Beverly Washburn (SPIDER BABY, OLD YELLER), Sharon Baird, Victoria Price, plus Jessica Rains (Claude Rains daughter) will be at MONSTER BASH JULY 2024. Plus, Daniel Roebuck said he's in....and even more -- from TOMB OF LIGEIA, Vincent Price co-star Elizabeth Shepherd. And, Monster Bash Family Guests: Special EFX Wizard-Actor-Director Tom Savini, Son of Ghoul (TV Horror Hosts), Drac & Countess Carita (more Horror Hosts!), Mr. Lobo (TV Horror Host), and who could ever forget, the one and only David "The Rock Nelson."

Weddings knocked us out of all the June weekends. So MONSTER BASH will be July 19-21, 2024. If you want to get a jump on discounted admission, you can click here.

Reservations at The Courtyard hotel (only 400 feet away from the Bash!) are now being taken, click here.

Note from the hotel: "Please be aware that any room cancellations made after July 3rd, 2024 (cut-off date) will incur a cancellation fee."

All the details on MONSTER BASH SUMMER 2024...Click Here!



New! Creepy Monster Hand

Wow, is this cool. I remember seeing this advertised in the back page ads in FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine. You too? If you want this, get it quick, just one here:

CREEPY RUBBER HAND - Vintage Collectible
You may remember seeing this advertised in old comic books and monster magazines back in the 1960s-1970s. A heavy rubber, bendable, green, bloody gruesome hand! 12 inches long. Beautiful, like new collectible!

Great to scare a sister or brother with! Put it on the dashboard of your car. It's a statement! Severed and resting in our Creepy Collectibles Department at Creepy Classics.



New! VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA Glossy Photo Collection

If you were a fan of the 1960s TV show VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, this may be a serious interest to you:

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (TV show) - 8 TV Station Promotional Photos
A collection of 8 glossy (8x10 inch) photos from the classic televsion show VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. These were sent to TV stations to help promote the syndication of the show.

Snag this collection of eight cool glossy photos in our Creepy Collectibles Department...where else?, but right here at Creepy Classics.



The Dinosaur Film Fest Is Coming To A Grand Movie Palace

If you love dinosaurs and giant monster're going to love the MONSTER BASH PREHISTORIC FILM FEST! It's a festival of classic dinosaur films at the grand Palace Theatre in Canton, Ohio this August. Don't miss a weekend of dino stompin' fun...with classic monster vendors too....and TV horror hosts Son of Ghoul and Drac and Countess Carita!

Ask For the Special Rate of $139 a night at the Double Tree Canton.

You can book your hotel room on-line now for the discounted rate: CLICK HERE!

Please note that the special rate ends July 17, 2024.

Just blocks away from The Palace Theatre.

All the carbon tested details, CLICK HERE!



In Stock! We've Got The Classic Comics For You!

Check out all the cool vintage comics here at Creepy Classics:

NEXUS #2 (Origin) - Comic Book
The Origin of Nexus, part one. Mike Baron writer, Steve Rude artist. From 1982. Excellent condition, no markings, tears, or cuts. Appears unread, spine tight.

THE UNDERWATER CITY (1961 movie tie-in) - Comic Book
1961 movie tie-in comic from Dell Comics. Photos from the film on the inside front cover. Excellent condtion! No cuts, no pen marks. Collectible comic.

MOON PILOT (1962 Movie Tie-In) - Comic Book
1962 comic book, movie tie-in with Disney's science fiction movie. Excellent condition. No cuts, tears, or pen marks.

DRACULA #2 (1966 Dell) - Comic Book
The origin of the New Dracula! A scientist, an old castle, and a super hero vampire...the New Dracula. An interesting horror-super hero twist to the vampire! 1966 comic in excellent, unread condition.

1948 comic book based on the classic novel THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Good condition with some tiny chipping on bottom of back cover.

Based on the PLANET OF THE APES movies. This Marvel comic was issued in 1975. Tight spine, appears new and unread.

An original 1963 comic. Boris Karloff hosts terror tales! "Something From the Past" and other stories. Excellent condition. Appears unread, no pen marks, or cut outs.

The above titles, and MANY more, are in stock now at Creepy Classics. See all the cool comics in our Comic Book Department...awaiting you, CLICK HERE.



New! More Glossy Photo Stills

Acquired from a private collector, these cool glossy 8x10 photo stills. Only one each in stock:

ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948/Group) - 8x10 Glossy Photo Still
An 8x10 inch glossy photo still from ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948). Pictured are the Frankenstein Monster (Glenn Strange) and The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney) menacing Lou Costello and Bud Abbott.

FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956/Lobby Card Color Image) - Glossy Photo Still
An 8x10 inch color glossy photo still promoting FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956). Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Anne Francis pictured. Mad scientist gripped by hysteria as the powers he's unleashed are about to destroy the planet.

ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (1953/Mr. Hyde) - Glossy Photo Still
An 8x10 inch glossy publicity photo still from ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1953). Mr. Hyde menaces!

Snare the ones you want in our Creepy Collectibles Department here at Creepy Classics!



Re-Shocked! The Jolly Rogers: Tentacles of Fate Model Kit

Wow, what a cool model kit to build and enjoy! It's Glow-in-the-dark too:

A really cool model kit! Dead pirate skeletons and threatening octopus on ramshackle raft. Molded-in Glow-In-The-Dark plastic. Two 6” tall pirate-themed skeleton figures on a detailed diorama base. Model comes to life with rubber band action. 1/12 scale. Paint and glue not included.

Get this, or check out all the model kit stock, in our Model Kits, Toys & Action Figures Department at Creepy Classics!



Now Available! VIP Admission Memberships To the Autumn 2024 MONSTER BASH

From Hammer Horror, to 1950s sci-fi, to Universal Monsters, all your favorite creatures will be featured at MONSTER BASH, November 1-3, 2024! Guests already include Caroline Munro, Martine Beswick, Valerie Leon, Victoria Vetri, writer/historian Michael Olszewski, nationally acclaimed UFO-UAP Researcher Stan Gordon, and more to come!

For a limited time, MONSTER BASH November 2024 membership admission is $20 off per person:

MONSTER BASH NOVEMBER 1-3, 2024 - VIP Membership Admission
3-day admission VIP membership! November 1-3, 2024 at the Pittsburgh Marriott North, (Cranberry Township-Mars, PA). The classic monster movie conference and festival! Movie and TV stars, wall-to-wall monster vendors, special events, screenings. The multi-Rondo award winning best convention. Discounted for a limited time. Events-guests subject to change. Non-refundable. 3-Day Pass at the door $60. Admission is non-refundable, non-transferable.

More details on the show, Click Here.

Sign-up now and save, save, save....lock in to Bash, autumn 2024 from Creepy Classics.



Rondo Remembers - Vampires (& werewolves) Play Piano

It was Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys who once said something along the lines of "Music is your soul speaking." Or, something close to that. There's no doubt in my mind that music does go beyond just something to listen to. It can move you in many ways. Did scriptwriters of monster movies use that? It seems so.

Reflecting back to 1965 or 1966 I was at my Grandfather Adams' house. Together we were watching THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES on a TV showcase called "Dialing For Dollars." This seems crazy, as my paternal grandfather was a kind, but tough guy. He was a coal miner and then steel worker in true western Pennsylvania way. But, Dialing For Dollars was a regular for him right before supper.

THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES (1961) was rather new to be hitting a TV movie package. But, it did. It was an import from Mexico by A.I.P. TV and dubbed in English. In that movie there's a fascinating scene where the lead vampire, at a social party, is playing the piano. His music takes a dark, minor key twist. It entrances a young woman (also a potential victim of the vampire). Creepy and weird, I would think back to this in the years to come.

Fast forward about four years to about 1969. I sat in my parents living room, cross-legged, on the floor in front of the television. It was between 8:30PM and 10PM on a Saturday night and my favorite movie showcase "Creature Feature" was on. It would later become "Creature Features" (with an "s" at the end). The movie that night was HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945). This film pre-dated THE WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES and featured a scene guessed it, Dracula (John Carradine) controlling, mentally, the playing of the piano by Martha O'Driscoll. He had his eyes on her and seduced her into "his world" of darkness and the dead. The mode of transportation was his music that scared her and turned into minor key creepiness. It hypnotized her into their alluring world of darkness. A similar scene occurs with Anne Gwynne in HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944).

Now, let's spin into the early 1980s. I'm older and VHS tapes had arrived on the scene. I could locate movies through other collectors. Things I had only known about and had never seen. KISS OF THE VAMPIRE (1963), a Hammer movie, was one. I had only seen a trailer for it on TV when I was young. I had always wanted to see this movie that featured a horde of bats crashing through a stained glass window. That was the image that had stuck with me from seeing the ad on TV.

Well, there it was. Yet, another scene of an undead vamp playing a piano for a female house guest. The music swayed her and she fell into the vampire's trance. She became a willing victim of "his world." She had fallen into the grips of a family of vampires. Another film I finally got to see on video tape in those pre-DVD, Blu-Ray, and streaming days was THE MAN AND THE MONSTER (1958). This one had a cursed pianist that turned into a drooling werewolf when he would try to play.

It was all so interesting as, in my brain, I tied all these films together. Music was more than music. It was something that played your soul. Some of the screenwriters of these movies must have thought that. Today, hearing church choirs, it takes me back to the church I went to as a child. In 1964 I heard The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" for the first time in a local barber shop. That made a stamp on me. In 1968 I heard "Hey Jude" pouring out of a neighbor's window. Hanging out, looking at a car that belonged to my friend's dad (an old MG), I remember holding a transistor radio while the song "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies played.

Music has a strange power indeed and becomes a time marker. Dog-earing moments in our lives. Magical.

Ron Adams
April 2024
Ligonier, PA

There's a film from the 1940s called Hangover Square with a great score by Herrmann. When he hears dissonant notes or sounds it causes Laird Cregar's character in the film to become a psychotic murderer?? Film has beautiful, film noirish B&W photography and was directed by John Brahm who did a number of Twilight Zone episodes!

Nick Pocengal, FL

(Editor's note: Nick plays keyboards in the Monster Bash band. In July he will try to not turn into a werewolf on stage, but may be drooling....)

Hi Ron,

It is said that "Music Doth Have Charms To Sooth The Savage Beast" (the actual quote is breast, but We're talking about Monsters here) and in some cases that is true, as You mentioned KISS OF THE VAMPIRE and HOUSE OF DRACULA. However, that music was twisted for nefarious uses and as I'm more familiar with HOD, Dracula seemed to encourage the girl to keep on playing.

Personally, I kind of liked it when musical cues seemed to turn in the wrong direction. You have mentioned The Bat with the Girls head for WORLD OF THE VAMPIRES, but my favorite part is when Rudolf is playing music at a party and The Count appears quite uncomfortable; it almost looks like his fangs are growing longer until He bellows "Stop It , You Fool...STOP IT!!!!". And it might be a South of the Border coincidence, but the main thing I remember from THE MAN AND THE MONSTER is towards the end when our protagonist has changed again and is running amuck. A Policeman tries to contain him and finds himself getting scooped up followed by a first class Body Slam-ouch!

I enjoyed Your musical observations where You were pulled into a new exciting world. For Christmas of 1969, I got 45's of "Leaving On A Jet Plane" (Peter, Paul and Mary) and "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" (BJ Thomas) that I played constantly. During the following months, songs such as "Close To You" (The Carpenters"), "Cracklin' Rosie" (Neal Diamond) and especially "The Love You Save" by The Jackson 5 just swept Me up and never let go. I rode around frequently with My Mom and She always had the AM radio on and I often think how fantastic the popular music was from many gems. While I gravitated towards harder rock by the mid 70's, I still loved the old songs. We have SIRIUS XM on our cars and I often find myself stuck on the 60's and 70's channels; in. fact, listening this morning to a replay of AMERICAN TOP 40 from April 10, 1971 and being taken back remembering so many details of that time and still loving so much of that material.

Steve Schimming,
Sanbornton, NH

You described some pretty eerie moments from those films. I never got into the Mexican horror films but one that is a favorite of mine is FACE OF TERROR with Lisa Gaye.

As far as piano playing in horror films, there are three that come to mind. BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS and Peter Lorre seeing the hand playing the piano. RETURN OF THE APE MAN where in Bela Lugosi transplants the brain of his fellow scientist John Carradine into the prehistoric man. Carradine plays the piano earlier in the film and later the caveman plays the same song on the piano.

One other related film is MAD LOVE also with Peter Lorre. Lorre grafts the hands of a murderer onto Colin Clive , a concert pianist. This movie was NEVER on TV back in the day despite being featured many times in books and the horror magazines for years. Growing up in Chicago and it being a large TV market , there were always many films that never seemed to be on the local channels. Or would always seem to play after midnight on school nights. It finally showed up on cable either on TNT or TBS in the early 90 's. Then soon after, it popped up at a video rental place on tape.

Don C
Tampa, Fla.



New! Hand Autographed Lobby Card Reproductions

Here is a lobby card reproduction that was hand-signed for a private collector. Naturally there's only is the description:

From a private collector's estate. This is an autogrphed lobby card. This lobbby card reproduction was hand autographed by actress Beverly Garland. She also wrote an inscription on the upper portion of the image which can be matted out when framed (or not). A treasure for all AIP sci-fi and Beverly Garland fans. 11x14 inches.

Perfect for your super fan wall at home! Autographed lobby card reproduction! Now available in our Autograph Department, tucked away in our top secret cavern at Creepy Classics.



Back In...SHOCK! It's William Castle's MACABRE

We just got a fresh casket case of director William Castle's restored film MACABRE in! Factory sealed and waiting to shock you:

MACABRE (1958) - DVD
Stars William Prince, Jim Backus, Ellen Corby, Christine White and Susan Morrow. A William Castle extravaganza! He had an insurance policy that he heavily promoted, securing him in the event someone died of a heart attack while watching the film. Castle used many gimmicks in his following movies like HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and THE TINGLER. This one involves a doctor and his leech-like assistant looking for his lost daughter. Who is reportedly -- buried alive somewhere in town! Backus (Mr. Magoo!/ Mr. Howe!) plays the town sheriff with an axe to grind with the "good" doc.

Get this thriller in our Complete DVD Section of Creepy Classics. Or, just type "Macabre" in the search link at the top of the Creepy Classics page. Don't mind the skulls.




Year 2024 is a year for big MONSTER BASH celebrations!

In July it's an amazing show, CLICK HERE for details.

In August, it's our film fest in a historic grand theater, CLICK HERE to unleash the details.

In November, we Hammer down for another super keen expo, CLICK HERE for more.

Sign-up up NOW and save on membership admissions.




When I ran out of this CD about a month ago, I didn't think I could get any more...but I was able to grab three more. If you want one, better get it now:

25 horror hit songs from the ghoulen age of rock and roll. All the great monster songs over the years from the 1950s-1960s. Songs include original recording by Bobby "Boris" Pickett (MONSTER MASH, of course), GHOST TRAIN, I'M THE WOLF MAN, Zacherley's COOLEST LITTLE MONSTER, MY SON THE VAMPIRE by Allan Sherman, THE ADDAMS FAMILY THEME, BO MEETS THE MONSTER from Bo Diddley, THE VAMPIRE, FRANKENSTEIN'S PARTY, and more hip vintage monster rock.

Get this monstrous offering in pour CD Department in the audio archive of Creepy Classics.



New! Captain Marvel Glossy Photo

A promo photo from the great THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (1941) serial. Just one available:

ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (1941/Tom Tyler) - 8x10 Glossy Photo
An 8x10 inch glossy photo still from THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (Republic/1941). Pictures actor Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel. One of the greatest cliffhanger serials ever!

You can locate this photo in our Creepy Collectibles Department, here at your collectibles source, Creepy Classics.



It's Here NOW! MONSTER BASH Magazine #53

Subscriber copies are, get's hot off the slab.

It's available to all classic monster movie fans...MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE #53. And, while you're at it, get a copy for a friend too! What a line-up in this ish:

The all-glossy retro classic monster magazine! In this issue, the great dinosaur on the loose movie, GORGO! Plus, working with Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff's mad doctor movie THE DEVIL COMMANDS, Fan Flashbacks, The Sound of Monsters, Blu-Ray & DVD New Release Reviews, and much more. Writer include Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, Gord Reid, Dr. Roger Solberg, Ron Adams, Leonard Hayhurst. Cover art by Micah Carey.

Get your issue, it's roaring for you, in our MONSTER BASH Magazine Department here at Creepy Classics...your fearful foundation of fright!

Here's a peek inside this issue:



MONSTER BASH HOTEL SOLD OUT for July, back-up...THE COURTYARD (only 400 feet away) is Now Filling

We received word from the Marriott that the MONSTER BASH host hotel (the Marriott Pittsburgh North) is sold out for the July show. The sister hotel, The Courtyard is only 400 feet behind the host hotel and has rooms available at the reduced Bash rate ($135 a night).

You can use this link to book a room at The Courtyard:

CLICK HERE to book a room for the July 19-21, 2024 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE!

All the details on the show, CLICK HERE.



Coming Summer 2024! The August MONSTER BASH FILM DINOSAUR FEST!

This is the schedule for the August 16-17 MONSTER BASH FILM FEST at the grand Canton Palace Theatre in Ohio. What a monster and dinosaur lover's treat it will be to see these great movies on a giant, giant screen!

FRIDAY August 16, 2024

Dealers in lobby and on mezzanine level HOURS 3PM - 12:00 Midnight

3:00 PM - MIDNIGHT: CLASSIC MONSTER VENDORS. Blu-Rays, rare DVDs, t-shirts, posters, model kits, toys, rare collectibles and more! The vendors are open from three in the afternoon until 12 Midnight. So you can shop before the movies and in between films on intermissions. Note: there is no elevator and vendors are one flight of stairs up.

5PM MOVIE: GORGO (1961). England's version of Godzilla is terrific! Too bad there weren't sequels...great effects...see Gorgo crush London (Tokyo survives!).

7PM MOVIE: JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME (1954). A group of kids raft through time and discover dinosaurs! A Czech film made in 1954 with scenes added in 1967 and released theatrically in the USA.

9PM MOVIE: THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957). On an expedition to Antarctica, explorers find the a hidden land in a plateau crater. The "land unknown" is filled with prehistoric monsters. One memorable scene has a plesiosaur in a swamp/lake after the hero and heroine. Fun stuff when you were a kid, fun stuff again on the BIG screen!

11PM MOVIE: THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969). Cowboys and dinosaurs. A Willis O'Brien (KING KONG) project finally realized with animator Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen's effects are outstanding. A scene with the allosaur inside a huge cathedral is a knock-out!

Above: A Creature and kiddo at The Palace during a MONSTER BASH CLASSIC FILM FEST!

SATURDAY August 17, 2024

Dealers in lobby and on mezzanine level HOURS 12 noon - 12 Midnight

Above: Join us at the giant, grand movie palace in Canton!

12:00 NOON - MIDNIGHT: CLASSIC MONSTER VENDORS. Blu-Rays, rare DVDs, t-shirts, posters, model kits, toys, rare collectibles and more! The vendors are open from noon until 12 Midnight. So you can shop before the movies and in between films on intermissions.

3PM MOVIE: THE LOST WORLD (1925). The silent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story of Professor Challenger heading an expedition into darkest Africa to bag dinosaurs. Great effects (INCREDIBLE for the time) by Willis O'Brien, who did the stop motion for KING KONG. PLUS, this silent feature will spotlight live pipe organ accompaniment by Jay Spencer at The Palace!

5PM MOVIE: KING KONG (1933). The original 1933 classic with Robert Armstrong, Fay Wray and Bruce Cabot. An enterprising promoter (Armstrong) and a young beauty (Fay Wray) travel to Skull Island. Dinosaurs galore and the mighty ape -- KONG, preside there. Armstrong captures the giant ape and brings it back to New York. Kong escapes and knocks New York on its ear.

7PM MOVIE: GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS (1956). The granddaddy of Japanese monsters. This radioactive dynamo comes out of the box fired-up, literally! Watch him destroy Tokyo (for the first time) while Raymond Burr just looks stunned. This is the American version release in English language.

9PM MOVIE: DINOSAURUS! (1960). Stars Ward Ramsey, Kristina Hanson and Paul Lukather. A frozen Tyrannosaur, Brontosaurus and a caveman unthaw from watery depths and find themselves in the 20th century. A young boy befriends the Bronto and even gets a ride. While the Tyrannosaur is just plain nasty (as expected), and the caveman provides the humor as he tries to cope with a modern world. The unforgettable climax has the T. Rex battling a steam shovel!

11:00PM FREE PRIZE TOSS! To wrap up another great Palace Theatre MONSTER BASH with Creepy Classics, it's the free prize toss. Right after DINOSAURUS, Creepy Classics will toss from the stage free DVDs, blu-rays, monster magazines and fun monster toys to the audience as a thank you. Catch what you can.

Above: The Palace Theatre's Jay Spencer fills the venue with resounding music.

Classic movies on the big screen, classic monster collectible vendors, popcorn, pizza, live organ music between features and good times!

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